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Oleum Morrhue - General symptoms - Clarke

Cod-liver Oil, Oleum Jecoris Aselli, Oleum Morrhuae, Oleum jecoris, Ol-j.

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HPUS indication of Oleum Morrhue: weakness
Common symptom: Weakness..

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Oleum Morrhue in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Oleum jecoris Morrhuae. Cod-liver oil. Oil obtained from the livers of Gadus morrhua and some other allied fishes. N. O. Gadidae. Tincture. Trituration.

Addison's disease. Alopecia. Amenorrhoea. Anaemia. Asthma. Bones, affections of. Bright's disease. Cold abscess. Constipation. Coryza. Cough. Diarrhoea. Dwarfishness. Emaciation. Fever. Fistula. Goître. Hair, abnormal growth of. Headache. Heart, palpitation of. Intermittent fever. Joints, stiffness of.

fistulae and abscess around. Liver, diseases of. Lumbago. Phthisis. Pneumonia. Rheumatism. Ringworm. Sacralgia. Sciatica. Scrofulous ophthalmia. Sleeplessness. Spinal irritation. Vision, affections of.

The number of people who "cannot take cod-liver oil" is very great.

which means that Ol. j. a. is a pathogenetic as well as a curative agent. Neidhard proved it and elicited some very definite symptoms, and to these have been added effects, curative and pathogenetic, observed on patients. The oil contains a large number of proximate principles of great complexity, to which its specific medicinal properties are due. Recent developments of sarcopathy mark out Ol. j. a. as a liver remedy, an ally of Cholesterine, and this the provings confirm. Very decided pains in the liver and liver region with great soreness were noted in Neidhard's provings, and these symptoms give one of the keynotes of the remedy.

Soreness. Not only the liver, but the throat, chest, abdomen, kidneys, ovaries, joints, and back are all sore.

the spine is sore as in spinal irritation. Another keynote is the occurrence of palpitation of the heart as a concomitant of other symptoms.

with cough. with short breath. Allied to this is a "sense of fluttering, like the movements of a watch, commencing in region of sacrum, gradually rising to occiput, and in its ascent affecting abdomen and chest, so that the patient is transfixed, unable to move hand or foot;" also "creeping sensation all over with a rush of blood to heart." The reputation of Ol. j. a. as a remedy for phthisis and scrofulous affections is shown by the provings to be specific, whatever food-value the oil may possess in addition. "Dry, hacking cough night-cough.

cough with tough expectoration, yellow or white soreness of chest, especially on coughing.

sharp stitches here and there, through chest.

burning through to back.

burning in spots," are among the symptoms experienced. The fever symptoms are strongly marked, both hectic and intermittent. One very characteristic feature is "Fever agg. towards evening with burning in palms." Chills running down the back. Feet constantly cold. Ol. j. a. is a chilly medicine sensitive to draughts.

feels as if continually taking cold. The cough is agg. from exposure to cold.

agg. in damp weather. The sensitiveness to chill and damp is part of the intermittent fever action of the remedy, and along with it is affection of the spleen, which is the seat of several symptoms. During the chill and before it there is thirst. When the fever came on the cough was amel. The yellowness of Ol. j. a. appears not only in the expectoration, but in the coating of the tongue, yellow mucus from sore throat, and a yellow Leucorrhoea. On the female sexual organs Ol. j. a. has a powerful action, increasing the menstrual flow and restoring it when in abeyance. Burnett has shown that ringworm generally has its constitutional basis in a consumptive habit, and Bacil. has again and again proved the remedy. This is paralleled in a local use of the anti-phthisic Ol. j. a. which was taught me by De Noë Walker. In recent ringworm the application of the plain oil at bedtime is at once the most innocent and most effectual of local measures that I know. Before the application the part should be washed well with soft soap. Another use of the remedy taught me by the same authority is as a general application in the case of emaciated, dwarfish, chilly babies and children. A nightly rubbing with the oil soon revolutionises their condition. The nutrition of the skin is improved and the medicinal properties of the oil are absorbed without any Taxus Baccata tax being put on the organs of digestion. Burnett says olive oil acts as well. That may be, but it does not act better. I have no comparative figures to refer to. When the symptoms indicate Ol. j. a. it should certainly have the preference. Defective nutrition.

anaemia. weakness and emaciation.

deficiency of animal heat. Children who cannot take milk. The headaches are usually frontal.

over right eye. bursting after coughing. Other symptoms are Red face (also in hectic). Voracious appetite. Foul breath. Symptoms go in all directions.

from above down. from below up.

from front to back. and from back to front. One curious symptom was abnormal growth of hair on the face of a woman. Another was passage of mucus from urethra, with burning, during stool. Symptoms are agg. by touch.

by riding. by a fall. agg. By motion.

raising arm. stooping.

bending side inwards. walking. Laughing agg. cough. Lying down = oppressed feeling.

and agg. cough. Coughing = soreness of chest.

headache. Fever amel. cough. agg. From draught of air.

exposure to cold. living in cold, damp localities.

Cough all night. hard spells in morning.

hacking. tickling in middle of upper chest with palpitation.

violent with retching, night and day.

with stitches, on raising arm.

agg. from draughts of air.

agg. lying down at night, prevents sleeping.

loose all day. from exposure to cold, damp weather.

with emaciation and weakness.

amel. when fever comes on.

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