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Nux Moschata - Modalities Etc

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Pressive pain in top of head; stitches in right ear; lively; laughing; bright; nausea.

(Noon), Great hunger.

(Afternoon), Headache in right side; headache; 5 P.M., cutting pain in cardiac orifice; plucking sensation in abdomen and liver; pain in liver; burning in oesophagus.

(Evening and morning), Shaking chills.

(Toward evening), Abdomen distended, with nausea; twisting about navel; when walking, oppression of chest.

(Toward midnight), Diarrhoea.

(Ascending stairs), Pain in right knee; weakness and numbness of limbs; weight and oppression of chest.

(Draft of damp air), Pain in cervical muscles.

(Drawing air into mouth), Painfulness of incisors and anterior molars.

(Drinking), Cold water, jerking in back teeth, without pain.

(Eating), Teeth painful.

(After eating), Want of breath; scraping eructations.

(Lying down), Boring pain in big toe of right foot.

(Reading), Absence of mind.

(Respiration), Forenoon, pain in chest, about diaphragm.

(Rest), Drawing pains in muscles of extremities.

(Riding in carriage), Painful sensation of heat from within ear to pharynx; pain in back.

(Standing), Drawing in calves; dizziness; at desk, right leg asleep; pain in shoulders; pressure from abdomen to pit of stomach.

(Stepping), Pain in foot; tingling in toes.

(Stool), Chilliness in loins.

(Straightening up), Rush of blood to head; quivering of heart; palpitation; intermitting pulse; constriction about abdomen.

(Swallowing), Scraping sensation in throat.

(Talking), Loud jerklike drawing in left upper back teeth.

(Touching part), Pain in inner portion of thigh.

(On urinating), Pain in urethra.

(On waking), From midday nap, head compressed from forehead to sinciput; voice suppressed.

(Walking), In evening, reeling; constriction in right side of upper abdomen; pain in muscles of right thigh; weakness of lower limbs; reeling; stumbling.

(Writing), In bed, thoughts vanish.


Uncovering, after eating, from cold, wet weather.

Light especially artificial.

Cold damp air, drawing in air, during pregnancy, when sucking with tongue.

Uncovering, getting warm in bed, from suppressed eruptions, damp cold, getting wet, drafts of cold air, washing, to which he also averse.

WORSE, cold moist wind, cold food, cold washing, lying on painful side, motion, jar.

Cold Bath



Wind Fogs



Change of seasons





Slight causes

Mental exertion or shock


(Evening), Appetite.

(After eating), Head symptoms.

(Lying down), Drawing in calves.

(Keeping quiet), Colic.

(Moving), Stoppage of nose.

(Pressure), Colic in umbilical region.

(Straightening up), Oppression upon chest.

(Warm room), Chilliness.


Wrapping up head, external heat.


Before eating.

Warmth and warm air, dry weather.

BETTER, warmth, dry weather.

Moist heat

Warm room

Dry weather

Desires and aversions

Appetite and hunger increased; bulimia.

Loss of appetite.



Never felt so hungry in my life; could scarcely control my appetite nor control myself (first evening),

Very great hunger at noon; he ate with great haste, and although it oppressed the stomach he could have eaten still more (first day),

Appetite very much increased, immediately,

Increased appetite, that was scarcely satisfied when it returned (first day),

Appetite much increased on the first days, subsequently diminished,

Increased appetite (first, second, and third days),

Rather excessive hunger,

Increased hunger; he eats very much, and the abdomen is much distended,

He has little appetite and is soon satisfied,

The preserved nuts, eaten too often, weaken the appetite,

Aversion to tobacco smoke, all day (first day),


Drinks very much (first day),

Much thirst for an hour; it then disappears, soon,

He drinks much (after one day),

Remarkable absence of thirst in one usually inclined to be very thirsty (first day),

Eructations as of pine oil (after five minutes),

Scraping eructations, always a short time after eating (second, third, and fourth days),

Stomach in General.

Stomach was very much distended and swollen,

Warmth in the stomach, immediately,

Sensation of warmth in the stomach (after half an hour),

Slight burning in the stomach, like a sensation of fasting,

Burning and pressure in the stomach, from which a burning extends upward, soon,

Pressure in pit of stomach,

Slight oppression in the pit of the stomach,

Pains in the stomach (after a few hours),

Was seized while ascending the stairs with a sense of much weight and oppression in the stomach,

The daily use of nutmeg coats the stomach with mucus and causes vapors in the head, so that lethargy easily occurs,

The sugared nuts disturb the stomach, make digestion difficult, impair the appetite, and produce a tendency to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach,

It frequently distresses the stomach and weakens the digestion,

Position etc

Motion 3, 33. Exertion 21, 23, 36. Must move 33, 36. Walking 2, 25, 36. Ascending 33. Bends double 18. Shaking head 4. Moving jaw 6. Rest 31. Lying 4, 33. Sitting 4, 23.

Morning 40. Evening 40. Night 11, 20, 28. Day 19.