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Nux Moschata - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Felt strangely over the whole system, with an almost irresistible desire for sleep, together with a great deal of jactitation of the muscles, and pain and vertigo in frontal region, with great confusion of ideas (after four hours),

Almost irresistible desire for sleep, with the strange feeling over the whole system (after four hours),

Almost irresistible inclination to sleep,

Mounting to the head, as if intoxicated, immediately; the whole head ached, *and she became so sleepy that she could not sit down without falling asleep,

Great tiredness and sleepiness (after two hours and a half),

Great sleepiness, with great inclination to laughter (first day),

He could not keep awake after dinner, and fell asleep; when awakened he fell asleep again; the sleep, however, did not seem very sound (first day),

Asleep (after fifteen minutes); slept profoundly; in the morning was several times called to breakfast,

Remarkably sleepy look (first day),

She was unusually sleepy, the eyes constantly closed (first day),

Patient starts is her sleep, but does not always waken, with shocks as if electricity were passing through her body, sometimes accompanied with unpleasant and even horrid dreams, "nightmare,"

The oil rubbed upon the temples caused sleepiness,

It causes sleep,

The preserved nuts used too often cause sleepiness,

Lay down to sleep, and slept for an hour, towards evening, very unusual, followed by relief of all the symptoms (first day),

A sleepy, dreamy condition, with closing of the eyes,

She seems intoxicated and sleepy; she did not know where she was nor where she was going the eyes closed (first day),

Sleep restless (first and second nights),

Sitting in bed, tossing from side to side, at 5.30 P.M.,

Strong inclination to sleep, without the ability (after seven hours),

Very wide awake on going out after sleeping (first day),


Sleep at night disturbed by voluptuous dreams (first day),

Irresistible sleep, frequently disturbed by vivid dreams, soon,

Dreams of falling from high places; again, as if being pursued by persons seeking to harm her,


Bloody perspiration,

Although hitherto he was inclined to perspire, now his skin was inclined to perspire, now his skin was constantly dry,

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