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Nux Moschata - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Lassitude and necessity to lie down after the slightest fatigue.

Great lassitude, esp. in loins and knees, as after a long journey, with inclination to sleep.


Affections accompanied by a desire to sleep and a tendency to faint away.

Great sleepiness with all complaints, particularly with pains.

Starting in sleep, but does not always awake.

Starting in sleep like electric shocks with nightmare.

Dreams of falling from high places; of being pursued.

Great drowsiness.

Coma somnolentum and heaviness.

Complaints causing sleepiness.


Convulsions (of children).

Convulsions epileptic, with consciousness; children, with diarrhoea; catalepsy.


Digging and pressive pains, which pass from place to place, occupy only a small space, continue but a few moments, and soon return.

Rheumatic pains (from cold, damp air).

The pains come in points all over body, and are agg. on l. side (Obs., R. T. C.).

Loss of sensation in different parts.

Apprehensive of paralysis (cured).

Creeping sensations down the limbs.

Fainting fits.

Hysterical paroxysms.


Marasmus of children.

Sensation of dryness in inner parts; buzzing, humming, or "funny feeling" in body; dryness of skin.

agg. In the open air; in cold air, in cold and wet weather; when the weather changes, whether from dry and pleasant to wet, or vice versâ, until it becomes settled; in wet weather; in windy weather; lying on painful side.

amel. In the room; air being warm; in dry weather.

Coldness and fainting with pains; esp. headache.

Faints easily, from sight of blood, from standing (trying on dress).

Excessively painful sensitiveness of whole body; even on lying on a soft couch, every part which is undermost soon becomes painful.

Great agitation of muscular system.


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