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Nux Moschata - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, throat and mouth dry.

tongue cleaves to roof of mouth.

pain in left anterior molars, extending into right molars.

spasmodic stitches in heart, with slight colic.

sneezing. crawling and tickling in right side of chest.

throbbing headache above left eye.

headache in forehead. pain in small spot in forehead above left eye.

pain in right eye. while standing, pain in anterior surface of left leg.

thin evacuation. chalky taste.

after taking milk, diarrhoea.

pressive pain in right cheek.

taste as after intoxication.

burrowing pain in soles of feet.

griping pain in joints of left little finger.


(Evening), Dull head.

slimy tongue. cheerful mood.

colic. pain in small of back.

coated tongue. pain in soft palate.

difficult respiration.

sleepiness. dryness in the eyes.

head and forehead dull.

eyes would close from sleep.

headache. dryness of mouth.

painfulness of left upper and lower molars.

sticking in front teeth.

pain in forepart of chest.

oppression. pressure, with difficult respiration.

during rest, pain in small of back.

in bed, griping at the umbilicus.

sensation in rectum of diarrhoea.

difficult stool. flatulent troubles.

griping colic. hands and feet warm..

(Night), After lying down, warmth and throbbing in right foot.

uneasiness. dry heat. sleeplessness.

sticky lips and tongue.

throbbing sensation in throat.

pressure in head, convulsions.

slimy feeling in mouth.

thirst. dryness. sensation of flour on palate.

tongue seems dry, and feels like leather.

palate dry. nose stopped with mucus.

cutting, commencing at navel, extending toward sides.

after lying down, boring pain in toe of right foot.

in bed, griping in umbilical region..

Everything provokes laughter, quite contrary to habit.

this was especially noticeable on going into the open air. He stood still upon the street, made foolish gestures.

between the attacks he sank into absence of mind, and on collecting himself everything about him seemed ludicrous. During this he looked foolish and childish, like an idiot. On being brought into the house he became somewhat better (first day),.

I took a broken nutmeg and put it in my pocket, and in the course of six hours, I had eaten half a one. Soon after I felt a dizziness and an unaccountable derangement of intellect, transient loss of memory, but a perfect consciousness of all that I said or did.

I became remarkably loquacious and seemed to be neither in this world nor the other.

I felt happy and free from any pain.

I was truly in an indescribable state.

I felt as I supposed one might feel that had been magnetized.

my friends were greatly alarmed, and the doctor was sent for in great haste.

bleeding was proposed, but as I thought I knew at least as much as any one, I was not willing to be bled.

after keeping them laughing and crying till about 11 o'clock at night, I retired to bed, without anything having been done for me.

I woke in the morning, and was well as usual, having never been sick a day in my life. Since this occurred, several cases have come to my knowledge in which persons having eaten nutmegs, were affected in the same way that I had been. Had I eaten a little more, I have no doubt it would have proved fatal, as I learn it has done in other cases,.

As soon as she lay down felt a sinking sensation, as though she were going to die, with no fear, however, being perfectly at ease in mind, and free from pain or any suffering.

felt happy and unconcerned.

sensation was not complete.

faculties undisturbed up to this time, save in the expression of her ideas.

knew all that was transpiring about her, but could not express herself clearly (ideas muddled, tongue thick, with coldness commencing in lower limbs),.

Many ridiculous or extravagant acts or expressions, like idiocy, while she seemed perfectly conscious, and at the next moment would appear chagrined at her conduct, and said she could not control her actions.

*disposition to laugh or jest at everything.

stupid look for a moment.

changeable humor. one moment laughing, the next crying (after seven hours),.

After about an hour he was seized with drowsiness, that gradually increased to complete stupor and insensibility, and not long afterwards he was found fallen from his chair, lying on the floor of his chamber in the state mentioned.

being laid in bed he fell asleep, woke a little from time to time, when he was quite delirious.

he thus continued alternately delirious and sleeping for several hours.

by degrees these symptoms diminished, so that in about six hours from the time of taking the nutmeg he had pretty well recovered. Although he still complained of headache and was somewhat delirious, he slept naturally, and the next day was quite well,.

From eating three nutmegs, after a moderate dinner, he is taken with unconquerable desire to sleep.

he passes the afternoon in delirious slumber, with pleasant, peaceful dreams.

at half past 5 o'clock he went to the theatre, which was at some distance.

the way seemed to have no end.

he has perfect control over his limbs, but is lost each moment in fanciful images, from which he has to tear himself away, with great energy, in order to continue on his way. Although he was, at times, quite unconscious, his limbs did not fail to do their service.

he went straight on, without recognizing the streets that crossed his way.

he was most concerned about the time.

he feared to come too late, but came to the theatre much earlier than he thought.

during the entire play, fancy and reality battled with each other,.

On rising from dinner (after four hours), felt the blood rush to my head, but the feeling was as if an electric current had passed from the crown of the head downwards.

I made an effort and got mechanically downstairs.

I then felt the same sensation which I suppose a person would experience who had become nearly insensible from extreme cold, and that, if I yielded myself to its influence, I could have slept away out of existence without pain.

I felt this sensation twice.

in a few minutes a cold shiver came upon me.

from that time I felt every variety of heat and cold from their respective extremes.

at every time the blood went from and returned to my head the current changed the sensation, sometimes feeling myself very hot, and the next very cold, but never the same sensation.

I felt at one time such a pressure in the head that it appeared as if all the blood in the body had rushed to obtain possession of that region, and I though I could hear it gushing in my ears.

these symptoms became gradually weaker,.

While riding in a wagon, towards evening, just before a storm of wind and rain, he experienced a painful sensation of heat, extending from within the ear towards the posterior wall of the pharynx (tuba Eustachii), almost as if a rough body had lodged there, and had to be pressed out forcibly.

the sensation began first in the posterior wall of the pharynx, afterwards in the ear, and at last extended to the buccal cavity (eleventh day),.

Upon making an attempt to open the mouth, for the purpose of examining the tongue, found the jaws so firmly closed that it was impossible to separate them without undue force.

calling for a spoon, I made several efforts to accomplish my object, but failed, and was obliged to desist from further efforts for fear of breaking the teeth,.

After four minutes a very slight burning sensation was felt, which gradually increased, so that after fifteen minutes it became very unpleasant, and on being touched the reddened spot caused much pain.

after thirty minutes the moistened spot was red.

it burned like a sinapism when the skin is moderately reddened.

upon being washed the burning sensation disappeared within an hour.

the epidermis did not scale off. In a second experiment with another individual the symptoms were much slighter, the burning appeared only after ten minutes, and became rather strong after another ten minutes.

the hand being then washed, after thirty minutes, the burning sensation was still very intense, but the skin was not red.

the burning sensation continued for about half an hour.

the epidermis did not scale off,.

(Oppression of the chest, as if it were fatty, or as if there were a piece of perforated bacon in the throat (trachea), which did not allow the passage of enough air; he feared that he would suffocate; this condition appeared toward the evening, while walking in the cool air, lasted eight minutes, and was unaccompanied by anxiety), (first day),.

They all were attacked the next day with such oppression of the chest and tightness of the throat that it seemed as though they would choke.

the mouth was dry, the lips swollen, and stuck together as if covered with glue.

they breathed with the greatest difficulty.

the bowels were hard and constipated.

the head heavy, dizzy.

memory lost,.

A spasmodic pressing pain like a pressure from within outward, and also from without inward (as from a weight lying upon the chest), in the region of the insertion of the diaphragm, extending from the pit of the stomach to the back and scapulae (after ten hours).

together with difficult respiration and necessity for taking a deep breath and expanding the chest, together with a dry cough, that was somewhat loose in the morning, and that came from the back. This attack lasted several days, and was associated with sleepiness and dryness of the nose. On the third day there were also pains in the middle of the back between the scapulae (seeming to him to be in the lungs),.

A most distressing urgent want of breath, and painful feeling of oppression upon the chest, to relieve which, would straighten up, when other distressing effects would ensue.

a rush of blood to head, obscuring the sight.

quivering of the heart.

violent palpitation. the great central organ laboring under fearful embarrassment.

pulse intermitting, the intervals between the pulsations being so protracted as to excite fears of impending dissolution.

the hands would be placed upon the sides, the constriction about the waist and abdomen being so persistent and so oppressive as instinctively to welcome any, even the slightest palliation,.

Feeling as if the blood were rushing to the heart, thence to the head, and then all over the body.

again to the heart and repeat (the extreme coldness and other symptoms still present).

the alternate paleness and redness of the surface, indicating this varied and increased action of the circulation, was distinctly visible about 4 P.M.,.

(A melancholic, choleric man, suffering with bleeding haemorrhoids in the fall and spring took with nearly all his food and drink Nux Vomica Nux moschata, as a preventive for the fall dysentery; the haemorrhoidal flow was stopped; he became out of breath, and panted when at work, and at last went into dropsy), .

Impaired digestion. after each meal patient complains of a sense of weight over epigastric region, followed with at times gulping up of wind, prior to which a feeling as though there was a lump in the throat (globus hystericus), which disappears in part as soon as the stomach is relieved of wind.

Lachesis Lachesis 2c. relieves this condition usually,.

Pressure in the liver, as from something sharp, as if stones were pressing out or would cut their way out, as though it caused a tearing, this was accompanied by diarrhoeic stools, always preceded by an agreeable sensation in the stomach.

the relief was such that it seemed as though the evacuations came down from the liver (in a woman suffering from enlargement of the liver), (second day),.

In the evening, a sensation in the rectum as though diarrhoea would occur.

it seems as though a part of the rectum were dragged downward.

it seems to press down a portion of the rectum.

the evacuation, however, did not occur until the next morning, with a slight urging and a kind of tenesmus in the rectum.

the stool was scanty and rather diarrhoeic (first day),.

Lay down on her bed and quickly passed into a deep slumber, feeling very uncomfortable, was very restless and tossed about much, which lasted about half an hour.

she was then roused by her sister (who accompanied her) calling her by name.

she heard the first summons and answered reluctantly, but could not rouse herself to a state of wakefulness,.

At 9 P.M., felt chilly, amounting to a shake, with coldness, commencing in lower limbs.

this was succeeded by several chills, with marked intervals of immunity between, lasting for several minutes.

conscious during chills, *but a desire to sleep between then if left alone, the movements of those around her alone preventing her from sleeping,.

Chilliness, associated with pain in the small of the back, towards evening, in the open air, and from external cold, increasing to a shaking chill, entirely disappearing in a warm room.

together, with dulness of the head, especially of the forehead, diminished appetite, and somewhat slimy tongue, with a very lively and cheerful mood, disposed to make fun, in the evening (eighth day),.