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Nux Moschata - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nutmeg, Nux Mosch, Nux-m.

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HPUS indication of Nux Moschata: Dry mouth

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nux Moschata in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs


Limbs rigid; hands clasped across the breast and firmly clinched, so much so that on attempting to separate them a violent convulsive effort was made by the patient; then followed a writhing of the entire body, "clonic spasms,"

Marked muscular erethism, especially of the extremities, simulating chorea (after four hours),

(The limbs, especially the arms, are relaxed, with pressure here and there),

Drawing in the calves, especially on standing, relieved by lying down; after rising, trembling and weakness in the hands and lower extremities (fifth day),

(Drawing pains in the muscular portions of the extremities, worse during rest, as after taking cold), (for several days),

Arms and legs felt sorish, large, and heavy,

Both upper and lower limbs feeling dead and numb, until the following day at noon,

Extremities felt numb (after seven hours),

General affection of the extremities, especially of the legs, more towards the lower portion and more on the right side,


Upper extremities

Shoulder, Arm, and Elbow.

Pain in the left shoulder, as if it contained lead,

A sticking pain (rather distinct, though not very sharp) on the flexor side of the upper arm, shoulder, and elbow-joints, that continued by paroxysms for several weeks, but lasted only a short time, seeming to be seated in the bloodvessels,

Sensation of fomentation in the muscles of the upper arm,

Pain in the left upper arm, near the middle, nearer the elbow, as from the hard grasp of the hand (after one hour and a half),

Felt as though a string had been tied tightly around the arms, and all the blood had rushed into my hands (first evening),

Jerklike drawing in the arms, sometimes with a boring outward in the elbows (first day),

Extremely acute pain in the left forearm, externally and near the elbow, in the radial region, in the flesh of all the muscles, in the bone, a kind of pressive gnawing (after three hours),

Steady drawing from the fingers to the shoulders, from holding a nutmeg in the right hand; a highly sensitive person; she feels nothing in the left hand; there remains a tearing rheumatic pain in the shoulder,

Burning on the left side of the left elbow externally, till three hours,

Tearing pain in the extensor muscles of the left elbow, impeding motion (thirteenth day),

Hands and Fingers.

Numbness and fulness of the hands (first evening),

Burning in the hands, that also seem hot to another, lasting half a day (after six hours),

The hands seem to him as if cold and frozen, and on going into the house he experienced a kind of humming and tingling under the nails; was obliged to throw his hands about; as if they had actually been frozen (first day),

Violent pain in the right middle finger, as if in the bone (after four or five minutes),

Pain as if sprained, in some joints of the left little finger when grasping anything, in the morning (second day),


Lower extremities

Painful weakness in the lower extremities, as if he had taken a long journey. The backs of the feet are very painful, as though a hard body had fallen upon them, the farther above the ankle the less the pain. Although stepping on the foot aggravates the pain, yet he is obliged to constantly move the leg back and forth, on account of uneasiness (trampling), (first day),

She started after finishing her tea to go upstairs, but found it rather difficult to ascend, as she felt weak and numb in her limbs, particularly lower extremities, with sensation as though she were floating through the air; later felt much the same symptoms on ascending the stairs,

Complains more or less all the time of a trembling and weakness of the lower limbs, particularly after walking or going up and downstairs,

Thigh, Knee, and Leg.

The posterior muscles of the right thigh are painful on walking and on touch, as if he had fallen upon them, as after riding horseback, in the morning (second day),

While riding one leg over the other, the right thigh seems benumbed, afterwards a sensation as if the left leg would fall asleep, with rush of blood in it, prickling, etc.,

Transient pain on the upper and inner portion of the thigh, as if he had fallen upon it, aggravated by touch (soon),

Dull drawing pains in the periosteum of the right tibia (after two hours),

Painful drawing, here and there, in the thighs,

The right knee is painful, as if wrenched and sprained, on moving it, and especially on going upstairs (second day),

A sensation in the anterior portion of the right knee, as if it were grasped by some one, a kind of constriction,

Could scarcely reach his home on account of terrible pains in both legs, in the part from the knees down to the ankles, confined to the shins; this pain increased so much during the afternoon that he could hardly walk through the room; he says it feels as though the "bone had been smashed to pieces,"

(Throbbing in the left calf, as though a bloodvessel had burst, lasting about twenty minutes), (after one hour),

(On making a sudden motion with the right lower extremity, while lying down, he was attacked with violent cramp in the calf, which was only relieved (not removed as usual) by pressing the foot against something), (fourth day),

Pressive pain on the anterior surface of the left leg, while standing, in the morning (second day),

A sensation of warmth and throbbing on the inner margin of the right foot, while lying down at night (third day),

Feet and Toes.

Boring pain in big toe of the right foot, after lying down,

Burrowing-pressive pain in the middle of the soles of the feet, soon, in the morning,

Tingling in all the toes, as if they had been frozen, especially at the metatarso-phalangeal articulation. It extends over the sole and heel, that also pains as if bruised by jumping upon it; this tingling was felt in every position, and was reproduced by stepping upon the foot (second and fifth days),


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