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Nitricum Acidum - Genitals Etc symptoms - Clarke

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Frequent want to urinate, with scanty emission of a fetid urine, deep-coloured or brownish.

Incontinence of urine.

Painful emission of urine.

Micturition in a thin stream, as from a stricture.

Urine cold when it passes.

Fetid urine, having an intolerably offensive, strong smell, or smells like horse's urine.

Urine reddish; usually offensive.

Red sediment and sand in urine.

Smarting and burning in urethra when urinating.

Discharge of mucus, which is sometimes sanguineous, or of pus from urethra.

Swelling (dark red) of orifice of urethra.

Needle-like stitches in orifice of urethra.

Ulcers in urethra.

Discharge of prostatic fluid after a difficult stool.


Affections of male genital organs in general; glans penis; erections.

Excoriation between scrotum and thighs.

Red spots covered with scabs on prepuce.

Small, itching vesicles on prepuce, bursting soon and forming a scurf.

Secretion behind glans, as in gonorrhoea balani.

Swelling, inflammation of prepuce, and phimosis.

Ulcers, like chancres (after Merc Viv Mercury; esp. with exuberant granulations), on prepuce and glans (with pricking, stinging pains).

Deep, fistulous, irregular, ragged ulcers on the glans, with elevated, lead-coloured, extremely sensitive edges.

Excrescences, like sycosis, on prepuce and glans, with smarting pain and bleeding when touched, with oozing of a fetid and sweetish pus.

Relaxation of testes.

Inflammatory swelling of testes, with painful drawing of the spermatic cord, as far as side of abdomen.

Frequent pollutions.


Itching, burning pain, and sensation of dryness in vulva.

Stitches up vagina, or from without inward, when walking in open air.

Violent stitches in vagina.

Excoriations in vulva between thighs.

Ulcer, with burning itching in vagina.

Excrescences on vaginal portion of uterus as large as lentils; great voluptuousness of mucous membrane in genitals after coitus.

Fetid discharge of a reddish brown colour (like brown water) from vagina.


Uterine haemorrhages from overexertion of body.

Coffee-ground, offensive discharge from uterus at climaxis, or after labour.


Violent itching in genital organs.

Falling off of hair from parts.


Red, scurfy spots on the corona glandis.

Absence of sexual desire and of erections.

Great lasciviousness, with copious discharge of prostatic fluid.

Painful, and almost spasmodic, nocturnal erections.

Great failing off of hair of genitals.

Metrorrhagia, a principal remedy (R. T. C.).

White glairy leucorrhoea, followed by backache (cured, R. T. C.).

Stringy mucous leucorrhoea, flesh-coloured.

(Leucorrhoea staining, yellow.)

Leucorrhoea leaving spots with black borders on linen.).

Fetid, mucous, corrosive leucorrhoea.

Hard nodosities on breast.

Atrophy of breasts.


Before menses throbbing in nape of neck and small of back.

Menses too early and too profuse, blood very dark and thick; irregular, scanty, and like muddy water.

During menses eructations, cramp-like pail, in abdomen as if it would burst; very offensive urine; bruised pain in limbs; down thighs; labour-like pains in abdomen and back; palpitation of heart, anxiety, trembling; heaviness; burning in eyes; toothache and swelling of gums.

After menses violent pains through abdomen and a sudden gush of "muddy water"; brown or thick leucorrhoea, finally a thin, watery, flesh-coloured, offensive discharge, sometimes acrid; greenish, mucous leucorrhoea.

Menses reappear a few days after cessation, and are pale red; fourteen days after cessation, not profusely.

Catamenia too early; or suppressed.

Cramps in the hypogastrium, and bearing down towards the genital organs, during catamenia.

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