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Nitricum Acidum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great weariness and nausea, in the evening, followed by excessive yawning (tenth day),

A sensation in all the muscles, as on resting after great fatigue,



Sleepiness during the day (after four, and twenty-two hours),

Frequent yawning,

Much yawning after a meal,

Drowsiness the entire day (after three days),

She became weary with sleep, and was obliged to sleep after a meal,

Very much inclined to fall asleep again, for several hours in the morning, after rising,

Sleepy and weary all day (after thirty-two days),

Much sleepiness in the afternoon (eighth day),

Desire to sleep during the day,

Dizzy sleepiness, so that he almost fell asleep while walking and standing, with drawing pain along the skin on the inner side of the thighs,

Overpowering inclination to sleep, with stretching and an impatient mood, after supper,


She talked in sleep at night, with the hands lying above the head, and snored,

Sleep restless; he fell asleep late, woke frequently, and had many and frightful dreams,

He was full of fright for a moment, after waking,

Starting up in fright as from an electric shock, during the midday nap, while sitting,

Starting up in sleep, and jerking in the limbs (after twenty days),

Little sleep at night, with much yawning; she could not get warm before midnight,

He woke much too early at night; he could not fall asleep again,

He awoke at 4 A.M., and remained quite wide awake,

He woke with anxiety, at night (after five days),

He awoke about 2 A.M., every night, and could not fall asleep again, without other symptoms,

Frequent waking at night and tossing from side to side,

He woke frequently at night, and could not fall asleep again for a long time,

She woke nearly every half hour (second night),

He woke as many as eight or ten times at night,

Restless waking, with anxiety, at night,

He woke with anxiety, at night, was obliged to cough, and if he had no drink, vomited,

Frequent anxious waking from a restless sleep,

The sleep at night was only a partial sleep; in the morning it seemed as though he had not slept at all,

She woke at 1 A.M., and could not fall asleep again, without other symptoms, except some perspiration on the left side of the head and neck,

Sleepless at night, and restless till 4 A.M., followed by sleep, with anxious dreams,

Sleep restless, unrefreshing,

Great heat at night and sleeplessness,

Restlessness (first night),

Slept ill (second night),

Sleeplessness on account of cold feet, at night,

She could not get to sleep at all for eight nights in succession,

She could not sleep for three nights on account of wakefulness (first night),

When half awake, pains that he could not distinctly remember when awake,

Cannot fall asleep till 3 or 4 A.M.,

Could not fall asleep before 1 A.M.,

Anxious sleep, with sobbing,

Heavy, unrefreshing sleep at night, from which he woke with difficulty, and only with anxious effort, in the morning,

He was unable to fall asleep for several nights, and the sleep was only a dozing,

She sprang out of bed several times from the deepest sleep at night, quite awake, about a fancied frightful event, walked about, and then first became conscious that it was only an illusion,


Dreams that cause him to start,

Dreams of crimes that he commits,

Frightful dreams,

Dreams of corpses,

Horrible dreams, preceded by a joyous dream,

Anxious dreams and crying out in sleep,

Very anxious at night, for many nights,

Anxious, sad, vivid dreams,

Anxious dreams and violent starting up,

Anxious dream at night, so that all the pulses beat on waking,

Anxious dream at night, as if he must die,

Visionary dreams of carousing and feasting at night,

Peevish dream during the restless morning sleep,

Peevish dreams all night, that also continued during the second sleep after waking,

Confused dream and partial sleep, at night,

Many fantasies, at night,

A kind of nightmare, with perspiration, during a wonderful lascivious dream,

Nightmare at night, shortly after falling asleep,

Very vivid visionary dreams of the occurrences of the day, in the morning, followed by great weariness,


Sweat all over, after eating (in the morning and at noon), (after five days),

Offensive perspiration, for several nights,

Inclined to perspire and take cold,

Perspiration, with cold hands and blue nails,

Perspiration while walking in the open air, followed by headache and nausea,

Perspiration, in the morning,

Perspiration sour, very offensive, like horses' urine,

Perspiration increased and offensive during physical exertion,

It restores the suppressed perspiration of the feet (secondary action),

Sour nightsweat, for several nights,

Nightsweat immediately on covering herself in bed,

Perspiration at night,

Nightsweat during sleep,

Nightsweats for twenty days in succession (after ten days),

Nightsweat only on the parts upon which she is lying,

Nightsweat, during which he woke with pleasant thoughts,

Nightsweat every night,

Nightsweat, profuse, every other night,

Nightsweat, mostly on the feet,

Nightsweat on the chest,

The head perspires very easily,

Frequent perspiration on the forehead,

Sweat on the forehead, while eating,

Sweat of the face and body (with the cough),

Sweat on the nape of the neck,

The perspiration in the axillae is offensive, of a strong odor (after four days),

Hot sweat on the palms of the hands, with heat and redness of the face,

Sweaty hands,

Profuse perspiration on the soles, causing soreness of the toes and balls of the feet, with sticking pain as if he were walking on pins,

Perspiration of the feet, even cold,

Sweat on the left foot (sixth day),


Epileptic attack after midnight; it came on like a mouse moving up and down his left side, then the sensation disappeared; the arms jerked; the head and mouth were drawn back and forth, so that he bit his tongue, then he became quite stiff, and snored,

Epileptic attack, first a drawing in the left side of the chest, then convulsive drawings in the arms back and forth, lasting a minute, while sitting, with tolerable consciousness (after twelve days),

Attacks twice daily, at first drawing in the back like a grasping in the dorsal sides, below the ribs, extending around into the stomach, where it turns about and disappears, with an eructation,

Spasmodic stiffness in the back and whole body,

Anxiety, with stitches above the heart, and a fantasy as though she were speaking irrationally, with coldness of the body, and inclination to fall down,

Paroxysm of headache, in the morning on waking, with nausea, and a sensation as if all parts of the mouth were numb and asleep,

Emaciation of the whole body, especially of the upper arms and thighs,

Remarkable leanness,

Gradual emaciation,

She became lean (after a few days),

Tossing about,

The patient was pale and cold,

Expression anxious,

Perceptible beating in the bloodvessels in the upper part of the body,

So weak that he was almost constantly obliged to lie down,

Complete exhaustion after a stool (after nine days),

Very much exhausted, in the morning after rising, till 10 o'clock,

Great weakness in the afternoon, disappearing in the evening,

Weakness, so that she trembled all over,

Became exceedingly weak,

Very weak towards noon,

Progressive debility (after six weeks),

Much prostrated,

Internal weariness, especially in the arms, on waking in the morning,

The patient became more and more apathetic and quiet, though with perfect consciousness, still at times he complained of headache (fifth day),

On being questioned, he raised his eyelids, and spoke in a whisper; his replies were brief, quickly delivered, and apparently attended with increased suffering; for to other questions he answered by a look or a slight nod,

Relaxation of mind and body,

Sensitiveness of the whole body to the open air,

General confusion of the body, not of the head, as after a severe illness,

Walked about with chin depressed on chest (twelfth day),

General sensation of heaviness (after twenty-four hours),

Heaviness of the head and extremities,

Paralyzed sensation in the limbs,

Unable to walk,

The symptoms, especially the drawing pains here and there, are aggravated towards evening,

Is less able to endure a warm room than usual,

Heaviness of the body, while walking in the open air, so that he could scarcely proceed,

A real faint feeling through the whole day,

Feels very unwell, immediately after dinner; she becomes warm; all the limbs feel prostrated and tremble; she is obliged to lie down,

Excessively incommoded by it, and placed in extreme danger,

Sickness of the whole body, with weakness of the joints, and heat of the head,

Pains, even slight, affect him exceedingly, so that he is quite beside himself,

Burning in the joints,

Intense burning pain (immediately),

Very much inclined to take cold,

Very much inclined to take cold, which was not the case formerly,

Trembling all over,

Trembling through the whole body, on waking in the morning,

Threatened with asphyxia (twenty-first day),

Slight trembling through the whole body, frequently,

During a quarrel, trembling of all the limbs,

Tremulous condition in the evening, and great weariness, as after great exertion (after thirty-six hours),

Tremulous, sensitive, and weak in the whole body,

He takes cold very easily in weak parts, in the evening in cold wind, and then has drawing pains in the parts,

Aching in all the limbs, as if in the bones,

Sick feeling over the whole body,

Was taken ill, and, though he rallied for a time on the second day, he afterwards sank, and expired at 5 A.M., the third day,

Frequent drawing pains in almost all parts of the body, suddenly appearing and disappearing,

Drawing extending up from the feet to the back, on motion,

Drawing pain in the periosteum of all the bones, as before intermittent fever,

Drawing and tearing in the whole body,

Much twitching of the muscles, also twitching of the eyelids,

Jerking in all parts of the body,

Jerking and stretching of the limbs, waking him twice from the midday nap,

Stitches through the whole body,

Stitches, here and there, in all parts of the body,

Disinclined to walk,

General tension of the nerves, with much thirst,

Orgasm of blood, and weakness of the limbs,

General rigors (after three hours),

Waking to drink and urinate at night,

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