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Nitricum Acidum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Ebullition in the blood, and lassitude in the limbs.

Tremulousness in the evening and great lassitude, as after severe hardships (aft. 36 h.).

Sensation in all the muscles, as when recovering from great fatigue.

The hands and limbs, when in a false position or when pressed upon, feel weary and paralyzed, as if the circulation was checked by a bandage (12th d.).

Very tired in the feet, and dejected.

Very tired, toward noon.

Great lassitude in the afternoon, it passes off in the evening.

Lassitude, so that her whole body trembles.

The lassitude is worst in the evening, especially in the lower limbs.

Intense weariness in the evening, and nausea; then violent yawning (10th d.).

Frequent yawning.

Drowsiness by day (aft. 4, 22 h.).

Drowsy and tired, all day (aft. 32 d.).

Much drowsiness in the afternoon (8th d.).

Dizzy drowsiness, so that he had almost gone to sleep while walking and standing, with drawing pain in the skin on the inner side of the thigh.

Very vivid, fanciful dreams about the daily occurrences; in the morning; then very weary.

Sleep and dreams

He could not go to sleep for several nights and his sleep was a mere slumber.

His sleep at night is only a half-sleep; in the morning he felt as if he had not slept at all.

She could not get to sleep at all for 8 nights.

He cannot get to sleep before 1 o'clock at night.

She could not get to sleep for three nights, from being too much excited (1st n.).

He wakes up at 4 in the morning, and remains wide awake.

He wakes up too early in the night and cannot fall asleep again.

He wakes up every night at 2 o'clock, and cannot go to sleep again, without having any ailment.

She wakes up in the night at 1 o'clock, and cannot go to sleep again, without any ailment, except some perspiration on the left side of the head and neck.

She wakes up at night, almost every half hour (2d n.).

He wakes up some 8 or 10 times every night.

Sleeplessness, at night, and restlessness until 4 A.M., then sleep with anxious dreams.

He often wakes up at night, and cannot then go to sleep for a long time.

Frequent awaking at night, and turning over from one side to another.

Unrefreshing, restless sleep.

Restless sleep, he is late in falling asleep, he awakes repeatedly and dreams much and frightfully.

For a moment after awaking, he is full of fear.

At night, heavy unrefreshing sleep, from which he can hardly and only with anxious efforts rouse himself.

In the morning on awaking, quivering all through the body.

In the morning on awaking, internal restlessness, especially in the arms.

Distressing dreams, and violent starting up.

Very anxious dreams at night, for many nights.

Anxious dream at night, as if he should die.

Anxious dreams at night, so that, when she wakes up, all her pulses are throbbing.

Anxious sleep, with moaning.

Anxious, vivid, sad dreams.

Anxious dreams, and screaming in sleep.

Disagreeable dreams and a half waking at night.

Dreams of crimes, which he commits.

Dreams about corpses.

Frightful dreams.

Dreadful dreams.

Horrible dream, first a cheerful dream.

Vexatious dream, in an uneasy morning sleep.

Annoying dream the whole night, which also after waking up is continued in his second sleep.

At night, little sleep with much yawning; she could not get warm before midnight.


Sensation of weariness in all the joints, as from running.

Stitches in all parts of the body, now here, now there.

Stitches through the whole of the body.

Sensible throbbing of the blood-vessels in the upper part of the body.

Readily heated, in warm weather, and after slight exertion.

Slight exercise causes palpitation and perspiration.

Soon after dinner, every exertion heats and causes palpitation.

He is very liable to catch cold.

He becomes very liable to catch cold, which he was not before.

Tendency to perspire and to catch cold.

He readily catches cold on the weak part in the evening, in a cold wind, and gets drawing pains from it.

Sensitiveness of the whole body to the open air.

Very sensitive to cold winds, and very chilly, for a long time.

Liable to catch cold, causing pain in the back.

While walking in the open air, perspiration, then headache and nausea.

When walking in the open air, short but violent headache.

When walking in the open air, tearing shooting in the scapula, on which he cannot lie at night.

When walking in the open air, severe pressure above the stomach and scrobiculus cordis.

When walking in the open air, pain in the left scapula and the renal region.

After a walk, the feet remain cold, while there is heat in the head.

Most of the ailments disappear on riding in a carriage.

The ailments are aggravated toward evening, especially the drawing pain felt here and there.

The pains, even the slighter ones, affect him excessively, so that he is quite beside himself.

Swelling of the hands and feet.

Extreme emaciation.

Emaciation of the whole body, but especially of the upper arms and the thighs.

She becomes emaciated (aft. sever. d.).

Feels ill in the whole body.

Prostration of the body, but not of the head, as after a severe illness.

Ill feeling all over the body, with weakness in the joints and heat in the head.

All the day, sensation of faintness.

Frequently, a slight tremor all through the body.

Tremulous, sensitive and weakly all over the body.

Trembling all over.

Great weariness and indolence, as if altogether bruised and exhausted, when sitting and walking.

Awkward (aft. 24 h.).

Heaviness of the head and lower limbs.

Sensation of heaviness of the limbs in the joints, as from weariness, in the morning in bed, while entirely at rest.

Heaviness of the body, while walking in the open air, so that he can hardly drag himself along.

Dislike to walking.

Weakness and bruised feeling in all the joints, as after severe hardships.

She feels bruised in all her limbs, could scarcely move her arms and legs.

Very much exhausted, in the morning after rising, 10 A.M.

Sensation of paralysis in all the joints.

Weakness in all the joints.

Trembling and weakness in all the joints.

Lack of tone of spirit and body.

So weak that he had to lie down nearly all the time.

Fits of faintness from slight exertions.

Faintness like syncope, every other morning, with anxiety.

Attack of headache in the afternoon, for several days in succession, then nausea and anxiety; at night, vomiting with syncope and diarrhoea.

Attacks twice a day, first drawing in the back, like a griping in the sides below the ribs, extending into the pit of the stomach, where it turns around and passes off with eructation.

Epileptic fit, first a drawing in the left side of the chest, then a convulsive drawing in the arms to and fro, for one minute while sitting, with almost entire consciousness (aft. 12 d.).

Epileptic attack, after midnight, sensation in the left side as of a mouse, moving up and down, then he lost his consciousness, his arms twitched, his head and mouth were drawn forward and backward, so that he bit his tongue, then he became quite stiff and snored.

Attack of headache in the morning on awaking, with nausea and a sensation as if all parts in the mouth were numb and had gone to sleep.

In the morning, after rising, for several hours, very much inclined to go to sleep again.

Somnolence by day.

In the evening, sleepy and chilly.

At night, she several times jumps out of bed in the deepest sleep, wide awake, owing to an imaginary dreadful occurrence, she walks about and only then realizes that it was a delusion.

At night, she talks in her sleep, with her hands extended over her head, and snores.

At night, uneasy awaking with anguish.

At night, he wakes up two or three times with headache and cannot then go to sleep again for one or two hours.

At night, bleeding at the nose.

At night in sleep, or half asleep, the head feels heavy and oppressed.

At midnight, drawing and shooting toothache, with some swelling of the gums.

At night, awaking to drink and to urinate.

At night, thirst (aft. 13 d.).

At night, occasionally, much thirst.

In the first half of the night, violent eructation and cramp of the stomach.

At night, severe pressure in the stomach.

At night, she wakes up with stomachache (aft. 50 h.).

In the morning, on awaking, pressure in the stomach and back.

At night, restlessness in the abdomen, and frequent awaking.

At night, in sleep, stomachache, ceasing on awaking.

At night, restlessness and anguish in the abdomen, with heat in the head and on the hands.

At night, colic and uneasy sleep.

At night, cramps in the abdomen.

At night, on awaking, and in the morning, much burning in the rectum.

At night, insomnia, owing to cold feet.

At night, the soles of the feet are icy cold, preventing him from sleeping.

In the evening, after lying down, a violent stitch in the right breast.

In half sleep, he feels pains, which he does not clearly remember when he awakes.

At night, sleep interrupted by oppression of breath.

After 3 A.M., he awakes with lively beating and of the heart, and pulsations below the clavicle, without anguish.

At night, he awakes with anguish, he has to cough, and if he does not get something to drink, he must vomit.

Before midnight, in sleep, dry cough.

At night, shooting and pinching pains, now below the chest, now in the back.

At night, stitches about the heart, heat and thirst.

After midnight, spasmodic pains in the chest, and over against it in the spine, aggravated by inspiring.

At night, in bed, twitching in the left lower limb.

In the evening, in bed, the legs feel numb and dead, then cramp in them, chiefly in the calves, finally shooting and pricking in the heels.

At night, especially, tearing in the lower limbs.

At night, violent shooting in the right thigh.

Only at night, weariness in the feet; none by day, not even from the longest walk.

At night, rush of blood to the chest and heart.

At night, shortly after going to sleep, nightmare.

Immediately after going to sleep, anxious oppression as from a nightmare, as if some one was lying under him, and seized him around the abdomen with the arms, so that he could not tear himself loose.

In strange, lascivious dreams, a sort of nightmare with sweat.

At night, when awaking, and in the morning, oppressed breathing and anxiety.

At night, he awakes with apprehension (aft. 5 d.).

At night in bed, anguish, like palpitation with nausea, without inclination to vomit, as if she had done something wicked; she could not stay in bed; with her hand she did not feel any palpitation; it lasted two hours.

At night, much delirious talk.

Every night, raving instead of sleeping.

At night, raving dreams of banqueting and reveling.

In the evening in bed, all manner of forms appeared to him, while walked, ran, disappeared, arose and became larger and smaller; with this a chill.

On going to sleep, starting up as from terror.

Starting up in sleep and twitching of the limbs (aft. 20 d.).

During the noon-siesta, when sitting, starting up as from an electric shock.

At night, when lying on his back, he starts up and feels a stitch in the right side of his chest.

Frequent anxious awaking from a restless sleep.

Anxiety at night.

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