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Nitricum Acidum - Generalities symptoms - Clarke

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great weakness and general lassitude, with trembling, heaviness of legs, and desire to remain lying down, esp. in evening or morning.


Inclination to sleep during day, from weakness, with vertigo.

Sleep retarded in evening, and early, difficult (or too late) awakening in morning.

Sleeplessness, as from over-excitement.

Complaints concomitant to waking; too much perspiration, which smells badly.

Complaints agg. in evening; in night; on awakening.

Incomplete and agitated sleep, and frequent awaking with pain and a start.

Sleep unrefreshing.

At night, bleeding at nose, headache, toothache, thirst, gastralgia, colic, pains in limbs, nightmare, anguish, palpitation of heart, nausea, vomiting, and many other sufferings.

Anxious sleep, with throbbing.

Many fantastical, voluptuous, anxious, frightful dreams, often with cries, plaintive groans, talking, and starts with fright.

Shocks in body and jerks in limbs during sleep.


Shooting pains, as if caused by splinters stuck into affected part on slightest contact with anything; same in throat on swallowing.

Sensation as if a band were around affected part or parts; as though a band around bones; jerking pain in inner parts.


Inflammation, swelling, and suppuration of glands.

Pains on change of weather.

Pains which are perceptible during sleep.

Aggravation of the symptoms in the evening and at night.

Riding in a carriage amel. most symptoms.


Epileptic attacks.

Sycotic condylomata; and sycosis.

Jaundice, with constipation.

Pains in bones.

Frequent drawing pains in almost all parts of body, suddenly appearing and disappearing.

Epileptic attacks after midnight, beginning like a mouse moving up and down l. side, then loss of consciousness.

Excessive emaciation.

Tendency to take cold.

Affections in general, of any kind, appearing in r. eye (e.g., as if a grain of sand was there); r. side of neck; nape of neck; l. hypochondriac region; l. chest; inguinal glands; l. lower extremity; bones of head.

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