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Nitricum Acidum - General symptoms

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, throbbing headache in right temple, with nausea.

pressure in forehead. stitches over the eyes.

swelling of fingers. distension of abdomen.

face hot. in bed, dry heat.

violent chill. hacking cough.

bloody expectoration. thirst for water.

rattling in trachea. sick feeling.

chilliness. erections.

pain in urethra. tearing in right foot.

pressure in chest. hands asleep.

on rising, vertigo. weakness and nausea.

vertigo, with obscuration.

ill-humored. fretful. perspiration.

exhaustion. gnawing in stomach.

on waking, mouth stiff and sore.

on waking, pressure in stomach and back.

pressure in forehead. nosebleed.

blowing of blood from nose.

burning in eyelids. tension in skin of face.

stoppage of nose. heaviness of limbs and joints.

stitches in left chest, with difficult respiration.

cramp in calves. pressive pain in right chest.

paroxysms of headache.

tightness of breath. emission of flatus.

in bed, cutting colic.

after rising, violent flatulent colic.

yellow, sickly look below eye.

after stool, griping in abdomen.

bloody saliva. mouth dry.

tongue dry, coated. difficulty in opening eyes.

puffiness about eyes. loss of appetite.

sweetish taste. sour taste..

(Evening), Face hot, tremulous.

pressure in eyelids. sensitiveness of scalp.

stitches in right side of occiput.

boring stitches in vertex.

sticking headache in left frontal eminence.

stitches in left temple.

jerking in head. jerking toothache.

throbbing toothache. pressure in eyelids.

weakness of lower jaw.

disagreeable odor from nose.

in bed, sticking in throat.

sour taste. dry, hacking cough.

after lying down, stitches in right breast.

stitches in rectum. flushes of heat and nausea.

flushes of heat in cheek, with thirst.

weakness of lower extremities.

in bed, appearance of images, chilliness and shivering.

sleepiness. in bed, palpitation.

internal chills. external warmth.

pressive drawing in lower extremities.

feet hot. in bed, burning beneath nail of great toe.

drawing in thighs. in bed, hacking cough.

smarting in anus. after lying down, erections.

vertigo. anxiety. tremulous.

weary. depression..

(Night), While sleeping, head heavy and oppressed, headache.

on rising. vertigo. skin cold.

drawing, grumbling, sticking, and burning in teeth.

stopped coryza. violent coryza.

acrid water from nose.

nosebleed. rush of blood to chest and heart.

stitches in heart. heat.

thirst. during sleep, pain in stomach.

pressure in stomach. eructations and cramp in stomach.

griping colic. uneasiness in abdomen.

cramp in abdomen. blood hot in hands.

sticking in thigh. heat in thigh.

tearing in knees. cramp in calves.

feet and legs cold. tearing in lower extremities.

dead feeling in left leg to knee.

feet weary. violent erections.

emissions. restlessness.

frequent waking. anxious dreams.

peevish dreams. fantasies.

dry heat. anxiety. desire to urinate.

on rising, vertigo..

(After eating), Heat and redness of face.

headache. crawling in larynx.

hacking cough. sore pain in chest.

coldness and pressure in stomach.

nausea. eructations. acidity in mouth, throat.

vomiting. rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

anxiety. in evening, bilious eructations.

cracking in maxillary articulation.

sweat. salt, burning in chest..

(Walking), Heat and pain in head.

vertigo. in open air, headache, nausea, perspiration.

loss of breath. palpitation.

in open air, itching on neck.

itching on pudenda. throbbing in chest.

in open air, loss of breath.

feet heavy. in open air, pressure in stomach.

in open air, sensation of swelling in hollow of knee.

pain in hollow of knee.

pain in left patella. itching in anus.

in open air, pain in left scapula and kidneys.

stitches in scapula. tearing in thigh.

soreness between thighs.

weakness of left thigh.

cracking in knee. drawing pain in feet.

sticking pain in heel.

pain in little toe. cracking in ankle.

oppression. anxiety..

At once she is taken with a peculiar anguish, runs to her physician, but he is not at home, hires a carriage to drive to the house where she expects to find him.

during her ride all the anguish is gone.

arrived at home she feels as bad as ever, and feels herself thus forced to drive about the whole day, till all the effects of the Nitric acid have passed off,.

Violent painlike throbbing or hammering on left side of head, coming on gradually.

it began near vertex, descending to region of left ear, then went gradually over vertex to right side of head, but still worse on the left not relieved by warmth of flannel.

she felt as if she could beat the head to pieces, towards morning (first night).

it gradually diminished, and about breakfast left her entirely,.

Great difficulty in swallowing, which could only be performed in gulps, part of the fluid regurgitating through both nostrils, owing to constriction of oesophagus (twenty-first day).

a small bougie was passed with difficulty into the oesophagus, which presented a stricture at the depth of about two inches.

from this time a bougie was passed on alternate days (thirtieth day).

discharged with some constriction about oesophagus, but otherwise in fair health (one hundred and tenth day),.

On being inhaled, it causes a constant and violent cough, with whistling inspiration, redness, and sweat of the face and body.

the paroxysm of cough increases so much by continued inhalation of the gas that it causes a taste of blood, nausea, and actual vomiting of mucus and food.

longer exposure to the gas apparatus causes oppression of breathing and anxiety, so that it becomes necessary to leave the room and breathe freely, in order to ease the cough.

there remains behind, for from half an hour to two hours, great rawness, soreness, and weariness of the chest,.

Woke in the night with deepseated, bitter coldness in the feet and legs up to the hips, and deepseated feeling as if dogs were gnawing the flesh and bones, and as if the sinews were being pulled up.

all these three sensations were worse in the feet and thighs.

kept her awake all night.

not relieved by position or movement.

relieved for the time by hard rubbing (first night).

after breakfast they suddenly disappeared, leaving the parts tender to touch, and as if the clothes were too heavy for them (first night),.

After about ten days he began to have violent pains in the region of the oesophagus and stomach.

nausea, vomiting, colic, and constipation returned.

he became very much emaciated, offensive eructations, excessive distension of the epigastric region, tongue pale, moist, breath offensive, pulse 66 to 68. In spite of various remedies the abdomen became more and more distended, especially in the left hypogastrium, extending as far as the umbilical region.

dulness on percussion, with evident fluctuations.

pressure painful. the strength sank more and more each day.

Exhausted, shivery, sensitive and sore STICKINGS LIKE A SPLINTER, or ulcerative gnawing DISCHARGES ACRID; thin, dirty or brown; cause redness or destroy hair

FOUL; ozoena, foot, or night sweats, etc



HAEMORRHAGE; easy; bright; of bloody water

Red, swelled or cracked orifices

Hard, gristly exudates

Dark, smooth mucous membranes

As of a band about or a weight hanging to part Sore or stiff, during pains

Cracking; joints

Yellow brunettes, of spare habit



So angry, he trembles

Quarrelsome delirium; talks to spirits, in other tongues


Thoughts vanish

Crushing head pains, worse pressure of hat

Sore in skull

Puffs on scalp

Warm flowing over eyes

Conjunctiva pouts in spots

Spots on cornea

Deafness, better noise

Nose; red, scurfy tip; dark lumpy epistaxis; dripping, diphtheria of; cutting pains; caries of bones

Coryza, with shortness of breath

Yellow, sickly face Peeling lips; raw, cracked or scabby in angles Loose teeth

Gums flabby; sore; bleeding inner

Moist, fissured or mapped tongue (Flu-ac)


Sore palate

As of a stick in throat

Craves fats

Stools tear anus, even if soft; then prolonged pain

Painful piles Itching, eczematous anus, or oozes moisture

URINE, strong as horse's; cold; alternately profuse and scanty

Cramp from kidney to bladder

As of a hot wire in urethra

Infective nephritis

Itching, burning fore-skin

Phagedenic chancre

OEdematous prepuce

Bloody water from vagina

Weak, irregular menses

Shattering cough; from a spot in larynx; with lumbar stitch, better cold

Expectoration smeary, pussy, etc

Cavernous phthisis

Cutting in larynx

Orgasms to chest; with palpitation and fear

Swelled finger joints

Warts; on back of hands

Weak ankles

Skin, dry; eroded; cracks in every angle; coppery spots, on shin bones; itches on undressing

Crusts form and fall

Ulcers; rapid; raw; ragged; with proud flesh or plugs of pus

Stubborn suppuration

Burrowing pus


Painful, broken chilblains

Painfully sore bones, worse tibiae; caries

Pulse drops each 4th


Jagged or soft warts (Stap)


Icy coldness; soles

SWEAT; easy, then takes cold; exhausting (urinous), mornings; in axillae; on feet

Nitric acid. Aqua Marina Aqua fortis. HNO3. Solution.

Actinomycosis. Anus, fissure of. Axilla, offensive perspiration of. Bladder, chronic catarrh of. Breath, offensive. Bright's disease. Bronchitis. Bubo. Chancre. Cheloid. Chilblains. Choking, easy. Climacteric. Cold, easily taken. Condylomata. Constipation. Corns. Cough. Dysentery. Dyspepsia. Ear, affections of. Epilepsy. Eyes, affections of. Feet, perspiring. Fistula.

When strong Nitric acid comes in contact with the skin it destroys the upper layers and turns them yellow, but as it coagulates their albumen it to a certain extent forms a barrier against its own further action, its action therein differing from that of Sulphuricum Acidum Sulphuric acid. When swallowed it acts as an irritant poison.

when its fumes are inhaled it may destroy life by suffocative spasm of the glottis or by intense bronchitis. It is used in old-school practice as an escharotic for warts and warty tumours.

for phagedaenic ulcers, chancres, poisoned bites. The dilute acid is used internally in fevers to quench thirst.

in bronchitis and phthisis to diminish the excessive secretions.

($51$) the muco-cutaneous orifices and adjoining parts. Burnett made a brilliant cure of actinomycosis with Nitric Acid Nit-ac. 3x in a patient who had been the round of the London consultants, and had doubtless taken much Kali Iodatum Kali iod. The localities in which the disease manifested itself, the region of the mouth and anus, gave Burnett his indication. The mouth (especially its angles) and anus are prominent seats of syphilitic action, and also of the action of the other miasms, the condylomata and fissures of sycosis.

the fissures, fistulae, haemorrhoids, and sore mouth of psora. The right eye, the male genitals, and the bones are other localities for which Nitric Acid Nit-ac. has a very strong affinity. In his directions about Nitricum Acidum Hahnemann makes the remark that it is rarely required by patients who suffer from constipation. In my experience this is absolutely wrong. Constipation, as the symptoms of the Schema would indicate, is a prominent indication for Nitric Acid Nit-ac., and I have cured almost as many cases with this as with any other single remedy. I have generally found, when I have had an opportunity of testing them, that Hahnemann's positive directions are thoroughly trustworthy.

but his negative directions are quite as likely to be wrong as right. The characteristic discharges of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. are offensive, thin, excoriating.

if purulent they are a dirty yellowish green, not laudable pus. Ulcers have profuse exuberant granulations, and bleed easily. The dressing causes bleeding, and every touch causes "sticking pain as if from splinters." This is a grand keynote of Nitric Acid Nit-ac., and will serve to indicate it wherever it is found. It requires a touch or movement to elicit it. When it occurs in the throat it requires the act of swallowing to set it up.

in the anus, the passage of the stool.

in ulcers, the touch of a dressing. It may occur from touch in any part of the body.

in abdomen. in Ingrowing toe-nails. In the phthisical cases calling for Nitric Acid Nit-ac. the chest walls are extremely sore to touch.

there is sudden rush of blood to chest.

hectic. frequent haemorrhages, bright red, profuse.

sharp stitches through right chest to scapula. Great dyspnoea, cannot talk for getting out of breath.

morning hoarseness. cough tickling, seems to annoy all night.

at times loose and rattling.

loud râles through chest.

sputa offensive, bloody, purulent, dirty green.

exhausting diarrhoea. exhausting sweats towards morning, chilly.

Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is indicated in typhus when pneumonia supervenes.

and when haemorrhage from the bowels occurs. The stools are green, slimy, offensive, may be purulent.

the haemorrhages are profuse and bright red. With diarrhoea there is rawness and soreness of anus.

the stool is putrid. in children may contain lumps of casein. Slimy stools, from excess of mucus passed with much straining. Or they may be (especially in scrofulous children) pale, pasty, sour, offensive. A keynote of Nit. ac. stools, whether loose or constipated, is pain after stool. There is pain during stool as if anus and rectum were torn and pierced, and violent pains after stool, lasting for hours. All the other orifices of the body are affected by Nitric Acid Nit-ac. Chancres and herpes about penis and prepuce.

growths about vagina and cervix.

leucorrhoea, immediately after menses.

flesh-coloured, stringy, offensive. The nose, ears, and eyes are also influenced, and Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is one of the first remedies in syphilitic eye affections, as iritis. Among the haemorrhages of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is haematuria. Goullon published a case in Archiv., ii. 36. (New Series), translated by Mossa, Rev. H. Française, ix. 136. A painter's apprentice, 15, after gilding an object, was seized with vertigo, with coldness, and soon with violent pain in bladder region. Next day he passed pure blood, bright red, with frequent strangury.

the urine separated itself distinctly from the blood. During short intervals the blood did not flow. Tongue white, swollen. Nitric Acid Nit-ac. 3 one drop was given, and in twenty-four hours the boy was cured. The urine of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. affords one of the most important of all its keynotes Urine of a strong odour, like horses'.

or extremely offensive. Whenever this occurs as a concomitant in any case it is likely that other symptoms will point to Nitric Acid Nit-ac. Fetid sweats on feet, hands, or in axilla no less point to Nitric Acid Nit-ac. Among the haemorrhages of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. are those occurring in cachectic women after confinement or abortion. H. N. Coons (Amer. Hom.) records the case of an anaemic woman, four weeks after miscarriage, had constant pelvic haemorrhage, at times coming with a gush.

constant heavy feeling, much agg. standing or walking. Nitric Acid Nit-ac. 2x, 20 drops in three ounces of water, a teaspoonful every two hours, quickly arrested bleeding and cured. As showing the value of peculiar symptoms, D. C. Perkins relates (Amer. Hom., xxii. 12) the case of a woman who said she was very ill, but could only describe her illness by saying that she" felt like a pulp-mill." Nitric Acid Nit-ac. has "borborygmus as if a boiler was working in the bowels," and Nitric Acid Nit-ac. proved to be the remedy. The sensitiveness to touch runs through the entire symptomatology, including the symptoms of the mind. The mind is weak, no ideas.

if she exerts her mind thoughts vanish. Mind easily affected, inclined to weep. Hopeless despair. On the other hand, there is nervous excitability (especially after Merc Viv Merc.).

-it is the excitable form of mercurialism that Nitric Acid Nit-ac. best meets); peevishness; irritable, quarrelsome; fits of rage and cursing; inveterate ill-will unmoved by apologies.

The head is sensitive to the slightest jar; to the rattle of waggons in the street, or even to the step of one walking across the floor.

The head is very sensitive, even to pressure of hat; sensitive to combing, and on part lain on.

Eruptions and ulcers bleed easily when touched.

Eyes are sensitive to light.

The ears present an exception, for deafness is amel. riding in a train or carriage.

Sensitiveness of the head while out driving and stopping suddenly.

The tongue is sensitive even to soft food. Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is suited to Persons of dark, swarthy complexion, with black hair and eyes; lean persons of rigid fibre; brunette rather than blonde nervous temperament.

Persons suffering from chronic diseases who take cold easily and are disposed to diarrhoea.

Old people with great weakness.

Hydrogenoid constitutions.

Peculiar sensations are As if head in a vice from ear to ear over vertex.

As if some one were forcibly pressing head; head tightly bound; constricted by tape; contused.

As of a gathering in left temple.

Pain as from splinters in eruption.

As if warm water were flowing from and over eyes (first right, then left).

As if teeth soft and spongy.

As if abdomen would burst.

As if a boiler working in bowels.

As if a band round bones.

As if dogs were gnawing flesh and bones, and as if sinews were being pulled up.

As if ball of great toe had been frozen.

As if splinters in great toe; in carbuncles, &c.

Cramp-like pains, stinging, shooting, burning, pressure, and soreness.

Excessive physical irritability, hysteria.

Pains, even slight ones, affect him violently.

Prostration, sick feeling, faints from least motion.

Epilepsy amel. riding in carriage.

Left-sided paralysis. Twitchings in various parts; frequent starts in upper part of body.

Easily takes cold. Emaciated.

Tedious suppuration. A characteristic accompaniment of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is "Profuse sweat breaks out on hands and feet." When this occurs in spinal injuries Nitric Acid Nit-ac. is the remedy (B. Simmons, H. P., ix. 327).

W. M. James (Med. cent., vi. 325) cured this remarkable case A girl had frequent attacks of petit mal, sometimes as many as fifty a day between the periods.

At the beginning of the menses she had spasms so violent that they dislocated both humeri. Nitric Acid Nit-ac. 200 given persistently put an end to the attacks, gradually.

The first few times after commencing Nitric Acid Nit-ac. there were spasms but no dislocation.

violent pains in stomach and liver.

unable to sleep. or unable to take any food without much pain, mostly vomiting. Nitric Acid Nit-ac. removed the pain and relieved the constipation entirely, and the patient died without an hour's suffering from the time he received Nitric Acid Nit-ac.

J. H. Fulton cured with one dose of Nitric Acid Nit-ac. 200 R. M., 28, who had had bleeding piles for eighteen months.

He had frequent bloody and slimy stools; but always bright red blood after stools, from a dessertspoonful to half a teacupful.

When the stools were hard there was much pain in passing them.

Burning in anus after stools (Med. Adv., xxxiii. 268).

The symptoms are agg. by touch; pressure (of hat); amel. riding in carriage. agg.

Eating (during and after eating, sweat). agg.

Milk and fat food. agg.

Exercise, exertion, effort, raising. arm, walking, standing. agg.

Exerting mind. Lying down amel. headache.

Night-sweat on parts lain on.

Many symptoms come on towards morning.

Cannot sleep after 2 a.m.

Cough agg. on rising, during day, and at bedtime.

Many symptoms, including bone-pains, come on in night.

Warmth and cold both agg.

Warm weather agg. haemorrhoids; covering up = night-sweats.

Least exposure = chills.

Cold or warm things = tearing and shooting in teeth.

Washing = warts to bleed.

Cold weather agg. chilblains.

Cold water amel. warm water feeling in eyes.

Winter agg. chronic cough; hiccough; chilblains.


About 130 of the following symptoms belong to the two fellow-observers mentioned. The remainder, save thirty from authors, are Hahnemann's own, obtained as we have already seen. Besides these are a few from Hartmann, Foissac, Hering, Stapf and "Th. Mo.", etc., probably observed on patients.

Half an ounce of perfectly pure nitre (dry nitre in large crystals is dissolved in 6 parts of hot water, and crystallized again from the solution during the application of intense cold) is pulverized and put into a retort lined with clay, by means of a crooked beaked glass funnel, then through the same funnel a half an ounce of Acid Phos phosphoric acid of an oily consistence is added (prepared according to the direction in the fifth part of , melted and allowed to deliquesce in the open air).

after these have been shaken up a little, the pure nitric acid is distilled over a lamp into a receiver loosely attached to it.

this acid will not smoke and has a specific weight of about 1, 200.

One drop of this acid is shaken up five times with 100 drops of distilled water, and one drop of this is shaken up by five succussions, with 100 drops of diluted alcohol whereby the nitric acid is potentized to the ten thousandth dilution (/10000). One drop of this attenuation is then attenuated with 100 drops of good alcohol and then potentized by five succussions successively to the VI, VIII and X potencies, for there is no danger of any intimate combination (as in sweet spirits of nitre) of the alcohol with an acid so much diluted.

The homoeopathic physician will only use the potencies VI, VIII and X for antipsoric purposes, giving two or three of the smallest pellets, moistened with these potencies, for a dose -for the more debilitated patients we only use the decillionth attenuation.

It will be found that this medicine acts more beneficially with patients of a tense fibre (brunettes) than with those of a lax fibre (blondes). It is also more appropriate to chronic patients who are inclined to soft stools, while it is seldom applicable to patients inclined to constipation.

Nitric acid is most beneficial where the following symptoms predominate or are present among others

peevishness and obstinacy.

aversion to work. vertigo, when walking and sitting.

vertigo, compelling the person to lie down.

headache from nausea. tearing in the forehead, the crown and the occiput.

beating headache. rush of blood to the head.

itching on the hairy scalp.

falling out of the hair.

paralysis of the upper eyelid.

. suppuration of the eyes.

difficulty in contracting the pupils.

flying . stitches in the ear.

encysted tumor on the left lobule.

discharge from the ear.

obstruction of the ear.

stoppage of the ear.

crepitation in the ear.

scurfs in the right nostril.

epistaxis. offensive smell on drawing in air through the nose.

fetor from the nose. pimples in the face.

. cracked lips. swelling in the re of the lips.

looseness of the teeth.

bleeding of the gums. burning in the throat.

, also after eating. sweetish taste in the mouth.

thirst, during suppuration of the lungs.

loathing of meat. milk is not digested.

sick at stomach from eating fat.

during and after meals, perspiration.

after eating, sensation of fullness in the stomach.

after dinner, lassitude.

sour eructation. inclination to vomit.

waterbrash after drinking quickly.

stitches in the scrobiculus cordis.

tensive pressure under the left ribs.

frequent pinching in the abdomen.

colic. shooting in the abdomen, when touching it.

ulcerative pain in the hypogastrium.

swelling of the inguinal glands.

inguinal hernia in children.

, in the morning and evening.

rumbling in the abdomen.

growling in the abdomen.

liability to take cold in the abdomen.

. urging to stool. irregular and difficult evacuation of the faeces.

. dry stool. itching of the anus.

. painful urination..

soreness of the glans.

. the testicle hangs down.

lack of the sexual instinct and of its functions.

lack of erections. too many pollutions.


Abortive sneezing. dryness of the nose.

coryza. stuffed coryza.

hoarseness. roughness on the chest.

laryngeal phthisis. cough by day.

cough in the evening, when lying down.

vomiting cough. shortness of breath.

. panting while at work.

knotty induration of the mammae.

dwindling of the mammae.

pain in the sacrum. pain in the back.

. swelling of the glands of the neck.

shooting in the shoulder.

pressive pain on the shoulder-joint.

roughness of the skin on the hands.

herpes between the fingers.

the fingers go to sleep.

white spots on the finger-nails.

itching on the thighs.

every evening, . pain of the thighs, when rising from a seat.

weakness of the knees.

, after sitting. twisting in the calves.

shooting in the heel, when treading.

fetid sweat of the feet.

, and consequent pinching and cutting in the abdomen.

pains in old cicatrices and wounds, with the changes of weather (weather prophets in the limbs).

black pores. the limbs freeze, inflame and itch even in moderate cold.

itching nettle-rash in the open air, even in the face.

itching herpes. painful corns and chilblains.

debility. lassitude in the morning.

tremulous lassitude. chronic lassitude and heaviness of the feet.

difficult awaking in the morning.

frequent awaking. restlessness at night.

starting up from sleep.

sleep full of dreams. anxious dreams.

lascivious dreams. pains during sleep.

. afternoon fever, chill and heat.

dryness of the skin.

fetid night-sweat.

The symptoms marked (.) were observed by ; those marked (.) are by


, when stooping.

Proving on self. Symptoms have been compared with original in , 1796, I, 375 -Pain was felt also in the back of the head, and the gums were red and swollen.

No such symptom found in Scott. In Blair's case (original is , etc., ., 1797) the symptom seems compounded of an ulcer in the throat which appeared in a man who was taking the acid for syphilitic disease there, and of ulcerations and vesications on the lips and inside of the mouth from the local action of the drug.

To KELLIE -"Translated from Duncan's , 1797, II," 254. Observations on patients. -To DUERR, also observations on patients.

Not found.


Sickly and aching, frequently, as if swooning and anxious, as if there would be eructations (especially on moving), alternating with ravenous hunger and pain as from emptiness in the stomach, as if she ought to eat, with collection of water in the mouth, like waterbrash.

daily, in repeated attacks of five to ten minutes' duration.

Not found.

Soon after ingestion.

Ascribed to acid being too little diluted.

Not accessible.

Not found.

Not found.

Soon after ingestion.

Not accessible.

Ascribed to acid being too little diluted.

Nitric Acid. Hahnemann. H NO3

* * *

Great general weakness; feeble reaction; extreme sensitivity, and nervous trembling, are marked features in Nitricum Acidum.

Patients greatly broken by long suffering, pain and sickness, physical more than mental suffering, finally anemia and emaciation are marked.

Sensitive to cold; always chilly. Symptoms are aggravated from becoming cold, and in cold air. Always taking cold.

The walls of blood vessels are relaxed and bleed easily; profuse dark blood. Pains as if flesh were torn from the bones and a sensation as though a splinter felt in inflamed parts, in ulcers and in nerves. Inflammation of the periosteum, in bone, and in the nerves. Syphilitic bone pains. Caries of bone, and exostoses.

The margins of orifices bleed and grow warts. Old scars become painful in cold weather and when weather changes to cold.

pains like splinters. Inflammation of glands after the abuse of Merc Viv mercury in syphilitic subjects. Prolonged suppuration in glands, with no tendency to repair, when there are sticking pains.

The discharges are thin, bloody, offensive and excoriating.

It has cured many complaints in patients who are never so comfortable as when riding in a carriage. Twitching of muscles in all parts of the body. Many complaints are aggravated from a jar, and from noise. Even his pains are aggravated from noise.

Nitric acid patients are often extremely sensitive to medicines, especially high potencies indeed, they prove every remedy given too high. Fissures form in many places; canthi, corners of the mouth, above the anus; the skin cracks - and all these have the splinter sensation.

He finally becomes dropsical, especially in the extremities. Offensiveness is a marked condition of this patient, often putrid odors. The urine smells like that of a horse. Offensive leucorrhoea, offensive catarrh, and breath.

foetid foot sweat. Strong odors from the body. Too much weight must not be given to the dark, swarthy complexion so often mentioned as the one most likely to need Nitricum Acidum. Nitric acid will cure blondes as often as brunettes, if the symptoms agree.

Any effort to reflect on certain things causes the thoughts to vanish. A general indifference to all matters; tired of life; has no enjoyment in anything; aggravated before menses.

Excitable and weeps. Despair of recovery. Hopelessness. Easily startled, frightened. Starts from fright on falling asleep. Cannot comprehend what is said to him. The whole mental state is better when riding in a carriage.

His headaches are violent, aggravated from noise of wagons on the paved streets, but often ameliorated from riding in a carriage on a smooth, country road.

The noise and jarring increase the pain, Pain as if in a vise from car to car. The biparietal syphilitic pain is often cured by Nitricum Acidum. Pain as though the head were bound up. Painful drawing in head extending to eyes, with nausea. Stitching pains in the head. Hammering pain in the head. Pain in morning on waking, ameliorated after rising, aggravated by a jar, motion and noise, ameliorated riding in a carriage. Heat often ameliorates the head pains and cold aggravates.

There is inflammation of the conjunctiva with acrid tears. Ulceration of the cornea with pricking pain. Iritis with stinging, stitching pain, aggravated at night and changing from warm to cold room or in cold air. Spots on the cornea. Intense photophobia, burning, pressure and sensation as though sand in the eyes.

Ptosis. Swollen lids, which are hard and burn. Small warts on upper lids. Warts that bleed easily, with sensation of sticks.

Catarrh of the Eustachian tubes. Pulsating in cars. Discharge from ear, foetid, brown, ichorous, purulent-since scarlet fever. The auditory canal nearly closed. Swelling of glands about the ear. Caries of the mastoid.

Subject to coryza every winter; no sooner does be get over one cold than he has another. The nose is obstructed in the night during sleep. Sneezing in cold air, from every draft, must keep the room very warm. Bad smells in the nose, and the catarrh is offensive to others.

The face is pale, yellow, sallow and sunken. The eyes are sunken. Dark rings about the eyes, mouth and nose. The face is bloated. The lids are tumid in the morning. There are brown spots. Pigmented warty' spots on the forehead. The right parotid is large. The skin feels drawn over the face. Crusts and pustules form on the face, Cracking in-jaw when chewing.

Corners of the mouth cracked, ulcerated and scabby. The lips raw and bleeding. Painful swelling of the sub maxillary gland. The expression is anxious, haggard, sickly.

Pulsating evening and night, after Merc Viv mercury. Caries of teeth. Teeth become yellow. Gums bleed easily, scorbutic, swollen.

The tongue is excoriated, sore, red, yellow, white and dry, fissured, with sore spots. Ulceration of tongue with viscid mucus in mouth. Inflammation of the tongue.

Ulcers in mouth, on tongue or in throat, white, or dark and dirty, putrid, phagedenic, syphilitic, with sticking pains as from splinters. Sore mouth with stinging, burning pain. Excoriated, red, swollen membrane. Foul cadaveric odor from the mouth. Saliva flows from the mouth so acrid that it excoriates the lips.

Difficult swallowing. Violent pain in throat, extending to ear on swallowing. Sticking in throat like a splinter (Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, Nat Mur Nat. mur. Alumina Alum., Argentum Nitricum Arg. n.) on swallowing.

Viscid mucus in throat. Mucus drawn from posterior nares. Inflammation of throat, tonsils, uvula and soft palate. Uvula and tonsils oedematous (Apis Mel Apis, Rhus Tox Rhus t.).

Great swelling of the throat and tonsils. Ulceration of tonsils, uvula and soft palate. Inflammation of the oesophagus.

ly thirstless.

The stomach is disordered by milk. Food sours, and causes sour eructations and vomiting. Fats disagree. Nausea after eating, ameliorated by moving about or riding in a carriage. Vomiting bitter and sour, contents of stomach. Ulceration of stomach.

Pain in cardiac, opening of stomach on swallowing. Sticking pain in stomach. Catarrh of stomach. Weight after eating. Sensation of rawness in stomach after eating.

Chronic inflammation of liver.

Clay-colored stools. Enormously enlarged liver. Pain in region of liver with jaundice. Stitching pain in liver. Enlarged spleen.

Violent pain in ilio-coecal region, sore and tender, aggravated from motion. Awakened at midnight with a crampy pain in abdomen; chilly; pain aggravated from motion.

Rumbling in abdomen. Abdomen distended and tender. Great soreness in abdomen. Inflammation and suppuration of inguinal glands.

The relaxed condition in weakly infant boys. that so much disposes to inguinal hernia, is often overcome by Nitric acid and the hernia cured (Lycopodium Lyc., Nux Vomica Nux v.).

Broken down subjects who are disposed to suffer from frequent attacks of diarrhea, or from constipation alternating with diarrhea, often need Nitricum Acidum when the urine smells strong like that of a horse, and he is pale and sickly, losing flesh and strength, subject to excoriation of orifices and excoriating catarrhs and ulcers.

The stool is bloody, putrid, undigested, green, slimy, excoriating, sour, curdled if milk is used as a diet, black putrid blood. In dysentery. Cold changes of the weather bring on diarrhea.

Ineffectual urging to stool. Sensation as if rectum were filled and he cannot expel it. Constipation, painful hard difficult stool. Drawing, cutting and pressing before stool; constant fruitless urging (Nux Vomica Nux v).

During stool there is colic, tenesmus, spasmodic contraction of anus, unsatisfactory straining. Splinters in rectum.

After stool there is still urging (Merc Viv Merc), exhaustion; soreness of anus; cutting pain; burning and shooting in rectum; constriction of anus; great nervous excitement; palpitation.

Hemorrhoids that are exquisitely painful to touch and at stool; that bleed, external or internal, with burning and sticking during stool. Piles that ulcerate and discharge copiously of blood and pus.

When piles are so painful that she breaks out in sweat, becomes anxious, and pulsates all over, on the slightest touch or at stool, Nitricum Acidum has been useful (compare Paonia and Staphysagria Staph.). Foetid moisture at the anus.

Men The male sexual organs are in a constant state of irritability.

Sexual desire is increased and erections troublesome at night. Painful spasmodic erections at night.

burning and sticking on urination, and the urethra is swollen and very sore.

It has cured condylomata which have the "splinter" sensation, and bleed easily, and extremely sensitive to touch. Condylomata on genitals and around the anus.

Pimples, vesicles, herpes and crusts on the prepuce. Small ulcers on the glans or prepuce. Spreading ulcers.

The ulcers discharge a brown, bloody water, offensive. Phagedenic ulcers (Arsenicum Album Ars., Aurum Metallicum Aur. m. n., Causticum Caust., Merc Viv Merc. c.). Inflammation of the prepuce.

Ulcers that destroy the froenum. Inflamed and ulcerated parts have the splinter sensation and flow a bloody water. Paraphimosis and phimosis and great swelling. The hair falls off from the pubes.

Women The female is greatly troubled by the constant itching and burning and sexual desire.

Excoriation of the parts from leucorrhoea and menstrual discharges. Every exertion brings on uterine hemorrhage (Calc Carb Calc). The menstrual flow is dark and thick. Menses too soon and profuse, like bloody, water.

Uterine prolapsus. Many and extreme nervous sufferings come during the menstrual period; flatulence, bruised pain in limbs, pain down thighs, "splinter" under the finger and toe nails, palpitation, anxiety, trembling, neuralgic pains in any part.

After the menses there comes a muddy, watery flow, lasting many days, and extreme excoriation of the parts. Thin, bloody, excoriating leucorrhoea at all times or at any time.

The vagina is excoriated and condylomata grow upon the genitalia. Erectile tumors. Caruncles at the orifice of urethra, exquisitely sensitive to touch. The itching is aggravated by cold. The parts are fissured and bleed easily.

Many troubles culminate during menses and lactation. Lumps in the mammae. The nipples are fissured and tender, are excoriated and have "splinters"

Tendency to abortion from general weakness and the ease with which a uterine hemorrhage may set in.

Voice lost. Laryngitis in old syphilitic subjects. Oppression of the chest, ameliorated by expectoration. Shortness of breath. Intermittent breathing.

The cough is aggravated in winter, yet aggravated in a warm room and from becoming warm. The cough is dry, barking, aggravated during the night, aggravated lying, aggravated before midnight; comes on during sleep. Cough with hectic fever and night sweats.

Paroxysmal cough with retching, like whooping cough, violent, racking cough. Hard, prolonged coughing spells with difficult expectoration. The irritation to cough is like a tickling in the larynx.

The expectoration is greenish, viscid or thin, dirty, watery, bloody mucus, or dark clotted blood. Loose cough in daytime, dry at night. Rattling in daytime, but no expectoration. Cough in broken-down constitutions, from liver and lung affections, in tubercular subjects.

Swelling of glands of neck and axilla. Stiff neck. Stitching pains in back and chest. Burning spots in spine. Pain in back, nights, compelling him to lie on the abdomen. Sharp pains in back and limb in tabes dorsalis. Sharp pains in back on coughing.

Rheumatic pains in limbs. Emaciation of upper arms, and thighs. Weakness of limbs. Dropsy of limbs. Crippled nails. Rheumatic pains in upper limbs. Stitching. Sticking pains in limbs in cold weather. Numbness of arms and hands. Cuprum Metallicum Copper colored spots on arms. Chilblains on hands and fingers. Cold, sweaty hands. Numerous large warts on back of bands. Herpes between the fingers. Vesicles on the tip of the thumb that open into ulcers, felons, distorted and discolored nails.

Yellow curved nails, splintered sensation under nails. It is useful in wounds that inflame and have the "splinter" sensation. Tearing in the long bones of the lower limbs at night. The legs are weary and bruised. Pain in hip as if sprained. Sticking pains along the nerves as from splinters. Syphilitic nodes on the tibia with nightly pains. Chilblains on the feet and toes. Phagedenic blisters on the toes (Graphites Graph). Extreme soreness of the tibia. Profuse, offensive sweat of feet.

Shocks on going to sleep (Agaricus Muscarius Agar., Argentum Nitricum Arg. n., Arsenicum Album Ars., Nat Mur Nat. m.). The pain comes during sleep. Starting in sleep. Anxious, unrefreshing sleep, with frightful dreams.

Nitric acid is a very useful remedy in fevers. The thirstlessness during all stages has often called attention to it. Cold hands and feet. Chronic intermittent in cachectic constitutions, copious night sweats. extreme weakness, with the characteristic odor of the urine, and bleeding from some part a dark blood, Nitricum Acidum will act well.

Has a particular affinity for mucous outlets, where skin and membranes join; cracks; rhagades fissures.

Pricking pains as of a splinter in the parts.

Urine strong smelling; like horse urine.

Haemorrhages from all outlets of the body; blood bright red.

Pricking ulcers; excrescences; condylomata; figwarts (sycosis).

Nervous, irritable, dark complexioned persons.

Modalities better riding in carriage.

If Merc Viv Mercurius has already been used without avail Nitric acid follows well and will often cure.

The anus is cracked and fissured similarly (Ratanhia Ratanhia), and haemorrhoids protrude, crack, bleed and are very sore. No remedy has more decided action upon the anus, and one very characteristic symptom is, "great pain after passage of stool, even soft stool." He walks the floor in agony of pain for an hour or two after a stool (Ratanhia Ratanhia). In dysentery this symptom distinguishes Nitricum Acidum from Nux Vomica Nux vomica, which is relieved after stool and Merc Viv Mercurius, which has tenesmus all the time, or before, during and after stool.

Benzoic Acid. Benzoic acid, Nitric acid and Sepia Sepia.

Benzoic Acid. Benzoic acid, urine is very dark with very intense urinous odor.

Nitric acid, dark, smelling like horse urine.

Sepia Sepia, offensive and sourish.



Sixth potency. As the Nitricum Acidum patient begins to improve skin symptoms may appear for a time, a favorable indication.





GLANDS Liver Prostate


Tubular organs





Right side


Violent itching over the whole body, without eruption,

Itching over the whole body,

Violent itching on the back, and pain after scratching,

Much itching on the upper lip,

Itching on the nape of the neck,

Violent itching below the arms,

Violent itching on the tip of the elbows, on the patella, and back of the foot,

Violent itching of the left hand,

Itching of the hands, with chilblains and swelling (at the end of April),

Itching on the neck, on walking in the open air (after twenty-four hours),

Itching over the whole back (after seven days),

Violent burning itching on the right lower extremity, without eruption,

Violent itching in the hollows of the knees and bends of the elbows,

Itching between the thighs,

Itching on the thighs; she was obliged to scratch them till bloody,

Violent itching on the outer portion of the thigh, at night when in bed, after scratching soon returning,

Itching on the feet,

Itching in the warts,

Sticking and picking in the warts,

Sticking pain in an ulcer, mostly during the first days of the proving,

Moisture and itching in the anus,

Smarting pain, commencing in a large wart that had been for eight years on the upper lip; it bleeds on washing, and is painful on touch,

Transient stitches, though rather a burning as from nettles, in and about an ulcer,