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Nitricum Acidum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitric Acid, Nit-ac, Nit ac, Acidum nitricum, Acid Nit, Nit-ac.

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HPUS indication of Nitricum Acidum: Dry cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nitric Acid in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Violent stitch through the lungs in the forenoon,

Spasmodic pains in the chest and opposite in the back, aggravated by inspiration, after midnight,

Spasmodic drawing in the chest,

Feeling of soreness across chest (after three weeks),

Some signs of commencing tubercle in right apex (after three weeks),

Rush of blood to the chest and heart at night,

Rush of blood to the upper part of the chest,

Itching spots, like freckles, on the chest externally,

Whistling and râles in the chest on inspiration,

Throbbing in the chest, above the stomach, like palpitation, especially after walking rapidly; relieved for some hours by drinking wine, but afterwards returning,

Violent pressure in the chest, extending from the pit of the stomach to the pit of the throat, early in the morning,

Sensation of pressure upon the chest,

Tightness of the chest,

Tightness of the chest while sitting and walking, but especially on bending backwards (third day),

Feeling of fulness in the chest,

Cramp in the chest for a moment (nineteenth day),

Great rawness, soreness, and weariness of the chest, for from half an hour to two hours, from the cough,

Sore pain within the chest while eating,

Sore pain in the chest, as from something sore in it, when coughing,

Pain in the chest caused by cough,

Pain in the chest externally, especially on stooping,

Tightly adherent mucus in the chest,

Sensation of heat in the chest,

Heat in the upper part of the chest in the morning, recurring at times during the day,

Burning in the chest if he eats anything in the slightest degree salt,

Stitches in the chest, as if externally,


Two small warts on the middle of the sternum,

Sticking and drawing on the sternum,


Spasmodic pain in the chest anteriorly and in the back woke him from sleep,

Spasmodic constrictive pain in the right upper pectoral muscles; was obliged to bend quite together on account of the pain for several minutes (after twenty-six hours),

Pressing pain in the right chest in the morning, after which empty eructations, lasting half an hour (after sixteen days),

Constrictive pain in the right chest, mostly while sitting,

Twisting pain in the right side of the chest,

Sticking in the right side of the chest and scapula (after fifteen days),

Sticking and pinching, at one time below the breast, at another in the back, at night,

Pressure in the left chest, as if blood would not go through the heart,

Violent stitch in the upper part of the right side of the chest, inside the ribs, extending to the abdomen and back,

At night, while lying on the back, he started up, and was attacked with a stitch in the right chest,

Stitches in and below the left chest, as from incarcerated flatus,

Stitches in the side of the chest, with nausea,

A violent stitch in the right breast, in the evening, after lying down,

Soreness in the folds beneath the breasts,


Oppression of the chest so great that she could not get her breath (after twenty-two days),

Oppression of the chest; short, anxious, difficult respiration,

Pain in the chest, as if sore, on respiration,

Stitches and pain, as if suppurating, in both sides of the chest on stooping, deep breathing, and reaching up high,

Pressive pain on the ribs anteriorly and a bruised sensation, noticed even on breathing,

Constrictive pain in the left chest above the heart, taking away the breath (after twenty-seven days),

Violent stitches in the left chest, in the morning, making respiration difficult,

Stitches in the right side of the chest on breathing, not on coughing,

Stitches in the middle of the left chest on nearly every breath when coughing and breathing, for several evenings, especially on lying down in bed,

Paroxysms of palpitation, with anxiety, causing oppression of the breath, lasting an hour,

Sudden loss of breath and palpitation, when walking slowly,

Shortness of breath (first day),

Respiration slow and feeble, so that he could hold out a minute without breathing,

Respiration rough and difficult, the quantity of air taken into the lungs appearing to the ear applied to the chest to be but small; afterwards the breathing became more labored, and each inspiration was attended with a distinct low whistle; later respiration was more croupy and hoarse,

Tightness of breath, in the morning, so great that she could scarcely draw a breath (after thirty days),

Sleep at night interrupted on account of the tightness of breath,

Began to experience difficulty of breathing (after one or two hours), became rapidly worse, and died about ten hours after the accident,

Respiration painful, labored, and stridulous (second morning),

Loss of breath, palpitation, and anxiety on ascending steps,

Respiration difficult,

Oppression of breathing, caused by the cough,

Whistling inspiration with the cough,

Oppressed respiration and anxiety, on waking at night, and in the morning,

Catching respiration,

Loss of breath, when walking in the open air, and heaviness of the feet,

Dyspnoea, as from rush of blood to the chest,

Dyspnoea, while walking in the open air,

Larynx, Trachea, and Lungs.

Sticking pains in the region of the larynx,

Sharp scraping sensation in the trachea (after nine days),


Hoarseness of voice in morning (after three weeks),

Voice hoarse at times,

Voice rough,

Hoarseness (after a few hours and two days),

Hoarseness, so that she could not talk,

Voice feeble,

Cough and Expectoration.

Violent cough at night, just after midnight, lasting an hour,

Much more cough at night than during the day; he is able to sleep only towards morning; even during the day there is much more cough when lying down and falling asleep,

Cough (after three weeks),

Much cough (after three and four days),

Croaking cough, coming from the pit of the stomach by paroxysms, but not at night,

Hacking cough in the morning (third day),

Frequent hacking cough, with irritation and crawling in the larynx, after eating,

Cough, especially at night, so that there is not five minutes' rest, with shattering of the whole body, that frequently takes away the breath, as in hooping-cough; stitches in the chest, sore throat, and fever,

Dry cough during sleep, before midnight,

Rough dry cough, before midnight,

Cough on deep breathing,

Cough caused by a constricted sensation in the throat, especially at night, during sleep,

Hacking cough, in the evening in bed,

Dry barking cough, especially in the evening,

Dry cough, as after taking cold,

He coughs and hawks much black blood, and also blows the same from the nose,

Extremely fluent profuse coryza, with great hoarseness and cough, with stitches in the throat, on every paroxysm (after twelve days),

Expectoration of black clotted blood, caused by a hacking cough,

Bloody expectoration from a hacking cough, in the morning, in bed, preceded by rattling in the trachea; followed by a sick feeling, chilliness, etc.,

Yellow bitter-tasting expectoration,

Expectoration of mucus from coughing,


Heart and pulse

Violent palpitation for a moment, with diarrhoea,

Trembling of the heart in paroxysms,

Palpitation, at one time less, at another more violent, especially after some motion, with weakness and anxiety, as if he would become faint,

Palpitation in the evening, in bed (after three days),

Every slight exertion causes heat and palpitation, soon after dinner,

Slight exertion causes palpitation and perspiration,

Orgasm of blood in the heart,

Rush of blood to the heart, together with anxiety,

Rush of blood to the heart and palpitation (first day),

Slight emotional excitement causes palpitation,

Constrictive sensation in the region of the heart, which made her anxious, which ceased as soon as the heart gave a violent beat,

He woke at 3 A.M., with violent beating of the heart and palpitation below the clavicle, without anxiety,

Stitches in the heart, with heat and thirst, at night,

Pulse quick and hard,

Pulse small, rapid (after sixteen days),

Febrile heat, with rapid pulse,

Pulse a little quickened (after twenty-five minutes),

Pulse frequent, feeble, intermittent every fourth or fifth beat; later 120,

Pulse 120 and very small (second morning),

Pulse small,

Pulse small and weak (after half an hour),

Pulse small, hard, and rapid,

Pulse small, contracted, 92 to 96 (after eight days),

Pulse irregular; after a regular beat, two small ones followed in quick succession; the fourth omitted entirely,

Small and frequent pulse,

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