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Natrum Sulphuricum - Head symptoms

Sulphate Of Sodium, Glauber's Salt, Natrum Sulph, Nat Sulph, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 11 / Eleven, Natrium sulfuricum, natrum sulfuricum, Nat-s.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Sulphuricum: Flatulence
Common symptoms: Flatulence, Chills, Sadness, Warts.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Natrum Sulphuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Piercing stitches in ears

Bursting feeling on coughing

Hot feeling on top of head

Boring in right temple, preceded by burning in stomach

Ill-effects of falls and injuries to the head, and mental troubles arising therefrom

Dreams of running water.


concussion of brain

brain feels loose

on stooping

temples; when stooping, feels as if brain fell toward left

as if brain moving within head; to left temple on stooping

Congestion (see pulsation)

Constriction, tension (see also pulling, pressing)


during chill

during period

while reading

heat rising up inside

from abdomen

back of head (occiput)

top of head (vertex)

during period

while thinking

After injuries of the head

Movements in head


on stooping

Movements of head

falling (see heaviness); forward; on stooping

jerking of the head; to right

jerking of the head; from one side to another


Pain, headache; as if crushed shattered, beaten to pieces


while walking


while walking

Sensation of stiffness

on movement

Twitching of muscles


Occipital pain

Heaviness (see pain


pressing); morning

pressing); dull

pressing); back of head (occiput)

Pain, headache


6 p.m.

night; after midnight

affected by certain foods and drinks (improved, brought on or aggravated); from coffee

affected by certain foods and drinks (improved, brought on or aggravated); after eating

eyes and vision (affecting or affected by); from working under poor light

while constipated

living in a damp house

from exertion; mental exertion

after physical injuries

from blows

while lying down

certain movements; rising (see morning, noon, night, etc., on rising, also movement; raising head)

from certain movements; on moving arms

from certain movements; from stooping

recurring headache

perspiration; with perspiration




when reading

after sleep

when thinking of pain

walking; while

wandering pains

from warmth; summer

washing; washing head in cold water

washing; washing feet

begins with the warm weather

in forehead

right side

left side


while lying down

mental exertion



middle; during football

back of head (occiput)

mental labour

after sleep

wandering pain

extending to other parts; eyes

extending to other parts; forehead

sides; wandering pain


during period


from stooping

from walking

top of head (vertex); during period

boring, digging, screwing



forehead; evening

forehead; sides of forehead

back of head (occiput)

side of head

side of head; left


temples; right

temples; afternoon

temples; afternoon; 5 p.m.


after vomiting

top of head (vertex)


after eating

during period


top of head (vertex)

pulling; forehead

pulling; back of head (occiput)

sides of back

pulling; sides

dull pain

back of head (occiput)

gnawing; forehead

gnawing; back of head (occiput)


in forehead, relieved by cold bath

pressing (see bursting, pulling)



evening; after sunset

while in bed

after drinking coffee


after eating

while lying down

during period

from mental exertion

on movement

on movement; of the head


when indoors


forehead; morning

forehead; late morning

forehead; evening

forehead; after eating

forehead; lying down

forehead; from mental exertion

forehead; on movement

forehead; pressure

forehead; thinking of it

forehead; over eyes

forehead; extending to sides of head; right

back of head (occiput)

back of head (occiput); movement

back of head (occiput); at sides

back of head (occiput); at sides; evening


sides; pressing inward


temples; evening

top of head (vertex)

top of head (vertex); during period

top of head (vertex); after mental exertion

sore bruised, sensitive to pressure

during wet weather

forehead; breaking sensation after dinner

back of head (occiput)

stitching, sudden, sharp

on certain movements; arms

forehead; sides of forehead

forehead; sides of forehead; morning; 10 a.m.

side of head

side of head; exerting arms

tearing, rending

apart (see bursting)



forehead; side of forehead

back of head (occiput)

back of head (occiput); at sides

back of head (occiput); at sides; evening

back of head (occiput); at sides; when resting

sides of head

temples; right

Shocks, blows, jerks, etc. (see jerking pain, pulsation, plug, nail)

like electric shocks


top of head (vertex); electric like


Hair; painful when touched

Pain, headache; sore bruised, sensitive to pressure; combing hair

Skin and scalp

out-break on skin; crusts, scabs

out-break on skin; nodes

like insects crawling on skin

top of head (vertex)

perspiration; scalp; while reading

perspiration; forehead; during chill

perspiration; forehead; after dinner

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