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Natrum Muriaticum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Easily fatigued,

Great weariness, daily, and constant yawning,

Weary, tremulous, and prostrated, immediately after the midday nap,

Very weary and prostrated, especially on rising from bed (eight and ninth days),

Weakness of the whole body; the feet are heavy and become very weary while standing, with great painful sensitiveness of the skin to the slightest touch, mostly on the loins; better while walking, riding in a wagon, sitting, and lying,

Tickling weary pain,

Nausea after dinner, after walking in the open air; it commenced in the stomach and lasted an hour; was associated with frequent yawning, thirst, increased emission of saliva from the mouth, and mental and physical exhaustion (after 1st trit.),

Sensation of nausea, with frequent yawning (after 2d trit.),

Constant nausea while yawning,

Shuddering nausea, with rumbling in the abdomen, and frequent yawning (immediately), (fourth day),

Qualmishness and frequent yawning (immediately),

Menses more profuse than usual, with chilliness during the first day, and much yawning, in the afternoon (fifth day),

Sleep and dreams


Yawning (third day),

Yawning, with lively mood; inclined to joke (third day),

Yawning and stretching (after a quarter of an hour),

Yawning and frequent vomiting (after five minutes),

Yawning and sleepiness,

Yawning for an hour and a half, with internal chilliness, with which she was quite pale, in the afternoon (thirty-second day),

Frequent yawning, , etc.

Frequent yawning and empty eructations, in morning, ceasing towards noon (seventh day),

Frequent yawning, always relieving the headache,

Frequent yawning, in quick succession, while riding in a carriage, followed by hiccough, at 6 P.M.,

Frequent successive yawnings, which cause constriction in the right side of the throat, whence the pain extends to the nape of the neck, which thereby becomes quite stiff (third day),

Very frequent yawning (eleventh day),

Very frequent yawning; the first time, constriction in the right side of the neck, with pain extending into the nape, which thereby became stiff,

He yawns eight times in quick succession (after five minutes),

Yawning every minute, which at last became violent and even spasmodic (better after drinking wine),

Excessive spasmodic yawning, after sound sleep,

Inclination to lie down, sleepy, and inability to think, after dinner (after six hours),

Frequent inclination to sleep, during the day,

Great inclination to sleep,

Great inclination to sleep, in the afternoon,

Great desire to sleep and great uneasiness, during the day),

Sleepiness (second day),

Sleepiness during the day, with yawning; she fell asleep before she knew it,

Sleepiness after 5 P.M., so that she could not hold herself up; she fell asleep while sitting; after a half hour's sleep she felt well (eleventh day),

Sleepiness, after dinner,

Sleepiness, with frequent yawning,

Great sleepiness, in the afternoon (fifth day),

Great sleepiness, in the afternoon, with sound sleep and vivid dreams (sixth day),

Great sleepiness, before eating,

Great sleepiness, after eating; was scarcely able to keep awake,

Extraordinary sleepiness, in the afternoon, so that he could not sit down a moment without falling asleep (twenty-seventh day),

Overpowering sleepiness; contrary to habit, I was unable to read later than 10 o'clock in the evening (first day),

Sleepy, in the afternoon (twenty-second day),

Sleepy, after dinner, though the sleep was only a light nap (ninth day),

He was sleepy early, and slept long and soundly (fifteenth day),

Sleepy early, in the evening; went to sleep about 8.30 P.M., and woke about 6.30 (thirteenth night),

Very sleepy during the day; she was obliged to make the greatest effort to rise from bed, in the morning, for several weeks (after ten days),

He became sleepy at 9 P.M., and at 6.30 A.M. could not rouse himself (twelfth night),

Falls asleep early and wakes late (fourteenth day),

Falling asleep while reading (after four hours),

Night quiet (thirty-first day),

Good sleep, after midnight (thirty-first day),

Sleep sound, with vivid dreams (fourth day),

Her sleep, that was usually interrupted by vivid dreams, became quiet and sound, especially the first three days,

Sleep very sound (fifth day),

Very unusual and sound sleep, on a sofa, after dinner (eleventh day),

Deep sleep, full of dreams, after midnight (second day),

Anxious sleep, with perspiration, at night,


(He was not sleepy at the usual time, in the evening), (third day),

Difficult falling asleep, and many dreams, at night (after 5 grains of crude),

Fell asleep late and woke early,

Unable to fall asleep for a long time, in the evening; on falling asleep, twitching in the limbs and electric shocks through the whole body; once it seemed as though the heart and knees were knocked together, in the evening (thirty-first day),

He goes to bed late, and is then unable to fall asleep (ninth day),

Nights restless (twenty-sixth, twenty-eighth, and twenty-ninth days),

Nights restless, full of dreams, sometimes quite sleepless,

Nights restless, with vivid dreams,

Night restless, disturbed by vivid dreams, with dullness of the head and heaviness on waking,

Night very restless (seventeenth day),

Very restless night, with frequent waking and difficult falling asleep again,

Night very restless, full of vivid, exciting dreams, with much tossing about the bed (third day),

Restless dreamy nights, with falling asleep late in the evening, and waking early in the morning (1st trit.),

No quiet sleep,

Uneasy sleep (after the crude),

Uneasy sleep, with frequent waking (after 15th dil.),

Uneasy sleep, with many dreams, frequent waking, tossing about, and stretching (nineteenth day),

Uneasiness during sleep, with many unremembered dreams, and frequent waking (twenty-seventh day),

Restlessness; frequently interrupted sleep, full of dreams; at times complete loss of sleep,

Restless sleep, at night,

Restless sleep (ninth and thirty-third days), ; (twelfth day), ; (thirteenth day),

Restless dreamy sleep (second day),

Restless sleep; tossing about, with vivid dreams,

Sleep restless, with vivid dreams,

Sleep restless, with vivid, anxious dreams, frequent waking, and constant tossing about (after 21st dil.),

Restless sleep, with many dreams, either voluptuous or visionary,

Sleep very restless, with many dreams, though sleepy in the evening,

Sleep very restless, disturbed by frequent waking and vivid dreams,

Sleep very restless, unrefreshing, disturbed by many very vivid unpleasant dreams,

Restless, anxious sleep; frequent waking from fright that she cannot express (seventh day),

Sleep disturbed and interrupted,

Sleep often interrupted by the need of allaying her thirst and desire to void urine,

Starting up in sleep,

Frequent starting from sleep (fifth night),

On falling asleep in the evening, starting when one came into the room, so violent that it caused palpitation (fourth day),

In a beginning of sleep he rose from bed, woke in the middle of the room, lay down in bed again, and fell asleep,

He woke from fright at night, thought there were thieves in the house, and dared not go to bed again, with oppression of the chest and palpitation, lasting a quarter of an hour,

Frequent waking at night (eighth day), ; (after the proving),

Frequent waking at night, and difficult falling asleep (fifth day),

Woke with uneasiness several times at night,

She woke in anxiety every two or three hours all night,

He woke every half hour at night,

Unoccupied, he fell asleep while sitting, but woke every moment,

Waking early in the morning (fifth day),

No sleep after 2 A.M. (fourth and fifth days),

Woke quite wide awake at 5 A.M., with much thirst,

Became completely awake, as though he had slept enough, at 4 A.M., contrary to habit, but afterwards he fell asleep and slept till 7 (after 8th dil.),

Awoke about 3.30 A.M., and lay awake for an hour; after falling asleep again, troubled by anxious dreams (ninth day),

Completely awake at 3 A.M. (very unusual); fell asleep again, and with difficulty woke at 7.30 (third day),

Sleepless after midnight (sixth day), ; (thirty-fourth day),

She could not sleep after 5 A.M.; she seemed anxious; if she fell asleep, she dreamed and immediately woke, together with interval heat of the head and pain in the abdomen, as before diarrhoea (fifteenth day),

He passed two nights without sleep, but had no other symptoms (eleventh and twelfth days),

Sleepless nights,

Sleeplessness, on account of internal restlessness,

He would have been glad to sleep, but could not; a kind of struggle between sleep and wakefulness,

Complete sleeplessness at night, from simple wakefulness, without being stick,

Talking in sleep and restless night,

Screaming out in sleep,

Twitching in sleep,

Unrefreshed after sleep,


Sleep in the morning full of dreams, which, however, were not remembered (second day),

Nights full of dreams, for several days,

Vivid dreams, ; (first night and after twelve days), ; (twenty-third night),

Vivid dreams at night, remembered in the morning (very unusual), (fifth day),

Vivid dreams, disturbing sleep, especially after midnight,

Night disturbed by vivid dreams and frequent waking,

Frequently awakened at night by vivid dreams, ; (second day),

Vivid dreams at night, with sound sleep (first and third days),

Constant vivid dreams (after twenty days),

Vivid, connected dreams, at night,

Very vivid dreams (after 30th dil.),

Very vivid dream, remembered in the morning (third day),

Very vivid, connected dreams,

Very vivid dreams, with frequent waking, at night,

Much too vivid dreams; visions in sleep,

Frequent visionary dreams during the first ten nights; he frequently woke, tossed about the bed, and was so weary the next day that he could not work,

Dreams, about which she was busy for a long time after waking,

Pleasant dreams, so vivid that he could remember them completely after waking (after tenth day),

Confused, vivid dreams, at night (second day),

Sleep disturbed by vivid unpleasant dreams and frequent waking,

Many exciting dreams,

Heavy dreams, at night (fifteenth day),

Sleep, with many bad dreams (twentieth day),

Troubled dreams, especially after midnight, with interrupted sleep (first day),

Constant waking from very vivid disagreeable dreams (thirtieth day),

Sad dreams; he had the same dreams after waking, and also another of the same kind on again falling asleep,

Sad anxious dream, mostly with weeping; sleep only after midnight,

Anxious dreams at night, so that he cried out, with frequent waking,

Many anxious dreams, at night,

He rose from an anxious dream at night, and walked about the room in a somnambulistic state,

Many, even anxious, dreams during the afternoon sleep,

Very anxious dreams,

Very anxious dreams, with weeping in sleep,

Frightful, anxious dreams, waking in profuse perspiration, and with a sense of great exhaustion, at night (after 10 grains),

Frequent frightful dreams, at night (third day),

Terrible dreams, which seemed to be real even after waking,

Peevish dreams,

Peevish and anxious dreams,

Vexations dreams, and frequent waking, at night,

Anxious dream, at night (twelfth day),

Lascivious dreams (twenty-second night),

Sleep at night disturbed by voluptuous dreams, emissions, and long-continued erections,

Vivid dreams of people dear to him, two nights in succession (fourteenth day),

Vivid dreams of long journeys (fifteenth day),

Very vivid dream of burning thirst, which was not quenched by large quantities of beer; on waking the tongue was dry (eleventh day),

Restless sleep, full of dreams; she dreamed that she herself had pulled out a very fine tooth (twenty-seventh day),

Horrible, disgusting dreams,

In a dream he reproached himself for past mistakes, full of restlessness and anxiety,

After eating a little more supper than usual, many confused dreams of crimes, for which he is held to answer,

Anxious dream, as if she would be beaten, so anxious that she perspired all over, and even remained anxious all day,

He dreamed at night that he had been poisoned (fourth day),

Dreams of conflagrations,

Anxious dreams at night of fights and battles; on waking, she was in an anxious heat and sweat (second day),

Frightful dreams of scenes of murder, etc. (after 30th dil.),

Weeping in a dream,

Sobbing in sleep,

When falling asleep, after closing the eyes, vivid images, with inclination to compose verses, which on waking seemed ludicrous,

Sleep full of visions,

A kind of nightmare, as if the abdomen were constricted, with anxiety; she tried to cry out, but could neither open the eyes nor move a limb; when able to cry out everything disappeared (seventh night),


Inclined to perspire,

Inclined to perspire easily, for a long time after the proving,

General perspiration (after twenty-four hours),

Perspiration over the whole body, in the morning, for several days,

Perspiration at night, before midnight,

Perspiration on the slightest exertion,

Perspired very easily and profusely, on motion, though he was very chilly,

Constant perspiration, even during the midday nap, but not during sleep at night,

Much perspiration during the day,

Profuse perspiration (twelfth day),

Profuse perspiration for several nights,

She woke at night in profuse perspiration,

Profuse perspiration, especially on the chest, about midnight,

Very profuse perspiration, for several mornings,

Sourish perspiration, in the morning,

Sour-smelling perspiration, in the morning, for several days after the proving,

Perspiration so saline as to produce excoriation on such parts of the body where the skin was thinnest,

Tabacum Tobacco-smoking caused perspiration and trembling,

Diminished perspiration,

Great dryness of the body,

Hands sweaty for several days (after eight and ten days),

Profuse perspiration on the soles,

It brings back the perspiration of the feet that had disappeared,

The skin of the hands becomes dry and cracked,

Dry, chapped hands, especially about the fingers and nails,



He has become remarkably fat and well-looking during the last few days (fifth day),

Analysis of Blood,

During usual diet.

During salt diet.





Fatty matters,

Extractive and salts,









Every motion excites the circulation,

Began to lose flesh and strength; after about six months the face was tolerably plump, but the body thin,


She was emaciated during the proving, looked pale and sunken, especially in the morning, and after dinner (fourteenth day),

Became greatly emaciated,

She becomes remarkably emaciated (twelfth day),

Very awkward; on taking up a small article it fell from his hand; he knocked against things (second day),

Starts up violently at every trifle, towards evening; also ill-humored and indolent, in the forenoon; he would rather not speak at all (tenth day),

Pulsation in the whole body, so that all parts frequently moved,

Trembling of the whole body (thirty-first),

Trembling of the whole body, especially of the hands and feet (eightieth day),

Trembling over the whole body in the evening (ninth day),

Muscular jerkings, here and there,

Jerking in the upper part of the body, in the afternoon while lying down, when awake,

Stiffness of the scapulae, hips, and small of the back,

Indolent, weak and sleepy (sixteenth day),

Very indolent, and without desire to work,

Excessive languor during the rigors,


Weariness, only while sitting (after 21st dil.),

Weariness and flatulence all day (second day),

Unusual weariness, especially of the thighs, upper arms, and shoulder-joints (second day),

Great weariness all day (fourth day),

General weakness (thirty-first day),

Weakness all day,

Weakness in the evening (after 3d trit),

Weakness of the whole body (second day),

Weakness of the whole body, for example, on moving the arm,

Weakness of body, with the hunger,

General weakness, with trembling of the hands and feet (nineteenth day),

Great weakness (after 1 1/2 drachms), ; (sixth day), ; especially of the feet,

Great weakness, obliging her to lie down (after 40 grains),

Great weakness, with dulness of the head, in the afternoon (ninth day),

Great weakness, with a suffering expression and sadness, the day after a restless night (after twelve hours),

Remarkable weakness the whole forenoon (twenty-seventh day),

Remarkable weakness and prostration of the body (was not in a condition to make my usual calls on foot),

Extraordinary weakness of the upper part of the body, less of the feet (fifth day),

Extreme weakness after dinner, as after great physical exertion, only noticed while sitting (after the proving),

Weak, prostrated, and ill-humored (second morning),

So weak in the afternoon that she could not carry a basket of wood (eighteenth day),

Standing was so difficult on account of weakness that she was obliged to sit down (second day),

She was weakest in the morning in bed and while sitting; while walking, she complained of no weakness,

Mental and physical exhaustion,

Exhaustion of mind and body, with increased appetite,

Great exhaustion of mind and body, in the evening (first day),

Great exhaustion and sleepiness, so that he was obliged to go to bed earlier than usual,

Great physical exhaustion; his strength is not sufficient for his work, for several weeks,

Very much exhausted after a short walk (second day),

Completely exhausted for two hours after eating, and obliged to lie down,

She did not dare to make any exertion with the lower extremities in walking, because she became completely exhausted and nauseated on account of weakness,

Prostration of the whole body, for a long time after the proving,

Prostration and weakness, with trembling of the limbs,

Great prostration, in the evening (first day),

Faintness, for half an hour,

Uneasiness of the whole body, so that he could not remain long in any place,


Takes cold easily (after twenty-four hours),

Dread of the open air (after twelve hours),

Takes cold very easily, and thereby coughs and is hoarse,

Sensation of weakness,

Sensation of weakness, while sitting,

Feeling of weakness over the whole body, in the evening; the longer she remains up the weaker she becomes (fifth day),

Feeling of great weakness, in the morning before rising from bed, disappearing after rising, during the first part of the proving, but at last continuing all day (after 1st trit.),

Feeling of prostration, in the morning on waking,

Sensation of an epileptic attack for some time,

On motion all the muscles are painful, especially those of the thighs and upper arms, as if the flesh were loose,

Gnawing pressure, by paroxysms, now in the pit of the stomach, now about the navel, now in the chest, in the evening,

Stitches, here and there,

Fine stitches in various parts of the body, especially in the lips and along the whole urethra (second day),

Fine stitches in various part of the body, especially in the tip of the right thumb, in the left side of the umbilical region, and in the thighs (seventh day),

Fine transient stitches in various parts of the body (third day),

Fine stitches in various parts of the body, very transient,

Sensitiveness of the body to touch,

Sensitiveness of the whole body; wherever she was touched, she felt as if she had received a bruise; worse about the loins (second day),

Violent electric shocks through the right half of the body, on attempting to fall asleep (after 10th dil.),

An attack; it runs from the stiff nape into the head, the eyes hurt, she becomes very sick at the stomach; with chilliness and loss of senses (eighth day),

Riding horseback affected him more and more from time to time (third day),

Sticking pains extending from the right lumbar region towards the uterus, violent and persistent in the forenoon, frequently intermitting in the afternoon (twenty-fourth day),

Stitches extending from the region of the kidneys to the uterus, relieved by bending up, pressure upon the abdomen, or sitting down, aggravated by walking, in the morning (twenty-fifth day),

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