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Natrum Muriaticum - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Annoyance causes shooting pain in the upper left part of the chest, lack of appetite and headache; she feels every step in her head, becomes very tired, and the feet become heavy.

Very tired on the day after a restless night, with wretched appearance and sadness (aft. 12 h.).

Sensation of fatigue, when sitting.

Fatigue in the whole body, the feet feel heavy; soon tired from standing, with intense, painful sensitiveness of the skin to the slightest touch, chiefly about the loins; better when walking, driving, sitting and lying.

Riding on horseback fatigues him ever more severely (3d d.).

Much fatigued after a short walk (2d d.).

She must not fatigue her limbs by walking, else she feels weak and qualmish from weariness.

She is most weary in the morning in bed, and when sitting; she feels no weariness when walking.

Weary pain in the lower limbs, in the morning on awaking.

Tired and tremulously prostrated, after the noon-siesta.

Great weariness, daily, and constant yawning.

Very frequent yawning.

Yawning and stretching (aft. ¼ h.).

Excessive, spasmodic yawning, after a sound sleep.

Very frequent yawning; the first time it constricted the right side of his neck, with pain extending into the nape, which became stiff from it.

Yawning and sleepiness.

Somnolence by day, with yawning; she falls asleep quite unexpectedly.

Sleep and dreams

He falls asleep at once, when he sits down while unoccupied, and yet keeps waking up every minute.

In the evening, he gets sleepy very early, and in the morning he is long in getting roused up.

In the evening, he falls asleep early, and in the morning wakes up late.

He goes to bed in the evening without being sleepy, and yet he soon falls asleep.

Difficulty in falling asleep, though he goes to bed later than usual.

He wanted to sleep and yet could not get to it, a contest between sleeping and waking.

Entire sleeplessness at night, from sheer wakefulness, without illness.

Sleeplessness, from internal restlessness.

Sleepless night.

He passes two nights without sleeping, but without ailment (11th, 12th d.).

She is awake for 2 or 3 hours every night, in anxiety.

He wakes up several times at night, from restlessness.

He wakes up every half hour at night.

Restless sleep; he tosses about, with vivid dreams.

Many dreams during the afternoon-siesta, also anxious ones.

Varied dreams at night, during sound sleep (1st, 3d d.).

Dreams too vivid, ravings in his sleep.

Raving sleep.

He dreams the first ten nights, often very fancifully, often wakes up, tosses about in bed, and is then so tired by day that he cannot work.

When going to sleep, after closing her eyes, she saw nothing but images before her, and felt an impulse to make verses, which on awaking seemed ludicrous to her.

Amorous dreams.

Lascivious dreams (22d n.).

Nocturnal sleep disturbed by voluptuous dreams, pollutions and long-continued erections.

Many dreams in his morning slumber, which he cannot remember (20th n.).

Dreams, the contents of which still occupy her a long time after waking up.

In a dream, he reproaches himself about past errors, he is full of restlessness and anguish.

Annoying dreams.

Annoying and at the same time anxious dreams.

Many anxious dreams, at night.

Anxious dream, as if she was being beaten, so that she perspired all over, and also remained anxious all day.

Very anxious dreams.

Anxious dreams of murder and fighting; when she awoke, she was hot and in an anxious perspiration.

He dreamed at night, that he had been poisoned (4th d.).

Dreadful dreams of murder, fire and the like.

Dreams of a conflagration.

Horrible, loathsome dreams.

A cruel dream, which she supposed to be true on awaking.

Sad dreams; he dreams the same dream again in a similar manner, after waking up and going to sleep again.

Very anxious dreams, with weeping in sleep.

Sad, anxious dreams, mostly with weeping, and sleep comes only after midnight.

Weeping in a dream.

Moaning in sleep.

Talking in sleep, and a restless night.

Like a somnambulist, he rises at night from anxious dreams and walks about in the room.

In the beginning of his sleep, he rises from his bed and awakes in the middle of the room, he lies down and goes to sleep again.

Startled in his sleep.

Frequent starting up from sleep, at night (5th n.).

When some one entered the room, as he was falling asleep, he was so frightened, that violent palpitation ensued.

He awakes at night from fear, believing that there are thieves in the room, and dos not dare to go back to bed; with oppression of the chest and palpitation for a quarter of an hour.

Twitching in sleep.

Twitching shock in his noon siesta, as if proceeding from the heart.


Liability to cold (aft. 24 h.).

Excessively ready liability to cold, causing cough and hoarseness.

Dislike of the open air (aft. 12 h.).

The ailments arise, renew themselves or are aggravated, chiefly when lying down, even by day; at night she has to sit up in bed, to get relief.

All the muscles, especially those of the upper arms and the thighs pain when moving, as if the flesh was detached.

Cramp-like sensation in the limbs, especially in the hands, as if the parts were asleep.

The violent nocturnal pains (e.g., from a furuncle on the back) take the breath away even to suffocation, and cause a sort of paralysis of one side, so that his arm and leg refused to act.

Gnawing pressure, now in the scrobiculus cordis, now around the navel, then in the chest, in paroxysms, in the evening.

Severe constriction of the stomach and the chest.

Stitches here and there.

Bruised pain of all the limbs (2d d.).

Stiffness in the scapulae, the hip-joints and the sacrum.

Severe stiffness of all the joints of the body.

Twitching sensation in the back and nape toward the head.

Twitching in the limbs, both arms are jerked forward.

Twitching in one limb or another, when he wants to write.

The upper part of the body is jerked upward, while awake, when lying down in the afternoon.

Muscular twitching, here and there.

Frequent and visible muscular twitching in the upper arms and the lower limbs.

The limbs and the head move further than he intended.

Cracking of the shoulder-joints and hip-joints, when moving them.


After taking a little wine, intense, long-continued heat in the blood.

He spits blood, and also blows it from his nose.

Rush of blood upward, to the chest, stomach and heat, with coldness of the lower limbs.

Retarded circulation in the arm, when resting it on the table, and so it is often in all parts of the body.

Every movement accelerated the circulation.

Undulation in the pulse throughout the whole of the body, also when at rest.

Pulsation throughout the body, so that often all parts of his body are in motion.

Pulsation in the arms and in the lower limbs.

Full, quick pulse, when standing upright.

The pulse and the breathing are quickened, especially after drinking.

Intermission of several pulsations.

Intermission of heart-beats, during the siesta.

The mental and physical strength is depressed.

Lack of tone in mind and body, while there is good appetite.

After bodily exertions, at once, inability to think and indifference.

After a slight annoyance, she weeps all night, and coughs much, with ineffectual retching.

Attacks of heaviness in the head, so that he had to lie down two or three times a day for ten days; after lying down, sweat all over the body; this causes the heaviness to disappear after one-half hour.

Attack stiffness extended from the nape into the head; her eyes ached, she grew sick at stomach, with chill and unconsciousness (8th d.).

Attack of nausea about super-time (without having eaten first), with a severe chill at every attack; after lying down in bed she soon gets warm, without subsequent heat, and at night he wakes up twice with acute drawing in the forehead, to and fro, with a slight throbbing between.

Attack of pressure and burrowing under the right ribs, with drawing in the back, toward the head, interfering with his sleep at night, and attended with stitches in the head; all these symptoms are diminished are continued talking, and bodily exertion, as also by rumbling in the abdomen and emission of flatus, or after eating.

Attack of nausea in the morning (after drinking milk), with trembling in the limbs, for an hour; she became dizzy, things turned black before her eyes, and she had to hold to something, else she would have fallen.

Sensation for some time, as of an epileptic fit.

Dislike of walking.

In walking, he totters about.

Very apprehensive when walking, afraid of falling.

Great prostration in the body; the strength is not sufficient for the usual work, for several weeks.

Weakness in the morning, on rising; like paralysis in the back and sacrum, at times transversely across the abdomen.

Syncope, for half an hour.

Standing was so hard for her, that she had at once to sit down again.

When rising after sitting down, her limbs tremble from weariness; this ceases on continuing her walk.

Weariness in the whole body, e.g., when moving her arms.

Titillating pain from weariness.

Unrefreshed after sleep.

Great weariness (6th d.).

Great somnolence by day, and great weariness.

Very sleepy by day, it is a great effort for her to get up early in the morning, for several weeks (aft. 10 d.).

He goes to sleep while reading (aft. 4 h.).

At night, an external headache, when lying on the occiput.

At night, in bed, heat in the head.

In the evening, after lying down, an anxious sensation in the head, as if he was perishing and losing his reason.

At night, a pressive shooting in the sinciput.

At night, intense throbbing in the head, with heat of the body.

At night, he must spit continually.

At night, epistaxis.

He wakes up before midnight from pain in the left molars and their gums, for two nights successively, about the same time.

At night, shooting pain in the throat, while swallowing.

At night, scraping in the throat, much flow of saliva, expectoration of blood and insomnia.

In the evening in bed, a contraction in the stomach.

Before midnight, colic, with restlessness and oppressive contractive sensation in the region of the stomach (aft. 10 d.).

Every night, colic without diarrhoea.

Every morning, about 5 o'clock in bed, colic without diarrhoea.

At night, incarceration of flatus, with heaviness and fullness in the abdomen.

At night, colic with flatulence, going about in the abdomen, with pressure and pinching, without escaping, with light sleep, frequently interrupted.

At night, anxiety in the hypogastrium from constant tenesmus of the bladder.

At night, twice tenesmus of the bladder, without passage of urine.

Nocturnal micturition, every night.

He must get up at night to urinate.

At night, burning in the rectum.

At night, in bed, while breathing deeply, a stitch in the right scapula.

In the evening, when lying down, lack of breath.

At night, attack of shortness of breath and of palpitation, but without anxiety.

At night, dry cough, caused by tickling and scraping.

At night, drawing pain in the back, she frequently had to turn over, to get relief.

At night, shooting in the nape.

At night, violent shooting in the left thigh.

At night, cramp in the leg.

At night, burning in the corn.

The whole night, painful shooting in the corn.

At night, she cannot lie on the right side on account of bruised pain in the joints of the hips, the knees and the ankles.

At night, a soft of nightmare, as if the abdomen was constricted, with anguish, as if she would cry out but could not, nor could she open the eyes nor move a limb; as soon as she could cry out it all disappeared (7th n.).

At night, he awakes with ebullition of the blood.

At night, when awaking, violent pulsation of the blood-vessels, without sensation of heat.

At night, much restlessness in the lower limbs.

At night, great restlessness, much heat and much drinking (aft. 18 d.).

At night, heat, so that she cannot sleep, without thirst, with labor-like pains in the hypogastrium (7th n.).

At night, anxiety with heat; she had to uncover herself; when going to sleep, varied dreams (with profuse menstrual flow) (2d d.).

At night, anxious sleep, with perspiration.

At night, great anguish during a thunderstorm, the sweat and anguish drives her out of bed (2d d.).

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