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Natrum Muriaticum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Chloride Of Sodium, Nat. Mur, Nat-mur, Nat. M, Nat Mur, Natrium Muriatica, Natrum mur, Schuessler Tissue Salt, Cell Salts, Tissue Salts, Biochemic Tissue / Cell Salt Number # 9 / Nine, Natrium muriaticum, Nut mur, Not mur, Nat-m.

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HPUS indication of Natrum Muriaticum: Sneezing
Natrum Muriaticum
Common symptoms: Sneezing, Colds, Exhaustion, Hay fever, Hives.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Nat Mur in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




The bones of the right chest are more prominent than natural,

Mucus in the chest that causes tightness, and is dislodged on walking in the open air,


Sensation of weakness in the chest, on walking in the open air (in the sun), which obliged him to speak softly,

Disagreeable warmth in chest, in the morning on waking,

Fulness in the chest (seventh day),

Tightness of the chest, when he lies down in bed, and also in the afternoon,

Tension in the chest, in the morning,

Feeling of tension in the chest, on stretching; painfully sore on inspiration (eighth day),

Tensive pain in the right pectoral muscles, in the forenoon, so that he could not become erect on account of the pain, but must walk bent forward; also, great pain on other motions of the trunk,

Tensive pain in the clavicle, extending up the cervical muscles, even painful to touch,

Spasmodic constriction of the chest, very much impeding deep inspiration,

Pain, like a cutting cramp, through the left chest to the scapula,

Pressure upon the chest (sixth day),

Pressure in the left chest (fifteenth day),

Pressure on the chest, as though the thorax were too tight, towards morning (after 2d trit.),

Very transient pressure in the left half of the chest (fifth day),

Attack of pressure and burrowing beneath the right ribs, with drawing in the back, extending to the head, preventing sleep at night, and with stitches in the head; all relieved after continued talking, and on physical exertion, and also by rumbling in the abdomen and emission of flatus, or after eating,

Dull pressure in the left half of the thorax, disappearing after half an hour, while walking (after half an hour),

Pressive pain in the chest, after standing or talking much,

Oppression of the chest, in the evening,

Oppression of the chest, in the house; he was also so weak that he was obliged to go into the open air, which relieved him,

Oppression of the chest, with pressure in the middle of the sternum, on motion,

Oppression of the chest, as if constricted, with burning in the hands (eighth day),

Painful oppression of the chest, like a pressure, every day, on becoming erect, after sitting bent over,

Chest heavy and oppressed (fifth day),

When coughing, cutting pain in left chest,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the right pectoralis major muscle, on motion (fourth day),

Sticking pain transversely through the lungs, in frequent attacks, at intervals of some hours,

Stitches in the middle of the chest (2d trit.),

A stitch through the pectoralis major muscle, extending to the shoulder-joint (after 3d trit.),

Stitches in the upper part of the left chest, loss of appetite, and headache, caused by a vexation; she feels every step in the head; becomes very weak, and the feet become heavy,

Transient stitch, from the left pectoralis major to the clavicle, in the afternoon (tenth day),

Eighteen painful stitches beneath the right clavicle, extending from below upward, at 4 A.M. (after 3d trit.),

Some dull stitches in the right half of the chest, at 3 P.M.,

Sore pain in the chest,

Sensitiveness of the external chest, in the evening (first day),

Bruised pain, externally, in the chest,

Constant scratching, in the middle of the chest,

Painless jerking in the left pectoralis major muscle (second day),


Cracking in the sternum, on motion,

Simple pain, in short paroxysms, in the sternum,

Pressure on the forepart of the chest (sixth day),

Pressure on the sternum, in the afternoon,

Pressure in the middle of the sternum and in the back, below the left shoulder,

Pressive pain beneath the sternum (after 3d trit.),

Violent pressive pain in the sternum, with a sensation as if bruised, not aggravated by deep inspiration, but by touch; relieved by motion, in the open air, at 3 P.M.; towards evening, it disappeared, but returned the next forenoon, and only disappeared in the evening, after three days (first day),

Sticking in the thorax, from the ensiform cartilage to the back, in the forenoon, worse in the afternoon (thirty-fourth day),

Sticking pain, as from needles, in the middle of the sternum,

Some stitches in the sternum,

Transient threadlike stitch behind the sternum (after 26th dil.),

Drawing stitches beneath the upper portion of the sternum, in the afternoon (fourth day),

Transient threadlike stitch beneath the sternum, extending along the margin (after 6th trit.),

A sharp, threadlike, piercing stitch, on the right margin of the sternum, extending from below upward (third day),

Bruised pain in the sternum,


Frequent loud gurgling in the right side of the chest (first day),

Loud rumbling and gurgling in the left side of the chest, near the stomach (after 25th dil.),

Pain in circumscribed spots in the right side of the chest, at times (after ninth day),

Sticking in the right side, below the last ribs, while yawning (twenty-first day),

Sticking in the right side of the chest for half an hour, returning after half an hour, and then lasting over an hour (sixth day),

Sticking in the left side, with tensive pain under the arm (fifth day),

Sticking pain in the right side, below the last ribs, on waking in the morning, and lasting the whole forenoon, better after dinner; it reappeared in the evening, on going out, disappeared on returning to the house (thirteenth day),

Sticking pain in the right side of the chest, only while walking; so violent that he was obliged to press the hand upon it to obtain relief,

Stitches in the right side of the chest, with hoarseness,

Stitches in the right side, with oppression (twelfth day),

Frequent stitches in the sides,

Violent stitch, extending outward, in the left clavicle, along the side of the chest (fifth day),

Dull stitches in the left side of the chest (fifth day),

Pain, like a bruise, in one spot in the left side of the chest,

Jerking beneath the right arm, extending down the side,


Frequent pressure above the right nipple, for four days (after 10 grains),

Stitches beneath the nipples (after 3d trit.),

Stitches beneath the left nipple (after 3d trit.),

Dull stitches beneath the right nipple, also in the abdomen, to the right of the navel,

Sensitiveness of the breasts (after 5 grains of crude),

Sensitiveness of the breasts, so that the slightest touch was painful (after 1st trit.),

Around armpit

Frequent painless twitchings in the muscles of the left side of the chest, below the axilla (after three hours),


Pain, as if he had been beaten, in the left lower ribs, aggravated when touched by the vest, and by every pressure (twelfth day),

Pain, as if beaten, in one spot, on the sternum,

Violent beating in the bloodvessels, at night on waking, without sensation of heat,

Burning in face all over, with more redness than is natural to her, at 2 P.M.; at the same time beating in forehead, relieved by pressure of hand or bending head back, worse on bending it forwards; all this came on during a walk in the hot sun, and lasted till 6 P.M., after coming indoors (fifth day),


Pressure on the chest, at night, so violent towards morning, that she was obliged to sit up to get her breath (after 2d trit.),

Periodic pressure upon the chest, worse at night, and towards morning associated with arrest of breathing, and need to sit upright (after 2d trit.),

Oppression of the chest, and shortness of breath (twenty-seventh day),

Constant sticking pain in the left chest, in the evening, taking away the breath; disappearing in the open air,

Stitches at times, extending from deep in the chest towards the back (especially on deep breathing), (fifth day),

Violent cutting stitches in the chest, from without inwards, crossing each other five or six times in rapid succession, with tightness of the breath, at 11 P.M. (fourth day),

A stitch, as from an electric spark, in the pectoralis major muscle, followed, after an hour, by a similar stitch in the region of the right nipple; afterwards, a sensation of tightness, as from a band about the lower third of the chest, with difficult breathing (after 5th dil.),

Bruised pain in the left chest on bending forward, and on breathing, not on touch,

Pain in the middle of the sternum, aggravated by deep breathing,

Stitches in the region of the sternum, on every breath (1st trit.),

Stitches, with tightness of breath, first in the sternum, then in the hepatic region,

The chest, below the left arm, is painful on moving the arm, and on breathing,

Stitches in the right side of the thorax, which oblige her to bend up, aggravated by walking; no pain on deep breathing (thirty-fourth day),

Persistent stitches in a place corresponding to the point where the apex of the heart beats; not affected by respiration, lasting five minutes, in the afternoon,

Violent palpitation of the heart accompanying the impeded breathing,

Pulse and respiration more rapid, especially after drinking,

Rapid pulse, with anxiety and oppression of breath, after dinner,

The breath seems hot,

The breath is foul,

Offensive breath,

Frequent deep breathing, with pain in the abdomen,

Shortness of breath (1st trit.),

Her breath became short, and chest tight, and as if a dry stick of wood were down the throat, with cough,

Paroxysm of shortness of breath and palpitation, though without anxiety, at night,

Sometimes, after eating, the breathing becomes much impeded; this is accompanied by violent palpitation of the heart,

Oppression of the breath, with pain in the chest,

Difficulty of breathing, even when she kept quiet (twenty-third day),

Difficulty of breathing, in the afternoon (thirty-second day),

Difficult respiration, especially between 5 and 7 P.M.; also whenever she was quiet (seventeenth day),

Difficult breathing, on ascending steps (twenty-first day),

Difficulty of breathing and palpitation, on going upstairs (thirty-first day),

Difficult breathing; rapid breathing, on standing, still more on walking (sixteenth day),

Difficult breathing, while walking (thirty-first day),

Difficult breathing all day, aggravated by walking (eighteenth day),

Difficult breathing, with trembling of the hands and feet (twenty-first day),

Want of breath on lying down, in the evening,

The chest trouble became so severe, at night, that she was obliged to rise from bed to get her breath (after 1st trit.),

Violent pains at night (for example, those caused by the boil on the back) take away the breath, even to suffocation, and cause a kind of one-sided paralysis, so that the arm and leg are powerless,


Dyspnoea and short breath, on walking rapidly,

Dyspnoea, "almost indescribable," during the rigors,

When laughing, while drinking, she chokes herself, so that the drink regurgitates through the nose, and she comes near suffocating,

Larynx and Bronchia.

Dryness in the larynx, in the morning on waking,

A peculiar pressure on the posterior wall of the larynx and fauces, extending along the Eustachian tube, and towards the tonsils (first day),

Frequently, when coughing, a sore sensation in the larynx and trachea,

A scraped, scratching sensation in the larynx, as after rancid heartburn (after six hours),

A scraping and scratching in the larynx; the voice became rough (after twenty hours),

Tickling in the larynx, provoking dry cough, for an hour at 6 P.M.,

Tickling in the larynx, and short, dry cough, at 5 P.M.,

A hoarse, whistling sound in the bronchi on expiration,


Voice rough, with stopped coryza and some sneezing,

Her voice, I am told, has completely changed; it is now husky and monotonous, resembling that of a woman addicted to ardent spirits,

Hoarseness in the morning, after a sound sleep, with much mucus in the throat, and cough,

Great hoarseness, in the morning,

Excessive hoarseness (first days),

Cough and Expectoration.

Irritation to cough, caused by empty swallowing,

Irritation to cough, and oppression of the chest, from talking,

Cough, in the morning,

Cough, in the evening, after lying down in bed,

Cough, worse from 8 to 11 P.M.,

Cough at night; with a scraping sensation in the chest in the morning,

Cough at night, with bruised pain in all the limbs,

Cough more violent at night than during the day,

Cough, caused by tickling in the throat,

Cough, caused by tickling in the pit of the stomach, with great dyspnoea,

Cough, with vomiting of food,

Cough, with complete loss of breath, day and night,

Cough, with tickling in the chest (2d trit.),

Cough, with tickling in the chest (1st and 2d trit.),

Violent cough, almost to vomiting, though not exhausting, for four weeks,

Raw, hoarse, hacking cough,

Dry, tickling cough and scraping, at night,

Frequent paroxysms of dry, tickling cough (first day),

Hacking and dry tickling cough, at night, not during the day),

Dry, hacking cough, frequently recurring at longer or shorter intervals during the day,

Dry, racking cough, at 10 P.M. (third day),

Cough, with expectoration, day and night,

Tickling cough, with hawking of mucus, especially in the morning (after the proving),

Hacking cough, with rĂ¢les in the chest, and some expectoration of mucus,

Cough, and tickling in the larynx, on waking, at 2 A.M.; he always expectorated considerable frothy mucus; the inclination to cough was increased by lying on the back; yawning alternated with the cough,

Paroxysms of tickling cough, in the evening, with scraping in the throat, lasting nearly a quarter of an hour, and ending with expectoration of tenacious mucus,

Paroxysm of tickling cough, towards evening, ending with expectoration of salty mucus,

Retching and choking cough, with expectoration of bloody mucus, that seems to come from the dry tetter in the larynx,

Cough, with expectoration of blood,

Expectoration of an offensive taste, in the morning, with some cough, and pain in the chest, as if it would be torn open,

Purulent expectoration, with cough, that almost always consists of only one attack,

Blood is expectorated and blown from the nose,

(An attack of haemoptysis, coming on after violent exertion, repeated after nine days without any cause),


Heart and pulse


Cold feeling about the heart, on exerting the mind,

Constant pain in the heart, especially at night,

Great pain as well as distension, at the praecordium, after eating or drinking,

Tension in the region of the heart (after five hours),

Sensation of violent constriction in the heart, with intermitting pulse and feeling of oppression in the lower portion of the chest, as if the lungs had not room to expand, lasting a quarter of an hour (after 5th trit.),

Violent pressure below the heart as if some one were pressing from the abdomen towards the heart, with palpitation, which was less rapid than violent; this condition was aggravated by lying on the left side, but relieved by turning to the right; lasting till he fell asleep (sixth day),

Pressive pain in the region of the heart, in the morning,

Painful stitches in the region of the heart,

Painful stitches in the region of the heart, lasting several minutes; an hour after a moderate dinner,

Painful stitches in the region of the heart, after reading aloud for some time,

Violent stitches in the heart,

A violent stitch in the region of the heart, while walking in the street in the evening, so violent that he was frightened; he stood still, and instinctively pressed the hand against the painful spot,

Bruised sensation at the heart, in the morning in bed (fourteenth day),

Jerking pain in the praecordial region,

A jerking shock, as if coming from the heart, in the midday nap,

Heart's Action.

Fluttering motion of the heart,

Palpitation (twenty-first day),

Palpitation of the heart on going upstairs (twenty-third day),

Palpitation on ascending stairs, during the last week (sixteenth day),

Palpitation on the slightest motion,

Palpitation, while standing,

Palpitation, with anxiety, every day,

Palpitation, with pressure at the heart, as if the heart would be pressed down; somewhat relieved by pressure of the hand (immediately), (first day),

Transient attack of palpitation (after 5 grains of crude),

Violent palpitation, which woke him from sleep (relieved by a glass of cold water), (twelfth day),

Frequent palpitation for as many air six, eight, or ten beats,

Anxious palpitation, without anxious thoughts, for five minutes or even for whole hours, almost every day (after seven days),

Intermission in the beating of the heart, during the midday rest,


Beating of the pulse in the whole body, even during rest,

Pulse accelerated all day,

Pulse accelerated, small and weak (after 15th dil.),

The pulse seemed more rapid than usual (seventeenth day),

Rapid pulse and palpitation, after dinner,

Pulse full, rapid (thirty-first day), ; while sitting upright,

Pulse full, soft, 92 beats per minute (after about six months),

Some intermission in the pulse,

Intermission of the pulse after dinner,

Pulse very rapid and intermittent (thirty-second day),

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