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Mezereum - Modalities Etc

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), After waking, rawness, etc., in palate, etc.; between 6 and 7 o'clock, cough; in bed, boring in shoulders; after rising, pain in bones of wrist; in bed, pressure in gluteal muscles; chilliness.

(Afternoon), Nausea; towards evening, cutting in abdomen; sticking in scapulae; itching; towards evening, chilliness.

(Evening), General feeling, ; burning in lip; pains in lip; toothache in back teeth; in bed, cracking in shoulder-joint; in bed, tearing in tibia; in bed, burning in ulcers; in bed, stitches in skin; itching; shivering; warmth.

(Night), Pressure in abdomen; especially after midnight, cough; in bed, pain in long bones; pain in shoulder; formication in great toes; perspiration.

(Walking in open air), Pain across pectoral muscles, etc.; pain in muscles of forearm.

(After eating), Fiery taste; scraping in throat; cough.

(In house), Pain in occiput; nausea.

(Motion), Pain in nape of neck; pain in lumbar vertebrae; pain in shoulder-joint; pain in wrist, etc.; chilliness.

(Rest), The pains, ; boring in wrists, etc.; boring in shoulder; pressure, etc., in elbow-joint; pressure in knees; pain about malleolus; pain in ankle.

(Sitting), Tightness of chest; weakness in knees; pain in hollow of knee; jerking in knee; tearing in different parts.

(After sleep), Fretfulness.

(After supper), Tightness of chest.

(After waking), Pains always experienced,

(Walking), Pain in parietal bone; nausea in throat etc.; cough; pain in small of back; boring in shoulder, etc.

(Warm room), Pressive headache.


Evening, cold, undressing, after lying down, touch, motion.

WORSE, cold air; night, evening until midnight, warm food, touch, motion.



WARMTH OF BED, fire, etc

Cold air; drafts; damp



Merc Viv Mercury



(Afternoon), Towards evening, tightness of chest.

(Night), No pains,

(Walking in cool open air), General feelings,

(In bed), Pains less frequent,

(Eating), Burning in mouth; nausea in throat; pain in larynx.

(Motion), Pressure in temple; qualmishness.

(Standing), Tightness of chest.

(Work), Dullness of head.


BETTER, open air.

Wrapping up (Nerves, Bones)


Open air

Desires and aversions

Canine hunger noon and evening.

Wants ham fat; coffee, wine.

Appetite poor.


Incessant hunger, with a sensation of emptiness in the stomach,

Great hunger and appetite, noon and evening,

Violent sensation of hunger recurring at intervals, with accumulation of water in the mouth (immediately),

Though without real appetite and hunger, yet constant desire to eat and take something into the stomach, whereby he has less pain,

Unusual desire for bacon,

Diminished appetite (first evening and second day),

Very little appetite; he is soon satisfied (seventh day),

Remarkably little appetite, so that he ate very little (fifth day),

Loss of appetite, ; (second day),

Loss of appetite, as from too much mucus in the throat,

Neither hunger nor thirst,

On eating, he does not relish the first morsels; meat is so repulsive to him that he will not eat it,

Aversion to meat,

Aversion to meat, though in other respects the appetite is undisturbed,


Increased thirst (soon),

Increased thirst, though he was cool; in the forenoon (second day),

Increased thirst during the chilliness (second day),

Increased thirst for fresh water (first day),

Much thirst in the evening, with great dryness of the mouth, momentarily relieved by drinking,

Thirst very urgent (after seven hours),

Excessive thirst (first to fourth day),

Extreme thirst,

Asked feebly for cold water (after six hours),

Loss of thirst (immediately); next day, great desire to drink, without dryness of the mouth or really excessive thirst,

Eructation and Hiccough.

Eructations (after half an hour), ; immediately,

Eructations from drinking cold water,

Eructations, with uprisings of liquid which, however, do not reach the mouth (first day),

Frequent eructations, without taste,

Frequent eructations and ineffectual efforts to eructates, while the burning in the throat continued, only momentarily relieved by a swallow of cold water,

Empty eructations (third day),

Empty eructations, with burning and anxious seat, (?).

Repeated empty eructations (first day),

Tasteless eructations,

Frequent empty and tasteless eructations,

Eructations of gas and acrid fluid,

Eructations in two paroxysms; first a shock having a hiccough-like forcing out of gas,

Eructations tasting of the meat; sour and scraping (seventh day),

Many sour, rancid eructations after supper, with very distressing pressure in the stomach (third day),

Violent, almost painful, hiccough lasting a few minutes (after two hours),

Repugnance to meat.

Lack of appetite, owing seemingly to too much mucus in the throat.

Violent hunger and appetite, at noon and in the evening.

Without any real appetite and hunger, yet constant desire to eat and to get something into the stomach, to stop its aching.

Position etc

Motion 4, 31. After exertion 3. Stooping 3. Rising 33. Lying 4.

Morning 21, 27, 29, 33. Forenoon 21. Noon 14. Evening 4, 14, 27, 29. Night 4, 8, 10, 27, 33, 46. After night 37. Day and night 27.