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Mezereum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





No rest when alone; he desires company,

Inclined to weep (second day),

Weeping for fourteen days,

Mood depressed (second day),


Sad (second day),

Very sad; every trifle affects him disagreeably; indifferent to the whole world; has no desire for anything; disinclined to work,

Hypochondriac and despondent; takes no pleasure in anything; everything seems to him dead, and nothing makes a vivid impression upon his mind,

Great discontent with himself and his surroundings for several weeks; after which again mental equilibrium and perfect contentment,

Anxiety (seventeenth day),

Anxiety in the evening, with trembling of the limbs and of the whole body,

Great anxiety (after one hour, third day),

Indifferent to everything; he could scarcely compel himself to note the symptoms beyond brief annotations (as in sea-sickness),

Indifferent, but not ill-humored (second day),

Unusually indifferent and disinclined to talk (third and fourth days),

Great anxiety, with violent palpitation, at noon before eating; she was obliged to lie down and was unable to keep up,

Most violent attacks of anxiety, weeping, palpitation, coldness over the whole body, and such weakness and weariness in all the limbs that she could scarcely walk about the room; in the evening (fourth day),

Apprehensiveness and uneasiness in the left side of the chest, about the heart (first days),

Apprehensiveness in the pit of the stomach, as though expecting something disagreeable,

Easily frightened, followed by palpitation of the heart (third day),


Very irritable mood; very averse to everything; desire to run away (third day),

Great peevishness and sensitiveness,


Fretful mood,

Fretful mood, disinclination to work,

Sensitive, fretful mood,

Constantly fretful and peevish,

He has only disagreeable and fretful thoughts,

Extreme fretfulness after sleep,

Is inclined to get angry with others about trifling and perfectly harmless things; everything vexes him, and he wants to say all kinds of annoying and vexatious things,

Violent outbreak and anger about trifles, which he soon regrets,

Inclined to reproach others,

Inclined to quarrel,


Quiet and contemplative; weary of life, and longing for death,

Feeling of great mental and emotional quiet (hitherto there had been the opposite condition of mind), (first day),

It becomes difficult for him to make a resolution,

Disinclined to work (second day),

He does not work with his usual freedom of mind; his thoughts vanish, and he is obliged to make a great effort to collect his ideas, in order not to dwell upon other things,

Thought difficult, with pressive dulness of the head (fourth day),

Thought is difficult; he takes no interest while reading or listening; whatever happens affects him less than usual; mental dulness,

Very much distracted; he is unable to dwell long upon any subject; his thoughts carry him away,

Feels as though much intoxicated; speaks without reflection, though really good-humored and generally lively (first day),

While she was talking with some one, her thoughts vanished,

He is unable to properly comprehend anything; cannot repeat a single thing from memory; his thoughts vanish as often as he begins to think of anything, and there comes a confusion, with pressure in the sinciput,

He looked out of the window for hours without thought, and without knowing what he was looking at,

He was unable to recollect what had very recently occurred; every intercurrent remark of others disturbed and confused his ideas,

He awoke as if stupefied after a sound sleep,

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