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Mezereum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Confusion of the head,

Confusion of the head, in the frontal region (first day),

Confusion and a feeling of pressure over the whole head, especially above the eyes,

Head seems confused towards evening (first day),

Sensation of intoxication in the head (first day),

Sensation over the whole head as if intoxicated (third day),

General Head.

Dulness of the head (second and fifth days), ; better after eating,

Dulness of the head; reading was difficult, and he was obliged to read it over repeatedly in order to understand,

Dulness of the head, as if intoxicated; not the least disturbed by work, indeed relieved thereby,

Dulness of the head all day, with pressure in the temples,

Dulness and heaviness in the head,

Dulness of the head, so that he frequently did not know what he wanted,

Dulness of the sinciput and occiput, like a dull stupefaction; in the evening,

Whole head dull and heavy (second day),

His head feels dull, as if intoxicated, and as if he had been up all night; as after excessive emissions,

Numb sensation in the head,

Heaviness of the head (seventh day),

Heaviness of the head; inclination to support it (second day),

Boring in various parts of the head,

Boring in the cranial bones,

Boring in various places in the cranial bones,

Boring and pressure in the cranial bones,

Frequent boring in several parts of the head,

Very frequent boring and drawing in the cranial and frontal bones,

Violent boring in the bones of the skull,

Very violent boring in the cranial bones, especially on the vertex, in shocklike paroxysms,

Drawing in the cranial bones,

Tearing and pressure in the cranial bones on waking at night, and also on waking and rising in the morning,


Throbbing and pressure behind the right ear, changing into the most violent pain in the whole head, forehead, nose, and teeth, aggravated on the slightest motion of the head, for several hours,

Pain in the bones of the skull, mostly aggravated by touch,

Headache in the nape of the neck, extending to the forehead,

Headache seemed dull at times (after nine days),

Transient pressive pains here and there in the head (fourth day),

Pressive headache, with frequent shivering,

Slight pressive headache, especially in the forehead and sinciput, worse in a warm room, near a warm stove (first day),

Pressive headache, very acute, as if everything would fall out at the forehead (after eight hours),

A burrowing pressive headache, superficially in the middle of the forehead (first day),

Stupefying pressive pain through the right hemisphere of the brain, extending from the occiput to the forehead,

Headache just beneath the skull, as if the brain pressed hard against the bones,

Very acute boring pressive headache on the right side of the top of the head, afterwards also in the left side of the forehead, and afterwards external to and above the right eye; this pain could be compared to the driving of a plug into the head (third day),

Sticking pain in the left half of the brain,

Tearing pains in the head,

Very violent headache; the head was so affected that it was painful on the slightest touch (after a slight vexation), in the afternoon (first day),

Headache all the afternoon on suddenly moving the head, as if the brain were shaken,

Headache, as if the brain, hanging loose in the skull, hit against the bone here and there on moving the head (eighth to twelfth day),

Headache on waking in morning, ; in afternoon (second day); increased towards evening, ; worse in open air,

Headache after moving about and talking much, especially in the temples, and on both sides of the vertex,

Headache relieved by stooping low,

Sticking headache in the vertex and forehead,

Dull headache in the left parietal bone, relieved by pressure, aggravated on removing the pressure,

Pressive pain beneath the left parietal bone,

Pressive headache in the right parietal region, as though the brain were pressing against the bone; the pain was aggravated by inclining the head to the right; this pain frequently returned, and was the most constant symptom even after eight weeks,

Acute drawing-pressive pain in the lower portion of the right parietal bone, above the ear, somewhat posteriorly, as if violent headache would occur (first day). Pain in the parietal bone, returned at night and on going out (which he was obliged to do, to visit a patient), and was very much notice on every step (first day),

Rheumatic pains in the left side of the head, a kind of tearing as if broken; afterwards a similar pain on the top of the head, and also continuing in the left ear (first day),

Pain in the right parietal bone, with a sensation as if it were suppurating, and as if the bone must be painful to pressure, on moving, which was not the case; pain aggravated by walking (first day),

Pain in the forehead (second day),

Pain in the right frontal eminence, for several hours,

Headache in the frontal and temporal region,

Frontal headache in the afternoon (second day),

Constant compressive griping headache, extending from the temples into the forehead and nose,

Boring pain in the left half of the forehead,

Boring pain in the left side of the forehead,

Boring-drawing pains in the frontal bones,

Boring-drawing pains in the left side of the forehead and temples,

Headache, extending from the root of the nose into the forehead, as if everything would press asunder, with pain in the temples when touched, with great heat and perspiration on the head, with chilliness and coldness in the rest of the body, in the morning,

Pressive pain transversely through the forepart of the head,

Pressive pain on the right frontal eminence,

Dull, intolerably pressing pains in the forehead,

Pressive headache in the upper part of the forehead, not in the lower part over the eyes (after one hour),

Sticking headache above the right eyebrow (after half an hour),

Tearing-sticking headache in the left frontal eminence,

Tearing pains in he forehead, ; (third day), ; in morning, while sitting,

On pressing on the frontal bone, it pains and draws down to the feet,

Headache in the temporal and frontal regions,

Headache in the temporal and frontal regions and above the eyes (fifth day),

Headache in the temporal and supraorbital regions,

Boring pains in the temples,

Boring-drawing pains in the temples,

Pressive pain in the temporal region (after two hours),

Pressive pain for within outward in the left temple,

Tearing pain in the left temple, while sitting in the evening before going to bed (fourth day),

Acute drawing pain in the right side of the occiput,

Pressive pain in the occiput, especially on entering the house from the open air,

Pressive pain in the occiput and nape of the neck, on moving the head,

Sharp pressive pain and tension in the left side of the occiput,

Tearing pains in the occiput,

Pressive sore pain in the occiput,


Dry scurf on the scalp,

The scurf on the scalp was whiter, more profuse and dryer than usual,

The head is covered with a thick, leather-like crust, under which thick and white pus collects here and there, and the hair is glued together,

Twitching in the scalp near the right side of the vertex; it ceased for a short time when touched,

The hair was very much inclined to bristle,

The hair of the head hangs soft (fourth day),

The long hairs were troublesome to him; they seemed rough; after some weeks the hair seems to become curly, and to grow more rapidly,

Scalp hot; was obliged to scratch it,

The scalp on both sides of the vertex was painful to touch,

The hair was painful to touch, as if sore,

Outer head

On the head, great elevated white scabs, under which ichor collects in quantity, and which begins to be offensive and to breed vermin,

The scabs on the head look chalky, and extend to the eyebrows and to the nape of the neck,

Violent biting on the head, as from lice, only transiently relieved by scratching, and always recurring in another place; in the evening,

Itching on the vertex and occiput, provoking scratching,

Fine sticking itching on the head, removed by scratching,


Stitches in the vertex, extending down to the forehead, with great heat of the face,

Constant very sharp stitch near the vertex,


Violent boring in the cranial bones of the right side,

Dull drawing in the head, above the right ear; was transient but very acute, and seemed to be in the bones (first day),

Tearing in the cranial bones of the right side,

Tearing in the left side of the head, several times,


Boring in the forehead,

Boring in the forehead, especially in the left side,

Boring in various places in the frontal bones,

Boring and pressure in the forehead,

Boring and tearing in the left side of the forehead, extending towards the temples, frequently repeated, and afterwards extending to the occiput,

Violent persistent boring in the left side of the forehead,

Pressure in the forehead in the morning, as if the brain thereby became too hard, with inability to collect his senses,

Pressure and pressing beneath the frontal bone, extending into the nasal bone,

Constant pressure and drawing in the forehead on waking in the morning,

Violent pressing-asunder pressure in the whole forepart of the head, gradually appearing and disappearing,

A long dull stitch in the left side of the upper part of the forehead, in the morning in bed,

Tearing in the right side of the forehead, and in the head,

Tearing in the forepart of the forehead, with jerking stitches,

Pressive tearing in the forehead,

Fine acute tearing through the head, from one temple to the other, frequently recurring, but very transient,

A pressive throbbing in the forehead,


Compression in the temples from both sides after violent motion; thereby he forgot the word he was just about to speak, and could hardly collect his thoughts,

A pinching sensation in the temples and forehead, with pressure on the eyes and jaw, as before a violent coryza,

Boring in the temples, especially in the right,

Acute pressure in the left temple, as if the head were pressed inward, extending to above the orbits, while sitting reading; apparently relieved by motion,

Stitches and fine tearing in the left temple (second day),


Sensation of heaviness in the whole occiput,

Boring in the bones of the occiput,

Dull pressure from within outward in the left side of the occiput, in the evening,

Tearing back and forth in the bones of the occiput,

A tearing throbbing in one spot in the occiput above the nape of the neck,

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