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Mezereum - Face symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Very suffering expression (fourth day),

He looks extremely ill-humored, pale, suffering, and prostrated,

The face and forehead are red and hot, with great restlessness and peevishness,

Gray, earthy complexion,

Face pale, sunken, with a suffering expression,

Paleness of the face, decided collapse of the face and extremities,

Remarkable paleness of the face (fourth day),

The whole right side of the face was somewhat puffed; frequently great heat in the face; with this the eyes were more than usually painful (after three days),

Countenance sunken and ghastly (after six hours),

Face shrunken and cold,


Sudden very violent pain in the face during slee,p similar to an old faceache, waking her up, but soon disappearing, and not further disturbing sleep (first night),

Burning pains and swelling of the face, more particularly of the nose, eyelids, and forepart of the head; speedily terminating in the formation of confluent blisters,

Tearing in the face below the left eye,

Woke towards midnight, with violent pain in the face, almost as severe as the real faceache, with which she usually suffered, with the difference that the tearing is not on one side but on both sides of the face; wherewith she felt very ill, and had a violent pain in the right side of the head, in the evening (second day),

Constant violent tearing in the face, in the morning (third day),

Fine tearing in the face, amounting to a very acute pain (second day),

Constant fine tearing the left side of the face, and in the teeth, after the morning walk (second day),


Frequent jerking and twitching in the right zygomatic muscles,

Violent, frequent distressing jerking of the muscles in the middle of the right cheek for eight weeks,

Burning in the right cheek,

Burning in the left cheek,

Burning and boring in the left cheek,

Violent in the right cheek,

Dull cramplike pain and tearing in the right cheek-bone,

Boring in the bones of the upper jaw,

Boring pains about the left side of the upper jaw,

Boring in the bones of the upper and lower jaws,

Cheeks painful to pressure, externally, and painfully swollen (second day),


Swelling of the upper lip, for several days,

Swelling of the upper lip below the left nostril, with burning pain,

The lower lip thick, dry, cracked, scaly, and painful, .

The lips stick together,

Lips dry (second day),

Lips very dry and scaly externally, and very painful, in the evening, sore, burning; especially along the boundary between the internal and external portions (third day),

Burning in the upper lip,

Burning in the red of the lower lip, especially on the mouth, as if it would crack; for the most part only in the evening, or at least worse then,

Burning in the right corner of the mouth, as if the skin were cracked, in the evening,

Hot, burning feeling on the upper lip,

Constant burning in the upper lip and below the left eye,

Fine needle-like stitches in the upper lip by the right corner of the mouth (fifth day),

Sore pain and inflamed redness of the red of the lower lip, with burning when touched, relieved by moistening with saliva or by drinking, worse in the evening, lasting two days,

Pricking in the lips as if a blister would develop (third day),


Boring in the sides of the lower jaw,

Boring pains in the left lower jaw,

Drawing from the right mastoid process down deep into the lower jaw, as far as the teeth,

Tearing pains in the lower jaw,

Drawing-tearing pains in the left lower jaw and in the teeth (second day),

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