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Mezereum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Bruised feeling of the arms.

Weakness, lassitude of the arms, when writing.

Furuncle on the left arm.

Tearing jerks on the right arm and on the fingers.

The upper arm is painful as from a blow, with heaviness and drawing down in the shafts of the bones.

Drawing in the upper arm.

Dull pain on the lower part of the upper arm.

Frequent twitching in the upper arm, worse when touched.

Shooting pressive pain, from time to time, in the left humerus.

Paralytic, pressive pain in the left upper arm, extending into the elbow-joint, aggravated by bending the arm outward.

Bruised pain of both the upper arms and the shoulder.

Bruised pain of the upper arms, when touched.

In the elbow-joint, when lifting up the arm, tensive paralysis; when stretching them out straight, a shooting pain.

Rheumatic drawing and tension in the region of the right elbow.

Pressive drawing in the elbow, extending into the fingers.

Violent tearing in the shaft of the left ulna.

In the forearm and the elbow, tearing.

Drawing tearing in the right forearm, close by the wrist.

Tearing and shooting on the left fore-arm and in the fingers, in the morning.

Pain of the periosteum of the right radius, aggravated by pressing upon it.

Contractive pain in the muscles of the forearm, during and after walking in the open air.

Elevations on the skin, as large as lentils, on the right forearm, with severe itching and becoming hard after scratching.

In the wrist-joint and in the whole arm, more in the muscles, a paralytic pain as from a sprain, merely when moving (at once).

Paralytic sensation in the right wrist-joint, both at rest and when moving (1st d.).

Paralytic and pressive pain in the right metacarpal bones.

Trembling of the hands, toward evening.

Severe pressure, causing weakness, in the whole hand, with a sensation as if it was swelling.

Drawing pain in the left wrist-joint.

Tearing in the left wrist.

Tearing on the dorsum of the left hand and between the knuckles of the fingers.

Undulating, dull tearing on the dorsum of the left hand.

Fine, slowly twitching stitches on the left hand.

Pressive burning in the left carpus, in the morning, after rising.

Great heat and warmth through the whole hand and arm, also perceptible when touched.

Swelling of the hand, with formication in it, as from going to sleep.

Swelling and heat of the hand and the arm, with muscular twitching and pecking in it.

Swelling of the dorsum of the hand, and bruised pain of the metacarpal bones and of the little finger.

Heat vesicles on the ball of the right hand, for several days.

In the bones of the fingers, painful twitching and grumbling, in paroxysms.

Tearing in the left index, in the evening, in bed.

Tearing boring in the third joint of the right middle fingers.

Tearing and smarting burning on the inner border of the left index and middle finger.

Fine needle-pricks in the tip of the thumb, especially sensible on grasping.

Paralytic pain of the bones of the thumb, proceeding from the posterior part to the tip.

Sore pain under the nail of the right thumb, especially sensible when pressing on it.

Pressure in the gluteal muscles, in the morning, in bed.

Tearing in the right natis.

Burning on the skin of the natis.

Twitching pain in the hip-joint, extending down into the knee.

Tearing and tensive pressure above and on the right hip.

Suddenly, a dull pain, as the starts to walk, as after a misstep, below the right natis, and then also at every step, recurring for several days.

Bone pain of the thighs and legs.

Long-continued, bruised pain on the inner side of the thighs, when walking fast.

Paralytic tearing in the thigh, in the upper and outer portion, when standing.

Tearing in the thin part of the right thigh.

Tearing in the right thigh, and drawing in the middle of the left thigh.

Tearing with shooting in the upper part of the right thigh, and at the same time in the right hypogastrium.

Drawing in the upper part of the femur and in the natis with colic.

Undulating drawing pain, down along the whole of the thigh, leaving behind it a painful weakness, interfering with walking.

Restlessness of the right thigh, so that he has continually to stretch it out, and then to draw it up, in the evening, in bed (2d d.).

Single, raised pimples on the thighs, with shooting pain when touched (aft. 1 h.).

Burning sore pain on the posterior side of the right thigh, a in a recent contusion.

Muscular twitching in the left thigh, as if air-bubbles were forming there.

Dull twitching on the lower part of the thigh, and on the left patella, when standing.

Painful twitching in the left knee, when sitting down.

On the knee, suddenly a keen pain, as after a blow or a contusion.

Sharp pressive pain on the outer side above the left knee, ceasing when pressed upon, but reappearing immediately on the inner ankle.

Stiffness in the tendons of the left hough.

Straining in the left knee-joint and leg, as if he had walked too much.

Rheumatic tension and drawing above the knees, and below in the legs.

Violent tearing in the right hough, and up the thigh.

Sudden, dull stitch on the right knee, which then pained for a time.

In the leg, a dull pain at every step, as if the tibia was broken in two.

Violent pain in the tibia as if it were bruised, or as if the periosteum was torn from it, disturbing his sleep (after midnight) with a chill suddenly piercing the body, and with constant, violent thirst.

Pressive pain on the right tibia, often recurring.

Pinching on the lower part of the right tibia.

Rheumatic drawing in the lower part of the right leg, toward the ankle-joint.

Twitching drawing in the calf, very short, indeed, but very frequent (aft. 1 h.).

Drawing and muscular twitching in the lower part of the calf.

Dull twitching and painful drawing in the middle of the tibia.

Slow twitching in the lower part of the left tibia.

Slowly twitching needle-pricks on the right tibia.

Transient shooting twitching on the upper part of the left tibia, when sitting with bent knee.

Tearing in the leg, worse above the ankles.

Paralytic tearing in the lower part of the tibia, in the evening, in bed.

Itching on the inner side of the calf, so that he has to scratch, causing an erosion.

Itching on the inner side of the calves, not ceasing from scratching, and not ceasing until he had scratched himself bloody, followed by burning; after twelve hours, a swelling on the calf, and on the scratched place, a bloody crust with yellowish pus under it, and bruised pain.

Hard swelling of the calf, when walking in the open air, with burning pain.

The ankles, when he starts to run, feel weak and painful, as if they would break.

Paralytic weakness on the outer side of the ankle-joint, when walking in the open air (1st d.).

Cramp-pain and pain as from a misstep, about the outer ankle of the left foot.

Pressive pain about the outer malleolus of the left foot, disappearing when at rest.

Bruised pain in the left ankle-joint, when at rest.

Painful stretching and pulling below the inner left malleolus, extending to the bottom of the sole.

Tearing in both heels, and in the right tendo Achillis.

Tearing on the right side of the left foot, toward the sole and heel.

Tearing on the dorsum of the right foot.

Quivering about the outer malleolus of the right foot.

Formication in the foot.

Heat-pain or burning pain, as from red-hot coals, on the right foot, momentary and frequently recurring.

Burning, like fire, on the ball of the left foot, with stitches, more when standing than when walking (4th d.).

Cold, damp feet, when sitting in the warm room.

The toes ache, even when walking only a little, as from the pressure of hard boots.

Quivering on the posterior joint of the great big toe, like muscular twitching, or as if vesicles burst open.

Painful as it were, nervous twitching in the big toe, in the morning, in bed.

Pain, as from a contusion, at times, as it were, grumbling, in the tip of the middle left toe.

Tearing in the left middle toe.

Tearing in the posterior joint of the left big toe, and on the right side of the dorsum of the left foot.

Violent tearing in the ball of the left little toe, and from there into the sole.

Rhythmical prickling burning stitches, on the top of the left big toe.

All the joints are painful, as if bruised or wearied.

Unsteadiness of the joints, as if they would give way.

Sensation of drawing and prostration in the joints, particularly those of the knees, the feet and the wrists.

Paralytic drawing pains, on various parts of the hands and of the lower limbs.

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