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Mezereum - Ears symptoms - T.F. Allen

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Painful swelling of the right external meatus, especially of the lower and posterior portion (sixth day),

Sensation as if the right external meatus were wide open, and air were in it, aggravated by yawning; somewhat relieved by boring the finger into it (first day),

A sensation as though air were distending the right external meatus, and as though roaring in the ears would occur; afterwards in the left meatus, associated with a stopped sensation in the ear (third day),

Feeling of air and of distension in the right external meatus, in the evening (first day),

Tension behind the left ear, with tearing in alternating jerks,

Boring pains behind the right ear,

Twinging pain, and a swollen sensation the external meatus of the left ear, in the evening (first day),

Pressure above the right ear,

Dull pressive pains above to right ear, as if superficially in the bone or skin, extending to the upper margin of the concha, gradually increasing, then decreasing; it seemed as though the upper ear was painful to pressure, which, however, was not the case, in the evening (second day),


Sensation of air in the ears, first in the right, then in the left, also twinging pain, more violent and persistent in the right ear (second day),

A peculiar sensation in the ear, that seemed to her stretched wide open, and the air seemed to penetrate, unpleasantly cold, in the evening (third day),

Very disagreeable persistent sensation of dilatation in the right ear, and of coldness, as if the drum were directly exposed to the cold air, in a very short meatus, with desire fingers into the ear, which, however, makes no difference; the sensation at last disappears of itself,

Sensation as if wind were blowing in the right ear (soon), (first day),

Sensation as though the left ear, were stopped, though hearing was good,

Momentary pain in or on the ear,

Earache and painful drawing in the left ear,

(Twinging pain in one ear), (soon),

Twinging pains in the right ear (first day),

Stitching in the Arsenicum Album ars, especially in the left, very transient, but constantly returning (second day),

Sticking in the left ear (third day),

Stitches in the ears and teeth, at times (second day),

Pain in the right ear, deep in the external meatus or still deeper (a stitch); on putting the finger into the ear, the external meatus seems more open than the other, or as if relaxed (fourth morning),

Itching stitch within the right ear,

Tearing deep within the left ear,

Itching in the right ear, relieved by rubbing,


Difficult hearing, ; (after nine days),

Sudden humming or roaring in the right ear (sixth day),

In the left ear, a sound as of a distant mill, while lying down; a very distant beat, disappearing on rising (second day),

Sound of bells in the right ear, while yawning (first day),

Ringing in the ears (after nine days),

Ringing in the ears, with great sleepiness,

Ringing in the right ear, in the morning, on rising (third day),

Loud ringing in the left ear, in the morning, after dressing (after twenty-two hours),

Constant rushing noises in the ears (ninth day),

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