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Mezereum - Back And Neck symptoms - Hahnemann

Spurge Olive, Mezer, Mez.

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HPUS indication of Mezereum: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mezereum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



In the nape of the neck, severely itching rash.

Rheumatic pain in the nape, neck and occiput.

Pain from stiffness in the nape and the exterior cervical muscles.

Pain from stiffness in the right side of the nape and the neck, mostly when moving.

On the left side of the neck, tearing jerks.

Tearing on the left side of the n neck, into the left ear and about the clavicle.

Red, smooth pimple on the right side of the neck, with sore pain when touched, after several days it recedes flat under the skin, and remains so for several weeks.


Pain on the right side of the sacrum.

Pain in the sacrum, spreading over all parts of the body (aft. 44 h.).

Pain in the sacrum, more while walking than when at rest.

Violently drawing, pressive pain, on the left side, near the sacrum.

Cutting tearing, low down at both sides of the sacrum.

In the back, a dull, pulsating pain, close beside the middle of the spine.

Tensive, contractive pain in the back, down to the sacrum.

Pain, shooting from the left side of the back through the chest, when taking a deep breath.

Dull stitch in the back, near the right scapula, impeding respiration, most perceptible when moving.

Sharp, sudden stitches beside the spine, darting forward through the chest into the cartilages of the left ribs, in the evening.

Pressive shooting pain on the external right side of the lumbar vertebrae, aggravated by moving.

Dull drawing shooting, down between the shoulders, relieved by moving the parts.

Burning stitch and severe muscular twitching, below the left scapula.

Tearing on the right side of the scapula.

Burning, constant prickling on the left scapula and the top of the shoulder.

Small elevations of the skin, after previous itching, about the scapulae and the right nates, with smarting pain when touched, readily rubbed open and discharging some blood (3 d.).

In the axilla, prickling and gnawing, returning worse after scratching.

Sore sensation in the right axilla.

The shoulder-joint is painful, as if the head of the humerus was too large for the glenoid cavity.

Pain in the shoulder-joint, as if it would tear apart, with throbbing, burning and tearing, in the evening, aggravated by moving.

Dull pain and twitching in the top of the shoulder, as if he had borne a heavy burden.

Tension in the top of the right shoulder and drawing in the left.

Pressive pain in the border of the shoulder-joints.

Pinching and boring on the lower side of the right shoulder-joint.

Constant burning, shooting on the top of the right shoulder.

Painless cracking in the left shoulder-joint, with paralytic sensation in the upper arm on raising the arm and tearing in the elbow-joint on bending it, in the evening, in bed.

Paralytic pain in the right shoulder-joint, with pressive pain on the bones of the shoulder (at once).

Weary pain in the arms, especially in the shoulder-joint.

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