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Mercurius Corrosivus - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Corrosive Sublimate, Merc. Cor, Mercurius Corrosivus Corrosivus, Mercurius Sublimatus Corrosivus, Merc cor, Merc-c.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Corrosivus: Sore throat
Common symptoms: Sore throat, Inflammation, Swelling, Warts.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mercurius Corrosivus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Rectum, anus, stool

First day, sharp pain, with rumbling in the bowels and profuse bilious discharges. Second day, a great many bilious and slimy stools during the twenty-four hours. Third day, frequent slimy bilious stools in the morning early, with tenesmus.

no stool in the afternoon.

bowels are a little sensitive to the touch, and are very flat. Fourth day, no stool. Fifth day, three bilious, slimy stools in the early part of the day.


Much pain in rectum (third day),

Burning heat in rectum (after three days),

Constant burning pain in the rectum (second day),

Violent burning in the rectum (eighth day),

Sticking-shooting pain in the rectum (fifth day),

Stools associated with the most violent smarting pains in the rectum (second day),

Rectum and anus



Constant disposition to evacuate the rectum and bladder (after five hours and a half),


Diarrhoea (first and second day),

Violent purging,

Dysentery and tenesmus (fifth day),

The frequent small, bloody, alvine discharges emitted an intensely putrid odor, so offensive that the attendants could scarcely remain in the room (twenty-first day),

About forty minutes after taking the poison, the patient passed a natural motion from the bowels, which was followed by a considerable quantity of fluid blood,


Diarrhoea, ; (sixth day), (one case),

Diarrhoea and bloody stools (after forty-five minutes),

Diarrhoea attended with tenesmus; constant desire to go to stool, the matter evacuated being scanty, chiefly blood and mucus (after eight days),

Frequent diarrhoea, with tenesmus and constant desire to go to stool,

Bloody diarrhoea (soon),

Frequent, offensive, slimy and bloody diarrhoea,

Sero-sanguineous diarrhoea (after two hours),

Purging, the dejections consisting mostly of mucus tinged with blood,

Purging of bloody mucus, with constant and distressing tenesmus,

Considerable purging of fluid matter, containing a large quantity of blood (after three hours and a half),

Much purging, bloody stools (second day),

Great purging, partly blood (soon),

Purged violently (after three hours),

Violent purging of coagulable lymph, clots of blood, and fine pellucid membrane (after twenty-two hours),

Purged eight times in eleven hours (after a quarter of an hour),

Violent, repeated, and very offensive discharges per anum,

Repeated calls to the vase, in which were voided large pieces of a coagulable lymph, like sheets of boiled macaroni (after six hours); stools changed to a livid, fetid and grumous appearance (second day); dirty grumous, in which was enveloped a lumbricus (third day),

Frequent stools, with great tenesmus; the stools were very offensive and in quick succession,

Frequent offensive stools,

Frequent bloody stools (third day),

Frequent evacuation of a little bloody mucus day and night, with almost cutting colic and intolerable, painful, almost ineffectual pressive forcing and tenesmus,

Tenesmus, with frequent discharges of a bloody and mucous character (fifth day),

Used the bed-pan frequently during the night. The dejections were for the most part fluid, containing apparently blood, mucous membrane, and a thick scum. The dejections and matter vomited resembled each other, and were so peculiar that they were saved,

Several bilious stools in the afternoon, with decided tenesmus (eleventh day),

Several offensive bloody stools, with severe colic and tenesmus (after a dose of Epsom salts), (after three hours),

Evacuation of stool with tenesmus,

Alvine evacuation with frequent and violent urging, with tenesmus and violent burning (after five hours),

Brown, very offensive stools,

Several watery stools, with colic (third day),

Cutting colic, followed by thin bilious stools, with straining (twelfth day),

Pasty dark-green, blackish, offensive stools (third day),

Very offensive, dark pasty stools, with tenesmus,

Bloody stools, ; (after twelve hours),

Stools mixed with bloody,

Stools mixed with bloody; with small, hard, frequent pulse (eighth day),

Faeces mixed with blood and watery mucus,

Small, brown, viscid stool, mixed with a little blood (second and third day); blackish diarrhoea (fourth day); frequent, dark, strong-smelling stools (fifth day),

Stool of mucus mixed with blood (after two hours); before this had had two natural evacuations, which were attributed to an aloetic pill taken the preceding evening; complete cholera (second day),

Green-colored evacuations (second day); faeces of a dark color, mixed with blood (third day); motions streaked with blood, and once or twice they consisted entirely of blood mixed with mucus (fourth day),

Dejections of merely bloody mucus (soon),

Tenesmus, with at least twenty evacuations in twenty-four hours, consisting of mucus mixed with considerable blood; they were painful, and compelled groaning (second day). Bloody stools less frequent, with less pain (seventh day). No blood in the stools (twelfth day). Liquid stools; yellow after a meal (fifteenth day),

Three pasty brown stools about 4 P.M., with rumbling in the bowels (tenth day),

Two or three copious stools (after two hours and a half); frequent stools, averaging once in ten minutes, with but little fecal matter, which looks like water mixed with blood (second day); frequent dark and offensive stools (fourth day); not more than once in three hours (fifth day),

Two soft stools in the morning (tenth day),

Two clayey, light-yellow stools (seventh day),

Stools and urine passed involuntarily (seventh day),

Stools reddish and slimy (fourth day),

Passed by stool a large quantity of green and highly bilious-looking fluid (after eight hours and a half),

Evacuation of faeces mixed with mucus and dark clotted blood,

Stool of thin formed faeces,

Soft stool about noon (third day),

A thin, soft, yellow, painless stool, with frequent urging, after breakfast; this was followed by continued desire for stool in the abdomen (second day),

Stool of tenacious faeces,

Stool remained, for a long time after the proving, hard, though evacuated daily,

Stool harder and more scanty than usual (fifth day),

Stool harder, drier, and more scanty than usual, for three days after the proving; after which for three days it was softer and more moist than usual; after which it returned to its normal condition,


Constipation during the whole attack; no diarrhoea,

Stool never soft; constipation (before taking the pills she had been subject to frequent diarrhoea),

When constipated the faeces were dark brown,

No stool (second day), ; (fifth day), ; (eight day),

Oozing of a corrosive ichor from the anus, that excoriated the external parts, and rendered them so sore that he could hardly bear clysters to be injected (fifth day),

Frequent discharge of blood per anum (fourth day),

Blood passed off freely per anum, and increased daily (third day),

Frequent burning in the anus during stool,

Sticking in the anus (after twelve hours),

Itching in the anus (sixth day),


Frequent desire for stool, with increased emission of flatus (fourth day),

Tormented by constant urging to stool (soon),

Frequent ineffectual urging to stool, causing most violent pain (fifth day),


Persistent tenesmus,

Tenesmus incessant (soon),

Very distressing tenesmus, getting worse and worse; nothing passed but mucus tinged with blood (third day),


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