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Mercurius Corrosivus - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Corrosive Sublimate, Merc. Cor, Mercurius Corrosivus Corrosivus, Mercurius Sublimatus Corrosivus, Merc cor, Merc-c.

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HPUS indication of Mercurius Corrosivus: Sore throat
Common symptoms: Sore throat, Inflammation, Swelling, Warts.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mercurius Corrosivus in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs


Myalgia of the thighs; coldness of hands and feet on the ninth day. Sixteenth day, lies with feet drawn up,


Hands and feet rather livid, shrunken, and cold (after half an hour),

Trembling of the extremities, ; (second day),

Trembling of the limbs, especially in the stretched them out,

Constant trembling of the extremities,

Convulsive motions of the right upper and lower extremities,

Spasmodic convulsions of the fingers and toes,

Twitching of the limbs,

Paralytic stiffness of the extremities (second day),

Extended on her bed, without control over her limbs (after five hours),

Lassitude in the limbs, and trembling when standing up and without moving (after fourth dose),

Loss of power and stiffness of the extremities, gradually increasing day by day, with excessive pain on every attempt to change to position, until the patient became completely paralyzed,


A peculiar feeling of loss of power in the deltoid muscles, and also in the muscles of the calves and thighs, without special cause (fifth day),

Feeling of weakness and shivering in the limbs (after third dose),

Numbness of the hands and feet (fifth day), (in one case),

A peculiar numbness attendant on the pains in the arms and legs; worse in the evening, better the latter part of the night and during the day,

Pain in the extremities (second day),

Pains in her limbs and arms, like those felt after long and fatiguing exercise, always worse after sleeping,

Universal pains in the limbs (after two days),

Dull pains in the extremities, with general weakness, for five or six weeks,

Drawing deep in the limbs, in the bones (seventh day),

A kind of tearing in the bones (joints of the fingers, hips, etc.), (seventh day),



Upper extremities


Tearing in the left shoulder, frequently (fourth and fifth days),

Sensation as though the glands in the left axilla would become swollen; with frequently repeated transient stitches in them (tenth day),


Rheumatic pain (like that peculiar to windy weather) in the right deltoid muscle, while walking (tenth day),


Jerking constrictive pain in the right metacarpus (fifth day),

Cramps in his hands (after two hours and a half),

Sticking pain in the muscles on the back of the hand, especially in the abductor and extensor of the thumb, and in the extensors of the foot (third day),

Tearing in the left metacarpal bones (during the first days of the proving this tearing had been farther down in the joints of the fingers), (seventh day),


Fine but very sharp stitches in the tip of the left thumb, in the evening while walking (sixth day),

Acute tearing in the bone of the first joints of the left index and ring fingers, and also in the first joint of the thumb, continuing next day (first day),


Lower extremities


Lower extremities drawn up in bed (fifth day),

Spasms of lower extremities (after four hours),

Stiffness of the legs,

Sticking in the muscles of the lower extremities (eleventh day),


Pressive-sticking pain in the hip-joint and in the knee, during both rest and motion; also in other extremities, but of less intensity (twelfth day),

Rheumatic pains like needle-stitches in the lower extremities (second night),

Sticking in the left hip-joint, from within outwards (first day),

Sticking pain in the hip-joint, during rest and motion,

Sticking pains in the hip-joints during rest, disappearing on motion (tenth day),

Shooting stitches in the hip-joint, in the afternoon (fourteenth day),

Tearing posteriorly in the right hip-joint, afterwards more to the side and externally (second day),


Drawing in the thigh-bones (second day),


Knees drawn up (after four hours),


Twitching in various muscular fibres of the calves, inner side of the gastrocnemius muscle (fifth day),

The lower leg seems asleep, ; (second day),

Numbness and want of feeling in the legs (after three days),

Cramps in his legs (after five hours),

Cramps in left leg (after two hours and a half),

Drawing pain in the bones of the leg (eighth day),

Tearing in the left calf extending inwards (first day),


Very unusual weariness of the feet and sleepiness, in the evening (first day),

Trembling of the feet (soon),

Trembling of the feet on walking, especially affecting the left side, and mostly in the morning on rising, and in the evening,


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