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Mephitis Mephitica - General symptoms - Clarke

Mephit, Mephitis, Mephitis Putorius, Skunk, Mephitis putorius, Meph.

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HPUS indication of Mephitis Mephitica: Cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Mephitis Mephitica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Mephitis putorius. Skunk. N. O. Mustelidae. Alcoholic dilution of the liquid contained in the anal glands.

Mephitis was proved by Hering in the 30th. Among the symptoms he developed was "choking while eating or drinking," and "cough on reading aloud, while talking, and after drinking.

caused by choking." Lower ribs painful to touch or pressure, esp. agg. on coughing or sneezing. Neidhard gave Meph. to "a young man afflicted with symptoms of consumption," in whom it produced "a spasmodic cough with a crowing sound, lasting all night and returning several times." This homoeopathic aggravation suggested to Neidhard to use Meph. in whooping-cough, and this is his conclusion, quoted by Hering "If the facts collected since 1851, which are numerous, do not prove that Meth. will supersede all other remedies in whooping-cough, it certainly may be considered a valuable specific. In order to ensure its full success, it should be exhibited in the lower dilutions, from one to three, at least in severe cases." Guernsey gives it as "Whooping, or any other kind of cough which is very violent, coming on spasmodically, and seeming as though each spell would terminate life." Farrington says the note of Meph. is nervous exhaustion. In whooping-cough the catarrh is slight, whoop decided.

agg. at night and after lying down. Suffocative feeling.

cannot exhale. vomits food sometimes hours after eating. Asthma of drunkards.

of consumptives (after Drosera Rotundifolia Dros.). T. M. Stewart reports (H. R., xvi. 71) the case of a man, 47, who had a constant hacking cough coming on during conversation. For this the uvula was amputated. As soon as he recovered from the operation the condition was this "Coughs after reading aloud, or drinking any fluid.

cough spasmodic, hollow, hoarse, agg. at night and on lying down.

loose in mornings." Amb., Chamomilla Cham., K. bi., Rumex Acetosa Rumex, Phosphorus Pho., failed to relieve.

Meph. 1m. cured promptly.

Another point about Meth. is the rush of warmth it causes to various parts. It enables patients to endure extreme cold.

makes them less chilly in cold weather. Washing in ice-water is pleasant. Awakens at night with congestion to legs. Legs uneasy as if they would become insensible. Fidgety feet. A short sleep seems to refresh. A. M. Cushing calls attention to the possibilities of the remedy in weak sight (H. R., iv. 237), and tells of a friend of his who had a dose direct from the skunk injected into his eyes "It was as though fire had entered his eyes." For a time he was totally blind.

but when his sight returned it was so keen that he could count the panes in a window said to be two miles distant. In another case, after getting the poison out of the eye, there was for weeks after a sensation on opening the lids as of breaking glass. On Farrington's advice it was antidoted by Crotalus Cascavella Crotal. Rest and lying down agg. Sitting up and motion amel. agg. Night and daybreak. Warm stove amel. colic from cold. amel. Cold washing. Ice-water agg. asthma. Touch agg.


Asthma. Blindness. Choking, easy. Cold, sensitiveness to. Eyes, affections of. Laryngismus. Sight, weak. Whooping-cough.

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