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Menyanthes - General symptoms

Buck-bean, Menyanthes Trifoliata, Menyanth, Meny.

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HPUS indication of Menyanthes: Twitching of legs

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Menyanthes in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Twitching of small portions of muscles in various parts of the body at different times,

Visible twitching in several parts at the same time, not exactly painful, worse during rest than while walking (after six hours and a half),

Vitality extremely increased; excessive hastiness of all movements (after thirty-two hours),

Weariness and exhaustion, immediately,

Weakness of the body while walking; together with chilliness all over (after one hour and a quarter),

Great weakness of the whole body, together with pressive pain above the sacrum while standing, diminished while sitting (after seventeen hours),

(Extreme weakness, with heat and violent headache),


Sticking pinching here and there in the body (after eight hours),

A drawing-bruised pain on the outer side of the thigh, small of the back, and left loin, and in the region of the kidney, while sitting quietly, in the evening,

Icy coldness of prominent, single or affected parts; nose (Ap Med), ears, fingers, knees, abdomen, etc

; at night (Phosphorus Pho)

Visible jerks or twitches

Vertex; heavy pressure on; pains, worse stooping; or as of a weight in nape

Bursting headache Pain ascends from nape Misty vision

Frequent, scant urine

Boring at l


Cramp in posterior thighs, worse sitting, or from ankles to calves [right]

Skin feels tight

Vivid dreams

Shivering, with yawning

Quartan malaria

Menyanthes trifoliata. Buck-bean. Bitterklee. N. O. Gentianaceae. Tincture of whole plant.

The Buck-bean (or "Bog-bean," as it is also called in Ireland and in Lincolnshire) is a water plant, and abounds in the fen districts, where it is in great local repute as a remedy for ague. Hahnemann proved it and well defined its sphere of action. Teste, who also proved it, found it very similar to Drosera Rotundifolia Drosera. Both these drugs caused in him, as one of the first symptoms, obscuration of sight, a sort of white mist, or vibrations, agg. in open air or during a walk. This was so intense that he did not dare to cross a street. The pains of Drosera Rotundifolia Dros. and Meny. were the same in character, but those of Drosera Rotundifolia Dros. were more intense. This analogy has not proved as close in other respects as Teste imagined it would. The main features of Meny. are ($51$) chill.

(2) sensations and pains of tension and compression.

and (3) spasmodic jerkings and visible twitchings.

these are agg. during rest, and may be associated with neuralgia. As soon as the patient lies down the legs jerk and twitch so that he cannot rest. "When sitting, the outstretched thigh and leg are four times spasmodically jerked up, but when standing or in drawing up the knees towards him, this is not perceptible." Meny. has cured many cases of fidgets. "jumps," "fidgets," and "urinary difficulties in women" are Burnett's leading indications for Meny. The twitching may appear in any part. Stitches, numbness, tension, and especially cramp-like and paralysing pains are very distinctive. The pressure is severely felt in the head.

Headache pressing in vertex from above downwards, amel. during hard pressure with the hand.

when ascending stairs, as of a heavy weight pressing on the head and brain at every step. With the headache there is often associated icy coldness of hands and feet. The tension culminates in a sensation as if the skin were several sizes too small and he was being crowded into it. R. Farley (Med. Adv., xxi. 240) reports this case Miss D. W., long a sufferer from spinal irritation, had terrible attacks of bursting headache, a terrible tension in membranes of brain in paroxysms, which caused her to scream. Began in right side of nape, ascended to forehead, and then spread over whole brain. Terrible sensation of loneliness with the pain.

begged her mother to stay with her. agg. From light, noise, jar, even if one walked lightly across the room. amel. From sitting bent, and by hard pressure on nape and vertex. Meny. 30 every ten minutes relieved immediately, and removed completely in two hours.

Icy coldness of hands and feet with warmth of the rest of the body (intermittents)


Third to thirtieth potency.


Amaurosis. Chest, affections of. Cramps. Fidgets. Headache, pressive. Heart, pains in. Intermittent fever. Jerkings. Paralysis.



Motor nerves