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Medorrhinum - General symptoms

The Gonorrhoeal Virus, Med.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Medorrhinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Introduced by Swan.

Provings by Swan, Ren Dell, C. H. Allen, Finch, Norton, Frost, Farrington, Cleveland, Laura Morgan, Berridge, Wilder, Higgins, Ostrom, Nichols, Peace, Sawyer, Carr. Bigler. Macdonald, in Great Britain, and Noegerath and Lydston, in American, have published fatal cases, and the effects of the poison. The symptoms produced by the virus in acute cases have been included in the pathogenesis, just as the toxic symptoms of Arsenicum Album Arsenic, Merc Viv Mercurius, Opium and Plumbum Metallicum Plumbum are included in the pathogenesis. The potentizing of the virus has developed latent dynamic forces, which is just as effective in homeopathic practice, prescribed strictly on its symptomatological basis as any other remedy. If the symptoms of the patient call for Medorrhinum it should be prescribed with the same confidence as any other in the Materia Medica, entirely irrespective of the sycotic history in the case. Like every other nosode, it should be prescribed according to its strict indications, just as we prescribe Arsenicum Album Arsenic, Opium or Sulphur Sulphur, irrespective of its origin or the diagnosis.

We append the following graphic description on the effects of

For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.

When thinking of it (Helonias Dioica Helon., Ox. ac.).

heat, covering. stretching out.

leaning head forward. thunderstorm.

least movement. sweets.

salt bathing. early morning (three to four A. M.).

common to Medorrhinum and all sycotics.

in the mountains. in the sun.

armth of bed. entering a warm room.

from warmth, even when cold to the touch.

from daylight to sunset (rev. of Syphilinum (Luesinum) syph., which is worse from sunset to sunrise)p.

in many cases where improvement reaches a certain stage, and then stops, Medorrhinum has removed the obstruction and the case progressed to a cure.

Indisposed to work or make mental effort.

desire for rest and dread of change.

noise, confusion, disorderliness of surroundings distressing.

depression and much anxiety, especially after sleep.

irritable if the room is not light enough to make everything distinct.

craving for stimulants, but cannot endure the effects, for they cause a wild, crazy feeling in brain after the first sleep.

same effect from using eyes.

Vertigo when stooping.

several times during day sudden attacks, seemingly in vertex, with danger of falling.

things did not seem to go round, but there was a sensation and fear of falling, only slightly better lying down, worse on movement.

always woke with it. as if intoxicated.

walks zigzag. in occiput extending to vertex, with sensation of enlargement of occiput.

Sensation as of three points of tension in head, in centre of each hemisphere and cerebellum.

as if large cords were drawn to each from every part of lobes and cerebellum.

extremely painful, caused a disposition to run wildly through streets tearing hair.

seemed as if tensive pains would break, when suddenly they relaxed and a bubbling sensation passed from centres to circumferences.

when reached, the tensive pains began again.

Swelling in region of left submaxillary gland, the size of a goose egg.

whiskers over tumor came out.

softened in centre, at times sharp, shooting pains.

on being opened discharge a large quantity of thin, bloody pus.

was opened several times, finally the aperture formed raised embankment-like edges.

the pus burrowed until arrested by clavicle, where it formed an enormous swelling (better after Thuja Thuja 3m.).

the tumors left fistulous openings which were a long time in healing.

Sensation of an abscess on left chest between pectoralis major and minor where they form anterior boundary of axillary space, hard and sensitive to touch, drawing pains in every direction, worse motion of arm.

great heat extending about three inches from spot and through to back of shoulder, no redness and very slight swelling.

Takes cold at the slightest exposure, begins in the head and goes down on the lungs.

severe burning in the base of the tongue extending down the bronchi as if he had inhaled hot steam.

worse in the morning, a raw feeling extending from throat to lungs as if the mucous membrane was scraped with a knife.

worse by breathing cold air, sensation as if the lungs were stuffed with cotton.

The ulcers were all over prepuce, and as they improved the warts began to grow all over glans, back of corona, inside of prepuce and frenum.

enormous seed warts. the head of penis was two or three times natural size.

the warts were very moist, and secreted a yellowish, stinking fluid, and bled very easily, and the odor was very perceptible in a room with him.

but his general health was much improved.

during eight months mostly suppressed by drugs and injections.

for past two months flow persists, watery, transparent, but acrid and abundant, mixed with creamy liquid, stains linen yellow brown.

pain at end of penis during urination.

since third month of infection had heavy, drawing, wandering pains in right arm, right hip and left calf, worse damp weather.

urine stains clothes a dirty brown, discharges extremely slow, sometimes it takes half an hour to empty bladder, leaving him in a weak condition.

during urination, painful rectal tenesmus.

chilliness when bladder is too full, better by urination.

if he urinates after getting warm in bed, has to urinate every hour rest of night.

faint, indefinite sense of chilliness, followed by frequent calls to urinate, urine being hot, copious and followed by spinal chill and incontinence of urine on getting cold.

six months later there came for several months successive crops of vesicle on prepuce, very sore to touch, which soon opened at the tip, and left a little ulcerlike sore lasting a few days.

a round, clean cut, sharp edged elevation with depression, however not filled with pus as in genuine chancre.

Extremely sensitive, swollen bunions, worse on left foot, puffed, very red, feet hot.

in the centre there is a spot as if blood had collected, which is very sore.

itching very annoying must remove shoes to rub them, which relieves for the time.

very sensitive to pressure.

flesh feels as if cracked open.

in the evening, after being on the feet all day, almost unendurable.

worse on warm days. feet swollen and tenderp.

Slept well but woke at an early hour with a frightened sensation as if something dreadful had happened.

the weight on the head was heavy, and great heat in it.

could not rest in bed.

felt as if she must do something to rid her mind of this fearful torture.

for two hours was in this state of mind.

she struggled against it.

fought with what seemed to be the adversary.

scolded herself for her weakness.

all to no purpose, and grew weak with the effort.

she cannot describe the mental agony she endured

Chills up and down back.

several times a day 10 A. M., some chattering and shivering.

at 1030 A. M., fever with thirst, began in fingers and toes.

from 1030 to 1230, thirst during chill, none during fever.

from 10 to 11 A. M., cold feet and legs, from 10 to 12, nervous during fever, moving fingers.

at 11 A. M., beginning with great coldness of fingers and toes.

at 2 P. M., feet cold first, after chill excessive languor.

at 5 P. M., followed by fever and slight sweat (after getting wet).

repeated next day, but slighter.

Chill came first at night, afterwards at various hours.

for instance, on two consecutive days at 2 P. M., then two days at 3, 4, 5 and 6 each, then at 7 P. M., where it remained for two weeks.

chill commenced in small of back, running up and down, lasted about an hour, and as it ceased, profuse and frequent urination appeared and continued during fever.

congestion of chest simulating pneumonia during fever, causing great alarm.

great renal distress during paroxysm.

thirst during fever for hot drinks.

fever continued for six or eight hours.

profuse sweat after fever.

great nervousness during paroxysm, was sure he would die.

intolerance of noise. irritablefont.

Right neuralgia in temple in eye.

headache in temple. as of a worm crawling in ear.

soreness of concha. quick, darting pains in ear.

fever-blisters near corner of upper lip.

neuralgia of upper and lower jaws.

hard swelling in upper jaw.

as of a tumor in side of abdomen.

tensive pain in side of abdomen.

darting pain from centre of ovarian region to lower edge of liver.

cutting in lower abdomen, running into spermatic cord.

testes very tender, distinct bubbling sensation in kidney.

sensation of three bubbles in renal region.

heavy, drawing, wandering pains in arm and hip.

tense pain passing diagonally in ovary.

small chancres on edges of labia.

pain in upper part of lung.

pain in right shoulder as though it came from left.

darting pain from centre of lung to lower edge of liver.

cold pain in lung. sharp stitching pain in bottom of lung.

lung cold. sharp pain along edge of sternum.

mild heat spreading over right side.

pain in bottom of lung.

sensation of enlarged gland in side of neck.

pain under scapula. throbbing and thumping in region of suprarenal capsule, seeming to come from just below fifth rib.

creeping chills in region of kidney.

rheumatic pain in shoulder and arm.

severe pain from abscess of liver, extending to shoulder and down elbow.

crampy pain in first and second fingers of hand.

dropping of leg. cramp in leg.

between knee and thigh.

soreness of great toe.

pain, swelling and inflammation of great toe.

pain like rheumatism along nape, whole side, hip, upper leg. Left neuralgia in temple and eye.

aching over eye. pain in parietal bone.

tensive pains in side of head.

ptosis of outer end of upper lid.

pulling pain in lower lid.

itching, aching or burning pain in ear.

ringhole in ear sore. soreness of outer wing of nostril.

crawling in nostril. fever sore on lower lip near commissure.

swelling in region of submaxillary gland.

mild cramp in calf. hot swelling on side of anus.

heavy drawing, wandering pains in calf.

great deal of pain in ovary.

ovary seemed enlarged.

soreness and nervous pain in a spot on side of uterus.

swelling of breast. oppression worse on side.

sharp pain in bottom of lung.

aching in back of lung.

an old sore spot in top of lung aroused.

fatigue of lung. walking in sun, lung becomes excessively hot.

pain in upper chest. aching in lung under scapula.

sharp pain in edge of sternum and lung.

lung very painful, feels drawn towards right side.

side of chest from top of lung to waist hot as fire.

bottom of lung sore to pressure.

dull, heavy pain at top of lung.

intense boring below scapula.

sore spot size of Argentum Metallicum silver dollar begins at top of lung, extends through to lower part of back.

after having slept on side, soreness of heart.

great pain in cardiac plexus, extending to arm.

intense pain in side of chest.

pain from sore spot below scapula to heart.

dull pain in heart, with pain in arm.

burning in arm. sensation of an abscess in chest.

great soreness of muscles of lower chest.

ribs sore to touch. occasional creeping sensation in region of kidney.

pain in region of kidney darting over hip.

rheumatic pain in top of shoulder.

itching eruption on shoulder.

pain commencing under scapula, running down arm to little finger.

forearm and hand numb.

pain in arm and sensation in hand as is swollen.

numbness down arm. numb pain in arm.

sensation of a boil coming on back of hand.

pains across middle knuckles of hand.

middle finger swollen.

sharp pain over hip. numbness of leg.

pain in knee when walking.

trembling in leg. contraction of muscle under knee and in calf.

knotting of muscle in calf.

sudden intense pain in ankle, back of joint.

sore swelling under foot.

pains like rheumatism in lower leg.

leg swollen near knee.

numb sensation in arm, hand and leg.

leg goes to sleep. itching sometimes confined to side.

Of falling. as if intoxicated.

as if occiput was enlarged.

head as if tightening.

as of a tight band across forehead.

as if front half of brain would come through forehead.

as if skin was drawn tight.

as if she would go crazy.

as of three points of tension in head, as if large cords were drawn to each.

as if tensive pains would break.

as if head had been struck.

as if occipital protuberances were enlarged.

as if eyes were pulling out of head.

as if she stared at everything.

as if eyes protruded. as a sand under lids.

as of sticks in eyes, lids and inner canthi.

as of a cool wind blowing in eyes.

as if upper lid had a cartilage in it.

as if a tube went through head.

as if parchment was drawn over ear.

as of a worm crawling in right ear, as if it commenced boring in anterior wall of auditory canal.

as if mucous membrane of nose was hypertrophied.

as of a centipede crawling in left nostril.

mouth as if burnt. throat as if scraped.

as of a paper of pins in pit of stomach that seemed to force themselves through flesh.

as if heart palpitated in pit of stomach.

as if a lump in stomach.

cramps in stomach as from wind.

sensation in liver as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.

as of a heavy weight in lower abdomen.

as of a tumor in right side of abdomen.

pressure as of a hard, biconvex body in abdomen.

beating as of a pulse in abdomen.

as if there was a large lump on posterior surface of sphincter ani.

as of passage of calculus in ureter.

after urinating, a feeling as if something more remained in urethra.

as if a sac was distended in left ovary and if pressed would burst.

pain in left groin as if leg pushed something.

left ovary as if enlarged.

as if she must press ovary.

cutting as if with knives in pelvis region pain as if menses were coming on.

choking as if epiglottis was closed.

as if lining of larynx and pharynx was torn off.

larynx as if ulcerated.

as of a lump in larynx.

as if thorax was too full.

as if larynx would be torn to pieces.

as if bronchial tubes were enlarged.

as if lining membrane was a loose fold of tissue.

chest as if painfully contracted.

lung as if beaten or bruised.

as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung.

as if there was a cavity extending from side to side in chest, filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions.

pain in right shoulder as though it came from left straight through.

left lung as if collapsed or paralyzed.

as if lung was drawn up in hand and let loose.

left lung as if drawn toward right side as if something had grown to sore spot in front of chest and was drawing back.

heart as if large. as of a cavity where heart ought to be.

pain as if radiating in different parts of left side of chest.

as if heart was swollen.

as of an abscess on left chest.

between pectoralis major an minor.

as of an enlarged gland in right side of neck, under upper part of sternocleido-mastoid.

pains in shoulders as if bones would be crushed.

as of water dropping out of a bottle in lumbar region.

pricking in left little finger as if asleep.

left hand as if swollen.

as if a boil was coming on back of hand.

left leg as if paralyzed.

creeping chills in region of right kidney, as if caused by icy cold insects with claws.

as if she would faint.

as of creeping things throughout body.

as if she would have nightmare.

as if contents of lower part of chest and abdomen seemed to press upon each other.

as of a foreign substance in right eye, then in left.

as if blood was boiling hot in veins.

as if she had taken a severe cold.

sore all over as if bruised.

as if all bones were out of joint.

Pain in forehead. in temples.

over eyes. in centre of brain.

in left parietal bone.

circling through head and around crown.

in back of head. in right eye.

in eyes. up Eustachian tube and out of both ears.

in renal region. at end of penis.

in left ovary. in lower abdomen.

in upper part of right lung.

in right shoulder. in left upper chest through to shoulders.

from upper lung to sore spot below left scapula.

in heart and lungs. in heart from sore spot below left scapula to heart.

in left arm. through chest and mammae.

in nape and between scapulae, running on to either side, shoulder and down to lumbar region.

in back between scapulae.

under right scapula. straight through from left to right shoulder.

in region of left kidney.

in lumbar portion of spine.

in back of hip, running around abdomen and down limbs.

in sacrum and coccyx. commencing under left scapula, running down arm to little finger.

in left arm. when bending middle finger of left hand.

in both legs, from hips down to knees.

in left knee. of right great toe.

from waist downwards.

Itching. of scalp. in nose.

of eyebrows. over left eye.

of ears. in occiput. in cerebellum and medulla.

in base of brain. in eyeballs.

in left ear. in cartilage of ear.

across kidneys. in sacrum and down back of legs to feet.

in back part of left lung.

in left lung under scapula.

in bones of arm. in hip joints and knees.

in lower limbs. of vagina and labia.

of eruption on left shoulder.

in side of elbow joints.

of hands. at roots of and between fingers.

in soles. between toes.

of eruption around waist.

all over body. of eruption on limbs.

from knees up, on forearms and around waist.

A powerful and deep-acting medicine, often indicated for chronic ailments due to suppressed gonorrhoea. For women with chronic pelvic disorders. Chronic Rheumatism. Great disturbance and irritability of nervous system. Pains intolerable, tensive; nerves quiver and tingle. Children dwarfed and stunted. Chronic catarrhal conditions in children. Nose dirty, tonsils enlarged, thick yellow mucus from nostrils; lips thickened from mouth breathing. State of collapse and Trembling all over. History of sycosis. Often restores a gonorrhoeal discharge. Intensity of all sensations. Oedema of limbs; dropsy of serous sacs. Disseminated sclerosis.

Stiff, puffy, achy, sore and rheumatic Dwarfish

Many pains SYCOTIC TAINT, poor reaction

Joints feel loose

Profuse, acrid discharges; causing itching (Tell)

Fishy odors


Small, very sore aphthae, blisters, etc

Burnings Burning at root of tongue

Formication; internal

Numbness Tremor


Sour children



Loss of power in joints

Memory weak, can't concentrate; forgets words, names; can't finish sentences

Mental confusion

Wild feeling



Things seem strange Tells it over again

Hurried; and anxious; and irritable; and sensitive

Forgetful; of names; of her errand



Apprehensive; anticipates events

Persistent ideas or alternating states, or erratic

Impulsive, abrupt or rude

Many ideas; but uncertain of execution; non-commital

Sensitive, nervous and hurried Feels far off, unreal; some one behind her

Sad, tearful and fearful Dismal out-look (Cimi---- ); better weeping

Vertigo; worse in vertex

Head tight; tense pains; pulls hair

Occiput pains to behind eyes

Tousled heads Coryza with loss of taste and smell

Post-nasal discharge

Face, grayish, greasy, greenish; yellow at edge of hair Red spiderlets on face [right]

Acne on face; worse after menses

Water tastes like perfume

Exhaled breath feels hot

Craves stimulants

Morning nausea

Vomiting of pregnancy Heavy lower abdomen or prostate Grinding colic; must brace feet


Leans back to force a stool; then shivers

Cholera infantum

Fiery red, moist, violently itching anus Scalding ammoniacal urine

Air hunger

Cough, better lying on face Sore, oozing or icy nipples

Cutting, crawling, burning above [left] scapula

Fingertips burn and crack

Heavy legs

Tender, itching ball and soles Sleeps in knee-chest position A short nap seems a long one, but better (Nux Vomica Nux-v)

Cold skin, but blood feels hot (Secale Cornutum Sec-c)

Burning heat, with sweat; wants to uncover, but is chilled thereby

Burning feet

Sweat easy; toward morning

Hay fever

Body smells badly to her; can't wash it off (Lac Caninum Lac-c)

Teeth soft, crumbly

Aphthae under tongue

Burning in epigastrium

Flatulence with numbness

Dark fluid from rectum

Drawing in ovaries, better pressure

Sycotic sterility

Profuse, dark, clotted, foul menses (Psorinum Psor)

Blistering leucorrhoea (Ammonium Carbonicum Am-c)

Pruritus, better rubbing

Lungs feel stuffed with cotton

Can't exhale

Asthma; sycotic; infantile

Sensation as of a cavity in chest or heart

Heat in spine

Spine sore and tender

Arms hairy

Hot palms

Bites nails

Leg cramps, better stretching leg

Itching soreness


Sycotic red node

Deep red spots

Glinicum. Nosode of Gonorrhoea. Attenuations of the Virus.

Medorrh. is one of the most important of the nosodes. The constitutional nature of the gonorrhoea poison has within recent years been recognised in the old school as well as the new. Noegerath of New York and Angus Macdonald in this country have pointed out a causal connection between post-partum pelvic cellulitis and latent gonorrhoea in the husband. Macdonald published several fatal cases. The effects of the poison, constitutional or acute, may be taken as data for homoeopathic prescriptions.

always brighter in evening, agg. in early morning hours. With Medorrh. there is intense nervous sensibility, especially to touch of garment or a lock of hair by any one not en rapport. Sensibility is exalted almost to clairvoyance. As if in a dream. Starting at slightest sound. Tremor.

spasms. There is a state of collapse and a desire to be fanned. Among the Peculiar Sensations are As of sticks in eyes, lids, and inner, canthi.

as if cold wind blowing in eyes.

as if upper lid had a cartilage in it. As if something crawling in ear and nose. Lump in stomach. Tumour right side of abdomen. As if left lung collapsed or paralysed. As if an abscess between left pectoralis major and minor muscles. As if blood was boiling hot in veins. As if all bones were out of joint.

The pains seem to tighten the whole body, especially the thighs. There is scarcely a spot on the body that is not full of pain. Obstinate rheumatism. Sequelae of acute rheumatism. D. C. McLaren relates in Hahn. Advoc. (quoted Amer. Hom., xxii. 408) a case which illustrates the power and sphere of this nosode. A young French Canadian of delicate constitution, after working in a factory all winter, began coughing in spring and running down in health. He returned home and came under McLaren's care in May. The cough persisted and prostration increased, in spite of carefully selected remedies, and the patient took to his bed. It was then observed by McLaren that the cough and general condition was amel. from lying on the face. This, coupled with a knowledge of there being a syphilitic taint in the boy's parentage, suggested Medorrh., which was given. The next day a profuse gonorrhoeal discharge appeared, and the cough and all threatening symptoms promptly disappeared. Exposure to contagion had occurred several weeks before, but from lack of vitality the disease could not find its usual expression and was endangering the patient's life. Ernest Nyssens ("La Sycose de Hahnemann," Jour. Belge d'Hom, vi. 244) quotes some important observations by old-school authorities on constitutional gonorrhoea. Wertheim in a case of gonorrhoeal cystitis watched the entrance of the gonococcus into the blood stream. With the gonococcus taken from the blood of this patient he made cultures to the fifth generation. A youth who had never had venereal disease volunteered for inoculation with this. The subacute urethritis which resulted was so grave, and, in spite of all, became complicated so cruelly with cystitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, synovitis, and pleuro-pneumonia, that Wertheim asked whether the gonococcus did not redouble its virulence by passing into the blood. Louis Jullien and Louis Sibut (from whose paper Nyssens quotes the above) witnessed the following case in Saint Lazare hospital Louisa M., 17, entered the hospital June 8th with urethro-vaginitis, and was treated with tampons (tiges) of Ichthyol dissolved in Glycerinum glycerine (1 to 5). The urethritis ran a normal course till July 6th, when this condition was reported The patient has had sufferings in the abdomen for a week, but has made no complaint. However, they became so acute the previous night that an injection of Morphia was given. Rectal temperature 100.2. Tongue saburral. Right side abdominal pain. In spite of rigid contraction of the recti muscles there seemed to be a swelling deep down, but the observers were not certain it was not a swelling of the muscles themselves. Intestinal functions normal.

The rheumatic symptoms are of extreme intensity, and Medorrh. will cure many cases where the symptoms correspond. I have cured many cases of dysmenia with it, following Burnett. Burnett cured with Medorrh. 1m ($51$) A patient who had fits at every menstrual period, the fits coming on in the early morning. (2) A man who had clonic spasms, the legs suddenly shot up from the bed. (3) A case of right wrist rheumatism. (4) Polypi having their origin in a chronic suppurating discharge. (He regards Medorrh. as "the mother of pus and catarrhs"). (5) Masturbation in children. (6) Albuminuria when the urine contains some mucus as well. (7) Sycotic asthma, agg. 2 to 4 a.m. (8) Psoriasis palmaris. Gilbert (Trans. Amer. Inst., 1895, quoted H. R., xi. 71) traces rickets to hereditary gonorrhoea.

there are often in these cases glandular enlargements, and the patient is amel. at seaside. In such cases he gives Medorrh. (When there is syphilitic paresis and the patient is amel. in the mountains, he gives Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syph.). In acute bowel troubles in rickety children he finds Medorrh. of great value.

Thomas Wildes (H. P., xii. 70) considers that favus and scald-head and ophthalmia tarsi simplex (margins scaly, scurfy, often angry red, falling of lashes) are due to suppressed gonorrhoea in one or both parents. The red, angry condition of skin may extend from face or scalp, down neck and back to perineum and genitals. ($51$) Girl, 11, had been treated by many physicians with salves and ointments to the general impairment of her health. Face mottled with a profusion of red scurfy sores, eyelids involved and nearly denuded of lashes.

hairy scalp one diffuse mass of thick yellow scabs, from beneath which oozed a highly offensive mixture of ichor and sebum. Passing down neck, back, perineum and involving genitals and pubes was a fiery red band as broad as the child's hand, oozing a pale yellow serum which caused the clothing to stick to the body. Wildes told the mother he could cure the case, but it would certainly get worse the first three months. This was not objected to. Medorrh. c.m. (Swan) was given, one dose on the tongue. The external appearance grew rapidly worse, but appetite, sleep, and general health steadily improved, and in nine months she was completely well. (2) Child, 6, since infancy horribly disfigured with tinea capitis. Scalp a mass of dense scabs exuding fetid ichor, the only semblance of hair being a few distorted stumps ending in withered roots. One dose cured in a few months, and at the time of Wildes' writing patient was a healthy and extremely talented young lady and the possessor of a luxuriant head of chestnut hair. Wildes thinks that suppression of favus when derived from gonorrhoea in the father leads to hydrocephalus, capillary bronchitis, severe teething diarrhoeas, cholera infantum, &c.

if derived from the grandfather, suppression leads to consumption and lingering diseases. Fiery red rash developing about the anus in babies a few days old.

constipation with hard, dry stools.

when the nurses say "baby's water scalds it terribly," the indications for Medorrh. are clear. Wildes regards the latent gonorrhoeal taint as the true explanation of many of the disease-manifestations included by Hahnemann under Psora. Burnett in a way confirms this, as he traces gout to a sycotic origin. Wildes regards Medorrh. too dangerous a remedy to give in acute cases whether of gonorrhoea, rheumatism, or scarlatina, on account of the intensity of the aggravation it is liable to cause.

Medorrh. is the remedy in single doses, but it is rarely if ever to be given in the acute stages of a disease. In general motion agg., rest amel. Lying on face or stomach amel. cough. Stretching out agg. Leaning head forward agg. Leaning far back amel. constipation can only pass stool so. (I cured with Medorrh. 200 a most aggravated case of constipation on this indication. The patient said he was obliged to lean far back on the seat or he could not get rid of the stool. He was passing urine containing long white mucous shreds. Many years before he had had gonorrhoea.) There is great sensitiveness to draught of air.

takes cold easily. At the same time there is great desire to be fanned. agg. In the sun.

by warmth of bed. entering a warm room (cough). Salt-water bathing amel. sore throat and cold in head. Damp weather amel. pain in limbs. Craving for ice. Chronic rheumatism of joints is agg. inland, amel. near sea. The early morning agg. (especially 3 to 4 a.m.) is a leading characteristic of Medorrh. and all sycotics.

The physician of long and active experience meets many obstinate cases in children. The infant soon emaciates and becomes marasmic, or a child becomes asthmatic, or suffers with vicious catarrh of nose or eyelids, or has ringworm on the scalp or face, or is dwarfed.

Medorrhinum will cure, or begin the recovery. The woman married several years desires to become a mother. She was healthy when she married, but now she has ovarian pains, menstrual troubles, she has lost all sexual response, is growing pale and waxy, and becoming violently sensitive and nervous.

Rheumatic symptoms in every part of the body. Some symptoms are worse in the daytime. The usual comparison with Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syphilinum, which reads,

"Med. in daytime and Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syph. at night," does not hold good as a sweeping statement. It is true that many Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syph. pains are worse nights.

It is true that some sycotic and Medorrhinum symptoms are worse daytimes. It is also true that many sycotic symptoms are violent day and night. It is also true that the mental symptoms of Med are most violent at night. It will not do to be too sweeping with circumstances of this nosode.

The rheumatic inflammations are worse from motion, but where swelling is not present these patients act like Rhus Tox Rhus patients.

they are sensitive to cold, suffer from aching and torturesome pains, and find relief only in motion - like Rhus Tox Rhus. Most sycotic patients suffer from cold, some are sensitive to heat.

Sore, bruised and lame, as if he had taken a deep cold and was coming down with a fever. The pains come on with a feeling of general tension. Obstinate cases of rheumatism. Losing flesh. Walks stooped, becoming clumsy. Stumbles. Looks as if he were going into quick consumption. Intense nervous sensibility, respecting touch of garment or a lock of hair by any one not en rapport

Trembling and quivering; growing steadily weaker. Intense formication all over the body. Starts from the slightest noise. Feels faint and wants to be fanned, Wants open air. Cold and pulseless, with cold sweat.

Oedema of the limbs with great soreness and dropsy of serous sacs. Externally sensitive to cold damp weather. Subject to neuralgias Stitching, tearing pains. The pains are ameliorated by heat. Drawing pains in back and limbs. The patient is extremely sensitive to pain. The remedy should never be used low.

Makes mistakes in writing, of spelling, and words. Time move too slowly.

everybody moves too slowly. He is in a constant hurry, in such a hurry that he gets out of breath. She is in such a hurry that she feels faint. Confusion of mind, dazed.

fear of sensation. loses the idea when speaking. Great difficulty in stating her symptoms, loses herself and must be asked over again.

Thinks some one is behind her; hears whispering. Sees faces that peer at her from behind the furniture (Phosphorus Phos). Everything seems unreal (Alumina Alum).

Sharp pains come and go suddenly. No part of head is free from pain. Pain aggravated from light, and on coughing. Burning pains deep in, as if in brain. Extreme tension of scalp. Band across forehead. Pain in occiput and nape, aggravated on motion. Intense itching of scalp. Herpetic eruptions on scalp.

ringworm. Copious dandruff. Hair dry and crispy.

Blurred vision, and black or brown spots in the field of vision. Objects look double, or small. Sees imaginary objects. Eyes feel drawn. Tension in the muscles. Pain in eyes on turning them. Sensation of sand in eyes. Sensation of sticks. inflammation of conjunctiva with ulceration of the cornea. Blepharitis with much swelling. Lids stuck together in the morning. Margins red and excoriated. Ptosis. Smarting of lids. Eyelashes fall out. Swelling under eyes, as in Bright's disease.

Imagines he hears voices or people in conversation, At first the hearing is very acute. Pain along Eustachian tubes into ears. Crawling in ears. Itching in ears. Stitching pains in ears.

Mucus, white or yellow. A middle aged man was cured of an obstinate nasal discharge by Med very high and a discharge from the urethra which had been suppressed many years before came back and acted like a chronic gleet, and finally subsided without other treatment.

Bleeding from the nose, and bloody nasal discharge. Nose sensitive to inhaled air. Itching and crawling in nose.

The greenish yellow, waxy, sickly face of the sycotic patient looks like that of the Arsenicum Album Arsenic patient, but strange to say, Arsenicum Album Arsenic does not otherwise correspond to the symptoms, but may be mistaken for it. The skin shines, and is often covered by blotches and there are fever blisters about the mouth. Herpes on the face.

Epithelioma of wing of nose, or on lip. Rheumatic pains and stiffness of face. Swelling of the submaxillary glands.

The taste is perverted, and the tongue is foul and white at base. The mouth is full of canker sores. Ulcers in the mouth and on the tongue.

The breath is foul. Stringy mucus in mouth and throat. Mouth dry and feels burnt. Catarrh of throat, and thick white mucus is constantly drawn from posterior nares.

Unquenchable thirst. Craves stimulants, tobacco, sweets, green fruit, ice, sour things, oranges, ale, salt. Nausea after eating, and after drinking water. Vomiting of mucus and bile, Sour and bitter vomiting. Violent retching. Vomiting without nausea.

Gnawing in stomach, not relieved by eating or drinking. Trembling in stomach. Clawing in stomach, aggravated by drawing up the knees. Sinking in stomach. Agonizing pains in stomach.

Liver Terrible pains in liver.

Grasping pains in liver and spleen. It has cured ascites. Pulsation felt in abdomen. Pain and swelling of the inguinal glands.

A young man who had been in good flesh and health took gonorrhoea. He was treated by injection. Soon he began to lose flesh. He suffered from pain in the groin, which compelled him to walk bent. He became pale and waxy; stiff and lame all over, and was very sensitive to cold.

Took cold frequently, which seemed never to get quite well. After Med. very high the discharge returned, and he seemed quite well. Pain in spermatic cords.

Infants Medorrhinum has cured many cases of marasmus in infants that had inherited sycosis from a parent.

Can pass stool only by leaning far back when straining at stool. Inactivity of the rectum. Round balls, and hard lumpy stool. Oozing of moisture at the anus, smelling like fishbrine.

Sensitive to cold, with tenderness of the soles. In albuminous urine with hyaline casts when the patient is waxy and there is oedema of feet and ankles, and the soles so tender he can scarcely walk on them, the skin of soles is bluish and hot.

also when the swollen legs are so sore he cannot have them touched, or endure the pressure to ascertain whether the swelling will or will not pit on pressure.

In the above conditions Med will act promptly if there has been gonorrhoeal history. Inflammation of bladder, prostate gland or kidneys. Copious mucus in urine. Renal colic. Parenchymatic inflammation of the kidneys. Copious pale urine. Frequent urination at night. Loses urine in bed. Inactivity of the bladder and feeble stream of urine. It has cured many cases of polyuria.

Prolonged gleety discharge with rheumatic symptoms and declining health. For gonorrhoeal rheumatism it is a most important remedy. It controls the rheumatic symptoms and restores the discharge.

It has cured induration of testes, and pain in the spermatic cords. Pain in left spermatic cord, left sciatic nerve and lumbago from every exposure to a draft in one who suffered from gonorrhoea several years ago and was cured by Med. 10 M at long intervals.

Chronic pain in ovarian region. Sterility. Painful menstruation. Obstinate leucorrhoea. Enlarged ovaries. Violent itching of vulva and vagina. Profuse menses. Drawing in sacrum as if menses would come on, Cutting like knives in whole pelvic region.

Burning in scrotum and hips during menses.

Suffocation and short breath on slight exertion. Asthma in children of sycotic parents (Natrum Sulphuricum Nat. s.). Spasms of the glottis with clucking in the larynx.

air expelled with difficulty, but inhaled with ease. Several cases of asthma have been cured by Medorrhinum. Dryness of the larynx causes spasms and cough on falling asleep.

Most obstinate catarrh of air passages with copious viscid expectoration has been cured by Medorrhinum. Cannot cough deep enough to reach the phlegm (Causticum Caust). The cough is ameliorated by lying on the abdomen, is aggravated at night. The expectoration. is yellow, white or green, viscid, difficult to raise. Cough worse in a warm room.

Many of the patients that need Medorrhinum look sick, pale, and walk stooped as if about to go into phthisis. Dry cough, with rattling in chest. Great heat, even burning in chest. Many pains in chest. Rheumatic, sharp pains through chest on exposure to damp cold air.

When patients who have suffered from gonorrhoea seem to be taking on a phtisical complex of symptoms and the paucity of individualizing symptoms makes the remedy doubtful, Medorrhinum will bring better reaction, and sometimes be the remedy for many months.

Intense pain in chest on coughing. Sensation of coldness in chest and mammae. Stitching pain in chest. The chest is sore to touch, and aggravated by the motion of breathing.

The heart manifests all the symptoms usual to rheumatic constitutions. Dyspnea; fluttering heart; palpitation. The pains are acute, cutting, stitching; aggravated by motion. Burning in heart, extending to left arm.

It is generally a lumbago, or it is a lumbo-sacral pain, and often extends into the lower limbs. Crural or sciatic pains. Drawing in nape and back. Pain across the back, from left to right shoulders. Great heat in the upper part of spine. Stiffness in the back on rising, or beginning to move. Pains all aggravated in cold damp weather. Tender spine, Soreness in region of kidneys.

Limbs Chronic rheumatic pains in limbs in cold damp weather.

The limbs are lame and stiff. Stitching pains all over the body, and in limbs. Sharp pains. The patient is extremely sensitive to pain, and feels pain as sharp and stitching. Some of the pains come on during motion, and some are better from continued motion. Cold extremities. Burning palms and soles, Trembling of the limbs. Rheumatic pains in shoulders aggravated from motion.

Numbness of arms and hands, worse left. Trembling hands and arms. Burning palms, wants them fanned. Right hand cold, then left. Cold hands. Heat and numbness of back of hands.

Trembling weakness and numbness of lower limbs. Awkwardness of legs, they do not go where they are willed to go. Numbness of thighs. Must stretch the lower limbs constantly. Drawing pains and tension in legs. Rheumatic pains. Stiffness and soreness in flesh and periosteum. Shooting up the legs during a thunderstorm.

Restlessness in legs, must move them constantly. Aching, drawing in legs and thighs, in sciatic and crural nerves, ameliorated by continued motion. Legs numb and heavy, like wood. Legs cold up to the knees.

Contraction of muscles of posterior part of thigh down to knee. Cramps in soles and calves. Weak ankles. Burning feet, wants them uncovered and fanned. Legs swollen to knees, and pit upon pressure. Sore bruised legs, ankles and soles. Soles sore and bruised, look blue. He cannot walk on the soles. Swelling and itching of the soles. It cures the tenderness in the soles so common in chronic gonorrhoeal rheumatism. Tenderness of soles so that be had to walk on his knees. Cold sweaty feet.

Since writing the above I have experimented more with the so-called nosodes and have had seemingly very good results from Medorrhinum as well as Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syphilinum in intractable cases of chronic rheumatism. The most characteristic difference between them is that with Medorrhinum the pains are worse in the day-time, and with Syphilinum (Luesinum) Syphilinum in the night.

There are, no doubt, great curative powers residing in these two disease poisons and they should not be discarded simply because they are the products of disease.

In regard to the other nosodes, I have, within two years past, seen more remarkable effects from them.




Mucous membranes


Cellular tissue Lungs


Small joints



Left ovary


For persons suffering from gout, rheumatism, neuralgia and diseases of the spinal cord and its membranes even organic lesions ending in paralysis which can be traced to a sycotic origin.

Bears the same relation in deep-seated sycotic chronic affections of spinal and sympathetic nervous system that Psorinum Psorinum does to deep-seated affections of skin and mucous membranes.

Children, pale, rachitic; dwarfed and stunted in growth (Bar. c.); mentally, dull and weak.

Great heat and soreness, with enlargement of lymphatic glands all over body.

Spinal curvatures or more or less pronounced traces of rachitis.

Consumptive languor; fatigue; great general depression of vitality.

Trembling all over (subjective), intense nervousness and profound exhaustion.

State of collapse, wants to be fanned all the time (Cerbo v.); craves fresh air; skin cold, yet throws off the covers (Camphora Camph., Secale Cornutum Sec.); cold, and bathed with cold perspiration (Ver.).

Insatiate craving for liquor, which before she hated (A. S. A. R.), for salt (Caladium Seguinum Cal., Nat Mur Nat.); for sweets (Sulphur Sulph., Tuberculinum Tub.); for beer, ice, acids, oranges, green fruits, coffee grounds.

Nocturnal enuresis; passes enormous quantity of ammoniacal, high-colored urine in bed every night; worse by overwork or overplay, extremes of heat or cold; when with a history of sycosis the best selected remedy has failed to cure.

Intensely restless and fidgety legs and feet.

Burning of hands and feet, wants them not only uncovered, but fanned (Lachesis Lach., Sulphur Sulph.)p

Right knee painful, swollen. At same time synovitis of left wrist, dorsal aspect, the tendons attacked being the extensor proprius of thumb and index. Temperature normal. July 10.