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Medorrhinum - Cough symptoms - H.C. Allen

The Gonorrhoeal Virus, Med.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Medorrhinum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Cough from tickling under upper part of sternum.

Incessant dry cough, worse at night; wakes just as she is falling asleep; worse from sweet things.

Hacking cough, causing darting pains through scapulae.

Dry, hacking cough, with a weak, sinking sensation under sternum.

Severe dry cough, worse at night; sensation of a lump; dryness and excoriated sensation in glottis, with great hoarseness (relieved by Ipecacuanha Ipec.).

Terrible, painful, as if larynx would be torn to pieces, and as if mucous membrane was torn off, with profuse discharge of viscid, greyish mucus, mixed with blood.

Cough deep and hollow, like coughing in a barrel; bronchial tubes appear to be very much enlarged and cough-spasm causes a flabby feeling, as if lining membrane was a loose fold of tissue.

Great rattling of mucus, which appears to be low down in chest, while cough does not seem to reach there, but only to throat pit, consequently hard cough does not reach phlegm unless he lies on his face, when cough brings up a greyish yellow, or a pale greenish yellow, gelatinous mucus without taste.

When lying on back or either side when coughing, rattling wheezing or whistling.

Cough with aching across kidneys; causes painful shock at base of each lung; with a peculiar shrill, barking sound, some expectoration; on entering a warm room; after eating.

Cough, worse on lying down, better lying on stomachfont

Cough, worse at night, causing retchingfont

Hawking of tenacious mucus.

Expectoration; yellow white, albuminous, or little green, bitter balls; ropy, difficult to raise; as if flecked with infinitesimal dark spots.

A young French Canadian of delicate constitution, after working in a factory all winter, began coughing in spring and running down in health.

He returned home and came under my care in May.

The cough persisted and prostration increased, in spite of carefully selected remedies, and the patient took to his bed.

It was then observed by me that the cough and general condition was better from lying on the face.

This, coupled with a knowledge of there being a syphilitic taint in the boy's parentage, suggested Medorrhinum, which was given.

Exposure to contagion had occurred several weeks before, but from lack of vitality the disease could not find its usual expression and was endangering the patient's life. - D. C. McLaren.

Inner Chest and Lungs

Oppression of chest worse left side; with difficult breathing and a tendency to take a long breath; wakes gasping for breath.

Hoarseness seems to be in chest; feels like an accumulation in chest; as if it was painfully contracted.

Sharp pain in bottom of left lung.

Darting pain through lung, which makes her start.

Chest sore to touch, at times burning extends over chest; cold seems to increase it; a piece of ice cools it for an instant; then it is hotter; lung feels as if beaten or bruised.

Feels as if her breath was fanning a blistered sore in lung.

Singular sensation through chest; bounded by a line drawn across lower end of sternum and another about middle; as if there was a cavity extending from side to side, filled with burning air, which dilated in puffs in all directions, and could be felt impinging on walls of cavity.

Heat like a furnace in chest with itching of ears.

Pain in upper part of right lung when moving arm.

Pain in right shoulder as though it came from left, straight throughfont

Chest feels sore throughout.

Darting pain from centre of right lung to lower edge of liver.

Cold pain right lung and liver with coughing.

Very sharp stitching pain in bottom of right lung, also over surface of both lungs.

Aching in back part of left lung.

An old sore spot in top of left lung aroused.

Fatigue of left lung after talking, as if collapsed or paralyzed.

Walking in sun, left lung becomes excessively hot, right lung cold.

Pain in left upper chest through to shoulders; cough arising from chest, incessant, dry cough, worse at night.

Aching in left lung under scapula, indescribable aching as if it was drawn up in hand and then let loose, worse after walking; at same time aching in base of brain.

Sharp pain along right edge of sternum, changing to left edge, and afterwards into left lung.

Bottom of left lung sore to pressure (slight urging to cough from lower bronchia); afterwards slight pain in bottom or right lung.

Constricted sensation at bottom of both lungs; finally dull, heavy pain at top of left lungfont

Intense boring pain in chest, but most below left scapula, a place, the size of a dollar, on outer edge extremely sensitive to touch; pain from upper lung to this spot.

Coughing gives great pain in chest, as if it was painfully contracted.

Sore spot size of Argentum Metallicum silver dollar begins at top of left lung and like a red hot bolt extends through to lower part of back, chest sometimes feels as if something had grown to sore spot in front and was drawing back the chest; she feels for a cavity.

Pain in heart and lungs, especially at night.

Awful pains, in phthisis, in middle lobesfont

Incipient consumptionfont

Deep, hollow, rattling better by lying on the abdomen and face.

During a maneuvre in the army in 1885, Dr. V. got wet by a heavy rain coming into the tent during a whole night.

From this he got a hacking cough, on rising in the morning and in the open air.

It sounded as if he would call some one, and people would turn and look at him with angry eyes.

His throat was thoroughly examined by a specialist, but nothing was found.

In 1901, after 16 years of coughing, he consulted Dr. Ide, one of our greatest homeopathic physicians.

He ordered the doctor to take Medorrhinum one dose, and await the result.

On reaching home he took the dose, and next morning had no cough, nor did he cough afterwards, even in the open air.

From this he always had an unpleasant feeling and burning pain.

All this vanished like magicp

Heart, Pulse and Circulation

Difficulty of breathing through oppression of heart.

Fluttering about heart.

Palpitation after slight exertion.

Heavy heart throbbings.

With heat in chest, heart felt very hot, beat very fast and felt large, accompanied by a bursting sensation.

Soreness in heart in morning after having slept on left side.

Feeling of a cavity where heart ought to befont

Pain in heart; acute, sharp, quick; dull, quick.

Sharp pains around heart, passing thence to head; preceded by nausea.

Sharp pain at apex of heart; worse on movement.

Intense pain in heart, seemed to radiate in different parts of left side of chest; worse from least movement.

Pain from sore spot below left scapula to heart, with violent palpitation.

Dull pain in heart, with pain in left arm and sensation as if hand was swollen.

Burning in heart, went through to back and down left arm.

Dull pain in left side of heart, with pain in left arm and a sensation as if the hand were swollen.

Great pain in cardiac plexus, extending to left arm and throat; pulse 64; next day no pain, pulse 100p

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