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Magnetis Poli. Ambo. - Skin symptoms - H.C. Allen

Magnetis Poli Ambo, Mag-p-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnetis Poli. Ambo. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The recent wound commences to bleed again

The wound, which is almost healed, commences to pain again like a recent wound

Boils break out on various parts of the body, passing off soon

Corrosive pains in various parts, for example, below the ankle

Itching of the affected parts, the pain is increased by scratching; it is like a sort of burning in a sore place

Simple, continuous itching of the soft parts, remaining unchanged after scratching

Burning itching below the joints, after lying down, even for the mere purpose of taking a nap; it cannot be appeased by scratching

A continuous itching-pricking, here and there, terminating in a burning

Burning stinging pain in various soft parts of the body, not in the joints; it is more or less continuous

Single stitches in soft parts here and there, for instance in the ball of the thumb

In the evening, after having got warm in bed, he feels single burning stitches here and there, terminating in a smarting sensation

Pricking, moaning, fluttering sort of a pain at a small place, for instance in the sole of the feet, as is felt in a limb previous to going to sleep

Creeping, and sensation as if all the fluids were accumulating in the region where the magnet is applied

Small pimples on the chest

Extremely itching eruption where the magnet lay

The skin under the magnet is painful and corroded, and is surrounded by itch-like pustules

Red eruption, red spots

Red eruption in the palms of the hands resembling watery vesicles

Burning itching where the magnet lay, obliging one to scratch until blood came out; the skin is red, and around about small pimples are visible, passing off soon

Large pimples around the place where the magnet lay

Deep, lentil-sized ulcers at the place where the magnet lay

Wide-spread eruption of pimples and blisters, with drawing and prickling pain; also, red spots here and there

Secretion of a reddish humor from the wound

General Symptoms

Early in the morning, when lying on the side, he feels a continuous, intolerable, simple or bruised pain in all the joints, where the cartilages of the two bones touch one another; the pain abates as soon as one turns on the back, with the head bent backward, and the knees bent and at a distance from one another

Bruised pain in the joints of that side on which one rests, in the evening when in bed

Bruised pain of all the joints, or rheumatic pain of the ligaments of the arms and of all the joints of the chest, back, and nape of the neck, during motion and during and expiration

The joints are painful when moving the limbs, as if they had been sprained

Sensation in the limbs during motion, as is felt in the arm when knocking the ulnar nerve in the region of the elbow against anything hard

The limbs go to sleep, especially when standing or walking, after rising from a seat

In the morning, when lying in bed, and resisting a desire for an embrace, he is attacked with a kind of arthritic pain in the small of the back, knees and all the joints; the pains are bruised or weary pains

Burning emanation from the head, down the right side; immediately after, the whole body is covered with sweat

Burning emanations through every part of the body in every direction

Intolerable burning from the head to the feet, with pain as if the limbs were being torn and divided

Burning and pricking pains

During the burning pains there was neither external heat, nor redness of the parts

Sensation as of flying sparks over the body

Sensation in every part as if cut up

Heaviness in all the limbs, and palpitation of the heart from omitting the usual imposition of the magnets

Dull, numb pain

Drawing and pricking pain, mingled with itching

Shuddering movement through whole body

The joints are painful when touched

The places on which the magnets lie, burn as if hot coal were lying near them

The place where the magnet had been imposed goes to sleep, becomes numb and insensible

Jerking shock, causing the trunk to bend violently upward and forward as low down as the hips, with cries

The trunk, while in a recumbent position, is jerked up spasmodically as it were, the head being jerked forward upon the bed, and then again backward upon the cushion

The upper part of the body is spasmodically lifted and jerked forward, and then again backward on one side

Violent shocks causing a general tremor of the body, burning in the chest and through either arm, and sweat all over

None of the convulsions excited by the magnet after the pulse

A sort of starting through the body, afterwards sweat on either hand

Paralysis for ten days, with loss of sensation, the limb having its natural temperature and being moist

Shocks deprive him of consciousness

The spasmodic risings and jerkings of the body forward, are followed by a long-lasting loss of consciousness, followed by blowing with the mouth as when one experiences a great heat; after which consciousness and cheerfulness return

Loss of consciousness with staring eyes, open mouth, almost imperceptible inspirations, and a movement in the chest which is almost like palpitation of the heart, the pulse remaining unchanged and having its ordinary quality

During the loss of consciousness the fingers are moved one after the other; after the return of consciousness a profuse sweat breaks out

Languor in all the limbs, accompanied with a swoon, which lasts but a short while and returns several times

Fits of fainting, palpitation of the heart, and suffocation

Long-lasting swoons, in which she retained her consciousness

Swoon, during which she feels her pain, but is unable to complain on account of an inability to speak or move

Insensibility and deadly sopor

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