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Magnetis Poli. Ambo. - Generalities symptoms - H.C. Allen

Magnetis Poli Ambo, Mag-p-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnetis Poli. Ambo. in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Coma vigil early in the morning for several hours; after sunrise, sopor or deep sleep set in, full of heavy, passionate dreams, for instance, vexing dreams; the sopor terminates in a headache as if the brain were sore all over, disappearing after rising

Sleep disturbed by dreams full of oppression and anxiety, resembling nightmare

Vivid dreams, as if he saw the thing taking place in his waking state

Dreams full of feasting, boasting, and bragging

He wakes at three o'clock in the night; in a few hours he falls into a sopor full of dreams; afterwards, feeling of heat in the limbs without thirst, the limbs requiring to be uncovered at first, but afterwards covered carefully

He wakes at three o'clock in the morning; at sunrise his eyelids close again, and he lies in a sort of stupor full of heavy dreams

Lascivious dreams, even during the siesta, with discharge of the prostatic fluid

When asleep he snores during an inspiration, and wheezes through the nose during an expiration

Tossing about in bed during sleep

In the evening before lying down, he is attacked with symptoms of a catarrhal fever; the long bones are painful as if bruised in the middle; accompanied with dull headache causing a cloudiness; he is hoarse, and the chest is lined with tenacious mucus

In the morning, after waking, the flatulence increases in the abdomen, with loud grumbling; there is emission of flatulence, violent sneezing, copious discharge of mucus from the nose and yawning; all this soon goes off again

Early in the morning when waking, the mouth is covered with thick, almost dry mucus, and the eyelids are dry; both these symptoms disappear after sneezing and after a discharge of mucus from the nose

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