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Magnesia Muriatica - Nose symptoms - T.F. Allen

Magnesium Chloride, Muriate Of Magnesia, Mag Mur, Mag-mur, Mag m, Mag-m.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Muriatica: Loss of smell

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Muriatica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The right wing of the nose is red, swollen, and painful to touch (thirteenth to fifteenth days),

Ulcerated nostrils,

A scab in each nostril, that pains violently when touched, with loss of smell,

Discharge of offensive purulent mucus from the nose (after five days),

Nasal mucus mixed with specks of blood,

Blood comes from the nose on blowing it (fifth day),


Burning in both nostrils, as if sore (eleventh day),

Pressive sensation in the nose, as if it were stopped (eighth day),

Violent tearing in the upper part of both nostrils, that causes suffusion of the eyes,

The nose is sore and painful internally, when touched and when not (twenty-first and twenty-second days),

Tickling in the nose, with lachrymation (eighth day),


Smell blunted (after ten to eighteen days),


Frequent sneezing, whereby water flows from the nose (second and third days),

Much discharge of nasal mucus, almost like coryza,

Blowing of much mucus from the nose, without coryza,

Catarrh, with diminished smell and taste, and yellow nasal mucus (after eight days); with the coryza, she was obliged to sit up in bed a long time, in the evening, could not lie down nor fall asleep, and was obliged to open the mouth in order to breathe,

Coryza, with stoppage of the nose, and talking through the nose,

Violent coryza, with hoarseness and a stopped sensation in the nose, from which water flowed profusely for several days (after twenty-three days),

Violent coryza, at one time stopped, at another fluent, with dulness of the head and complete loss of taste and smell, for two days (after forty days),

Profuse, fluent coryza (after twenty-two days),

A feeling as though she would have coryza, with an increased secretion of mucus in the nose,

Stoppage of the nose; she was obliged to blow it hard (second day),

Stoppage of the nose in the morning, ; in evening,

Stoppage of the left nostril (after sixteen days),

Tickling in the nose, with sneezing and a sensation of coryza (after seventeen days),

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