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Magnesia Carbonica - Generalities symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Great lassitude in the lower limbs.

Weary and fatigued in the thighs in sitting, aggravated by walking.

Prostrated, fatigued and drowsy at noon, after eating (food that is somewhat hard to digest), so that he suddenly falls asleep while walking and talking, with a numbness of the head that makes him incapable to think at all.

Fatigued and drowsy after supper, with qualmishness in the abdomen.

Fatigued and weary in the whole body, especially in the feet (aft. 7 d.).

Very much fatigued, in the afternoon, while sitting and walking, less while standing.

Fatigued, indisposed and uncomfortable, in the morning.

He is more tired in the morning after a sound sleep, than in the evening on lying down.

Constant troublesome yawning, in the morning, after rising.

Frequent yawning, every day.

Frequent yawning, in the afternoon and evening.

Unusually violent and frequent yawning.

Frequent yawning, in the afternoon, with indolence and drowsiness.

Yawning, with hiccough at the time and afterward.

Frequent yawning, with sneezing (27th d.).

Drowsy and indolent, in the forenoon, with frequent yawning and stretching.

Drowsy and lazy, with yawning and stretching, after dinner (6th d.).

Sleep and dreams

In the morning, after a sound sleep, still very drowsy (2d d.).

Much inclination to sleep, while he frequently starts up.

Against her custom, she does not wake up at night.

The sleep is always good during the first nights, and better than usual.

Ready and quick in falling asleep, and sound sleep (14th d.).

Sleepless, the whole night (52d d.).

No sleep for several nights, and constant tossing about in bed (aft. 22 d.).

Little sleep and many dreams.

In the evening, it was late before she became sleepy.

She could not go to sleep for a long time in the evening (31st d.).

She could not go to sleep before midnight.

She could not go to sleep before 3 A.M.

Very restless sleep, with frequent awaking (13th d.).

Many restless nights, with unrefreshing sleep.

Waking up at night at twelve o'clock, without known cause; she could not go to sleep again before 2 A.M., and then slept but lightly till 5 A.M. (15th d.).

Awakes at 3 A.M. and then cannot fall asleep again (59th d.).

She awakes after 1 A.M. and cannot go to sleep again till 5 A.M.; her limbs ached, and she tossed from one side to the other.

She awakes at 2 or 3 , and cannot then go to sleep again.

She cannot go to sleep for a long time in the evening, owing to the great agitation of her blood; she then sleeps uneasily, and without finding rest, has to toss from one side to the other.

Drowsiness at night, from anxiety and heaviness in the whole body.

She is anxious for many nights, and her bed feels hard like stone, so that she has to keep turning.

For many nights, she cannot go to sleep for anxiety, and has to uncover often, but she cannot stand this long, on account of the sensation of coldness (aft. 4 and 23 d.).

Several nights, she feels anxious and too warm in bed; she cannot for a long time go to sleep (aft. 29 d.).

At night from 1 to 4 o'clock restless sleep, with heat and perspiration, so that she can bear no cover; after 4 A.M. she sleeps without perspiration.

At night, great internal heat, so that he can hardly stay covered in bed, and yet there was a great dislike to exposure by uncovering (aft. 4 d.).

At night, toothache, the tooth seems too long, with the pain more tearing than throbbing.

The whole night, throbbing and drawing toothache.

After midnight, she wakes up from violent stomachache, as from emptiness.

At 4 A.M. she wakes up to urinate, then pinching in the abdomen, and in the morning stomachache and inclination to vomit (1st d.).

Nocturnal wetting of the bed.

At night, she wakes up with thirst, which she had already before felt in her dream.

At night, great restlessness in the left lower limb, he has always to rest it in a cool spot outside of the bed.

At night, when going to sleep, throbbing in the left side of the chest.

At night, a terrible itching, like biting all over the body, so that she was often startled.

For two nights, he was thrown high up in his bed, from one side to the other, and when the body lay still, the arms and legs twitched the whole night, even while still waking, though without pain; on awaking, he knew nothing about the occurrences of the night (aft. 8 d.).

Talking in his sleep, after midnight (9th d.).

In the morning, when sleeping, loud talking, while she beats her beat against the wall; on awaking she does not know anything about it.

She wished to talk in her dream, without being able to, which tormented her (17th d.).

Loud screaming in sleep, from a lively unremembered dream.

Startled from her sleep about midnight.

On going to sleep, he starts up, with restlessness in the limbs.

Starting up from the afternoon siesta, several days.

If he lies at night on his back or on his right side, he starts up and talks deliriously and cries out about his frightful dreams.

Nocturnal starting up and screaming in a dream, in which he was quarreling with a beggar.

At night, anxious dreams.

Anxious dreams, as if he could not find his way in his own house.

Anxious dream of a fight with robbers.

Dreams that he has an epileptic fit.

Dreams of fighting, quarreling and vexation.

Dreams of money, merriment, sportfulness and historical events.

Anxious, sad dreams of deceased relatives, accidents, etc.

Anxious dram, with screaming, weeping and sobbing.

Anxious dreams of fire and of burning up.

Dreams of danger from water.


Pains in all parts of the body, now here, now there.

Everything in the whole body aches.

Stiffness of the whole body, in the morning, when rising.

Twitching without pain, in the nates, the thighs, the shoulders and also often in the face.

She feels well in bed, but on rising, the twitching pains again begin here and there.

The ailments seem to constantly recur after three weeks.

The ailments diminish on walking, having commenced while sitting.

The ailments seem easier in the open air than in the room.

Profuse perspiration by day, at the least motion.

Readiness to strain and to be sprained; in bending the arm back the top of the shoulder pained, as if dislocated, and when touched, as if bruised; she could not turn her head to the left without great pain.

Restlessness in the limbs, in the evening, after sitting for a long time.

Relaxation of the body (aft. 7 d.).

Sudden prostration after walking, in the open air.

Ready to tire, when walking (aft. 6 d.).

Feeling of weakness, in the morning in bed (aft. 17 d.).

Heaviness and prostration in all the limbs, the whole day (soon).

Great weariness in the lower limbs, when sitting and when rising from sitting, it goes off on motion.

Bruised and as if broken on the wheel, as to the hands and feet, in the morning on awaking, with trembling and weakness; she has to lie down, when she feels better, only she feels cold as soon as she leaves her bed.

Very weak and prostrate, as after vomiting (42d d.).

Great weakness in the whole body, with wretched appearance and inclination to vomit.

Faintness, in the evening, so she had to lie down (42d d.).

Prostrated, languid and uncomfortable, with anxious warmth and sweat (25th d.).

Languid and tremulous, in the morning, in bed, ceasing after rising (9th d.).

A soft of paralysis of the left lower limb, with pain in the joints of the hip and the knee; next day it proceed to the right lower limb and the right arm; while walking he had continual pains, and was compelled to turn his foot entirely outwards.

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