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Magnesia Carbonica - Fever And Chill symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Chilliness from morning till evening, for four days (after sixty days),

Chilliness at 7 P.M., in bed, disappearing about 9 P.M.,

Chilliness for a quarter of an hour, in the evening in bed, as if some one had dashed cold water over her,

Chilliness all night and even in the morning by a warm stove, after a long walk (forty-third day),

During the menses, constant chilliness,

Thirst after dinner, afterwards chilliness; in the evening, burning heat of the face, with cold feet and great mental excitement,

During the menses, whenever she woke or uncovered herself, she was very chilly,

Shaking chill; a coldness in the evening, which also continued for a long time in bed (sixteenth day),

Shaking chill without externally perceptible coldness, at 8 P.M., beginning in the feet, disappearing in bed; the next morning perspiration (second day),

Shaking chill at 9 P.M.; even in bed she was unable to get warm for an hour (second day),

Feeling of coldness in the evening on undressing, passing off in bed,

Feeling of coldness at 9.30 P.M., before lying down, passing off in bed,

Shivering, at 10 P.M., in bed, for quarter of an hour, without subsequent heat, sweat, or thirst (fifth day),

Chilliness extending up the back, every afternoon from 4 till going to sleep,

Coldness of the feet, as though she were wading in cold water,

Febrile shivering down the back every day at 9 A.M., with some nausea, without subsequent heat,


A feeling of warmth streams through her whole body,

Sensation of warmth with perspiration on the head, at noon, lasting till 2 o'clock,

Increased warmth of the body at night, without perspiration (after forty-eight hours),

Increased feeling of warmth in the morning after rising, lasting till towards noon,

Heat of whole body, with great redness of face, frequently recurring,

She slept somewhat better from 10 to 1; but afterwards till 4 slept with heat and perspiration, so that she could tolerate no covering; then till 6 good sleep, without perspiration (twenty-sixth day),

Great internal heat at night, so that he could scarcely remain in bed, with great dread of the slightest exposure (after four days),

Frequent transient feeling of heat through the body, in the forenoon, without perspiration and thirst,

Great warmth in the head, and perspiration on the face,

Heat in the head and hands, with redness of the face and increased external warmth (seventh day),

Heat of the face and hands, redness, burning, and thirst for half an hour, at noon,

Sensation of heat in the head, with external heat and redness of the face, soon followed by paleness; and so on, frequently recurring (tenth afternoon),

Frequent sensation of heat in the head, though very transient, at 6 P.M.,

Frequent flushes of heat in the head without subsequent sweat,

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