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Magnesia Carbonica - Back And Neck symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Magnesia, Mag Carb, Mag c, Mag. Carb, Magnesium carbonicum, Mag-c.

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HPUS indication of Magnesia Carbonica: Sensitive to touch

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Magnesia Carbonica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Back and neck

Severe pain in the back, at night, in bed, as if it were beaten in pieces, worst when moving, but also when at rest.


Itching smarting on the nape and neck, with burning after scratching.

In the neck, tearing and drawing in the muscles of the right side, in the evening.

Pressure on the neck, as if the cravat were tied too tight.


In the coccyx, quick, penetrating pain.

Pain the sacrum and back, at night, so violent that she could not lie still (2d d.).

Violent bruised pain in the sacrum, from the afternoon till evening.

Bruised pain in the sacrum, from the morning till in the afternoon (27th d.).

Two violent, shaking tearings in the lower part of the spinal column, so that she was, as it were, drawn back, then shooting there, in the evening.

Stitch in the sacrum, on the right side, with twitching afterward.

Stitches in the sacrum.

Burning itching in the sacrum, above the nates.

In the back, above the hips, as it were, a tightness.

Dull stitches into the back.

Severe itching, especially above the hips.

In the nape, violent tearing and twitching, proceeding gradually down the back, and there eventually ceasing.

Violent stitch in the nape, when sneezing.

The thyroid gland appears to be enlarged.

Toward the axilla, below the arm, fine stitches, on holding the arms high, not otherwise.

In the top of the right shoulder, pain as from a sprain, when she raises her arm without thinking, but not if she raises it purposely (19th d.).

Pressure in the right shoulder.

Pressure on the top of the shoulder.

Turgidity and straining from the top of the shoulder to the angle of the lower jaw; so that he cannot stoop for pain, nor close his jaws together.

Sprained pain in the top of the right shoulder, on moving the arm, also in bed.

Sprained pain in the right shoulder-joint, with a sensation as if he ought to let the arm hang down, in the evening.

Paralytic, bruised pain, in the top of the left shoulder, only on moving the arm and body, and when yawning (58th d.).

Violent contractive pain in both shoulders and tearing down the back, in the morning (29th d.).

Tearing in the top of the right shoulder, down in the scapula, in the morning.

Tearing pain in the top of the right shoulder, extending to the clavicle and the chest.

Tearing in the top of the left shoulder, extending to the middle of the upper arm and to the elbow (6th, 7th d.).

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