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Lippspringe - Generalities symptoms

, Lipp.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lippspringe in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Sleep and dreams


Much yawning while inhaling the gas (fifteenth day),

Sleeplessness, falls asleep at a very unusual time,

Sleepiness after dinner; he lay down but could not sleep (thirty-seventh day),

Sleepy and weary the whole forenoon; was obliged to take a nap (seventh day),

Sleepy early in the evening; obliged to go to bed at 8.30, and soon fell asleep (twelfth day),


Much less sleepy and weary after inhaling the gas (sixth day),

Cannot sleep in the evening, and it is difficult to rise in the morning (forty-first and forty-second days),

Sleep restless, with many unremembered dreams (ninth day),

Frequent waking at night (sixteenth day),

Woke at 2 o'clock from dreams of anger; could not sleep again till morning (seventeenth night),


Unremembered anxious dreams, with frequent waking (fifteenth day),

Heavy unremembered dreams the whole night, with frequent disagreeable waking, but soon falling asleep again; on rising in the morning, he was still sleepy and anxious (thirteenth day),

Very vivid dreams all night of journeyings by land and water, so that when he awoke he did not know whether it was really a dream or not (thirty-first day),

Many dreams, from which she woke, but soon fell asleep again; one very anxious dream that her little child was lying upon ice, and would fall into the water (fifteenth day),

Anxious dream that she was ridden over by horses (forty-fifth day,)

Dreams that she was attacked by dogs (thirty-eighth night),

Vexatious dreams of being pursued by dogs (fortieth day),

Dreams of dead people (thirteenth day),

Many dreams of dead people and coffins (seventh day),


Perspires easily,

Increased perspiration,

Frequent waking at night in perspiration; obliged to change his shirt; with remarkable dreams (sixteenth day),

While reading, he began to perspire, in the afternoon (fourteenth day),

Profuse perspiration at night; he woke at 3.30, and was unable to sleep until 5, after which be slept till 7 (seventeenth night),

Profuse perspiration in the morning, so that he was obliged to change his shirt (twelfth day),

Perspiration at night, drenching two shirts (seventeenth day),

Profuse perspiration at night, soaking three shirts (twentieth day),

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