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Lippspringe - General symptoms

, Lipp.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lippspringe in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The mineral spring in Lippspringe, in Westphalia.








Solid constituents,


Gases in 100 Cubic Centimetres of Water.


Carbonic acid,






Gases freely evolving from 100 parts of Water.



Carbonic acid,





Diarrhoea, with great colic at night (thirty-eighth day).

on the next night two attacks of diarrhoea with much colic, and during the day four stools with rumbling and colic, stools like brown water (thirty-ninth day).

on the next night, two attacks of diarrhoea with colic, with four watery stools and colic during the day (fortieth day),.

Urging to stool in the morning after rising, followed by emission of much flatus and a few pieces of light-yellow faeces, then some of a brown color, all of the size of hazel-nuts.

three hours later, a very brown consistent stools.

at 4 P.M. the third stool, at which he was obliged to strain, so that the limbs trembled and he broke into anxious perspiration, so that water could be wrung from his shirt.

at first passage of some blood followed by brown faeces, with considerable blood that was more watery than usual, followed by more stool with great urging.

on retracting the rectum, he again broke into a perspiration so profuse that he was obliged to change his shirt (fifteenth day),.

Urging to stool in the morning after rising.

evacuation only with great pressure, consisting only of flatus and some dark blood.

two hours later, a third stool after great pressure and straining, so that he broke into profuse sweat, with evacuation of pasty masses of the size of hazel-nuts, with transparent stringy mucus, like the white of an egg, which protruded from the anus and could be only gradually removed, followed by discharge of mucus mixed with blood.

during the stool burning in the rectum.

this was followed by exhaustion, so that he was obliged to lie down in bed, with throbbing and disagreeable pressure in the anus, and a pressing out and weak sensation in the small of the back.

an hour after dinner, urging to stool, with great pressure but no stool, only flatus and considerable thin blood with a few clots, also with perspiration, so that he was obliged to change his shirt.

with all these, he was very weak.

on the next morning, stool consisting of only dark thin blood, at last with a few clots, though less than on the previous day.

therewith also the shirt was soaked with sweat.

two hours later a stool without blood, with only clear albuminous mucus, the last of which was streaked with blood, and the shirt was again soaked with sweat.

two hours after dinner, desire for stool with discharge of dark blood (a quart), followed by great weakness and some perspiration.

on the next morning, passage of only dark blood (sixteenth to eighteenth days),.

Violent urging to stool during the forenoon.

two hours after dinner, when he could no longer suppress the stool, fecal mass as large as hazel-nuts, with thin black blood (about a quart), which flowed without exertion, together with perspiration.

during the stool, the prolapsus of the rectum, which usually could not be reduced, was to-day easily reduced (eighteenth day).

on the next morning discharge of three spoonfuls of black blood with the stool, and during the day more stools with a tablespoonful of blood (nineteenth day).

the next morning, a stool with discharge of blood, followed by another after three hours, the stool seemed softer and more satisfactory.

two hours after dinner, another stool with a pint of blood, followed after three hours by another with more blood, and at 11.30 P.M. another, with a large quantity of blood without faeces.

on pressing at stool, the blood spurted out as from a syringe (twentieth day).

on the next morning, some blood with the stool very early and also about 9 o'clock.

again in the evening, a stool with blood (twenty-first day).

the next day, a stool with spurting of much blood.

again in the evening a stool with much blood (twenty-second day).

the next morning two or three stools, always with blood (twenty-third day).

after which there was a daily stool with discharge of blood, for more than a week,.

Stool with some blood, followed by frothy saliva like mucus (thirty-fourth day).

urging to stool with much, pressure.

discharge of a consistent stool without blood, with only mucus.

five hours later, again desire for stool, with discharge of watery blood, and some tenacious black clots, difficult to expel from the anus.

in the afternoon, three hours after dinner, again desire for stool, and a scanty stool consisting of watery blood (thirty-fifth day).

in the morning, a scanty stool with some white mucus and a few drops of blood.

in the afternoon a desire for stool which was repressed (thirty-sixth day).

in the morning a stool with mucus (thirty-seventh day).

in the morning a stool with mucus (thirty-eighth day),.



Jerking in the whole body, waking him from the afternoon nap (forty-third day),

Jerking through the whole body, especially in the lower extremities, while lying down after dinner (thirty-seventh day),

Weakness (after forty-one days),

Great weakness,

Very unusual weakness nearly the whole day,

Sudden weakness and dizziness, so that he was obliged to steady himself to prevent falling, while walking in the evening (thirty-fourth day),

Weak and sleepy; was obliged to sleep an hour after breakfast (ninth day),

Weak and sleepy, disinclined to do anything (third day),

Weak and sleepy all day; yawning; after eating he slept three hours and was still sleepy; went to bed early and slept all night (fifth day),

So weak and weary that he was obliged to lie in bed all day, had no appetite, ate nothing but soup (thirty-second day),

Great uneasiness, in the evening while sitting, must change his position (fiftieth day),

Great restlessness in the evening, can neither sit nor stand (forty-first day),

Great restlessness of the whole body, especially of the lower extremities; can neither stand nor sit; must constantly change the position, with jerking through the whole body (thirty-ninth day),


A peculiar feeling of comfort after micturition,

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