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Lippspringe - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

, Lipp.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lippspringe in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Jerking in the limbs continued for a long time after the proving,

Great weariness of the limbs, as after a long walk (after fourteen days),

Weakness in the limbs,

Uneasiness of the limbs, while sitting and lying, in spite of a long walk (thirty-seventh day),

Uneasiness and jerking in the limbs, in the evening (thirty-eighth day),

Upper extremities

Paralytic pain in the whole right arm (thirty-eighth day),

Drawing in the right arm with a paralytic sensation extending to the hand, also in the left foot, especially on the back of the foot; the paralytic pain on the outer surface of the right arm always extends to the hand (thirty-sixth day),

Drawing pains in the right arm (forty-first day),

Drawing tearing in the left arm towards evening (sixteenth day),

Drawing tearing in the right arm extending down from the shoulder, with a paralytic sensation, worse in the wrist (thirty-seventh day),


Great distension of the veins on the backs of the hands, after inhaling the gas (sixth day),

Trembling of the hands while sitting, especially of the right hand, with anxious palpitation and orgasm of blood in the chest (thirteenth day),


The two last fingers of the right hand fell asleep in the evening (fiftieth day),

Falling asleep of the three last fingers of the right hand, while knitting, with formication; she was obliged to rub and move them in order to regain their natural mobility (thirteenth day),

Formication and falling asleep of the right middle finger (seventh day),

Lower extremities

Jerking in the legs in the evening (forty-second day),

Jerking in the legs while sitting in the evening; constantly obliged to change his position in the chair (thirty-fifth day),

Jerking and uneasiness in the leg, in the evening while sitting (thirty-sixth day),

Great jerking in the lower extremities, while sitting and standing, almost like chorea (forty-fourth day),

Great weariness and prostration in the lower extremities (twelfth day),

Suddenly, a transient pain shooting from the knee to the ankle,

An acute paralytic-like pain in the anterior part of the upper extremity of the tibia, when walking, noticed on putting the foot forward,

Cramp in the left leg, gradually relieved by rubbing, with great uneasiness of the limbs, so that he was constantly obliged to move them, in the evening, preventing sleep (thirty-fourth day),

Weariness of the feet after a short walk (thirteenth day),

Burning pains in the corns (forty-second day),

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