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Lippspringe - Chest symptoms

, Lipp.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lippspringe in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Violent anxiety in the chest (in the bath),

Sensation as if the lungs and chest were compressed (in the bath),

Pressure and heaviness on the chest while walking rapidly (thirty-sixth day),

Pressure and oppression in the chest while walking rapidly (thirty-fifth day),

Pressure on the chest, and drawing pains in the right side of the neck, extending down to above the shoulder, on rising from stooping (thirty-fifth day),

Great pressure on the chest, with violent pressure while walking, especially if he carried anything in the hand (forty-eighth day),

Heaviness and pressure on the chest after smoking (fifty-first day),

Heaviness and pressure on the chest while walking (forty-first day),

Heaviness, pressure, and fulness in the chest, with vertigo, while walking (fifty-seventh day),

Great heaviness and pressure on the chest (forty-fourth day),

Great heaviness and pressure on the chest, while walking; was frequently obliged to stop and rest (forty-seventh day),

Great heaviness and pressure in the chest, after coition (forty-eighth day),

Oppression of the chest,

Stitches in the chest, beneath the third and fourth ribs,


Pressure on the sternum (forty-fifth day),

Pressing at stool causes pressure and a feeling of fulness beneath the sternum, which is also caused by rapid walking or other physical exertion (after thirty-third day),

Frequent sticking pain through the chest, starting from the sternum and extending to the spine (after twenty-one days),

Bruised sensation in the left half of the sternum, when talking, causing cough (eighth day),


Stitches in the left side of the chest preventing deep inspiration, especially while sitting, between the seventh and eighth ribs, relieved by motion, like incarcerated flatulence; ceasing after the discharge of blood from the anus (seventeenth day),


Stitches in the mamma (forty-third day),


Glowing red cheeks, and somewhat accelerated pulse (eighth day),


Feeling of fulness in the chest, immediately after taking the water and breathing the gases, often lasting three or four hours,

Oppression of the chest, with frequent inclination or need for taking a deep breath,

Fulness of the chest beneath the sternum, as if the chest would burst, especially after smoking or walking a few steps, so that he was obliged to stop and take a deep breath, also ascending steps was very difficult; lasting for a long time after the proving,

Pressure and fulness beneath the sternum, as if the chest would burst, especially on walking, or other physical exertion; if he wished to walk rapidly he was obliged to remain standing awhile to rest, to take breath a few times before he continued to walk (twenty-sixth day),

Fine, suddenly piercing, transient stitches in both sides of the chest, about a hand's breath externally and above the nipples,

Larynx and Trachea.

Tickling in the larynx woke him from the afternoon nap, and lasted till he raised some tenacious mucus (sixth day),

Feeling of rawness and dryness in the trachea, with cough, scanty tenacious mucous expectoration and fever; in a girl,

Prickling in the trachea, with dry fatiguing cough towards evening (forty-third day),

Prickling in the trachea, behind the manubrium sterni; and short attacks of cough without expectoration,


Hoarseness, roughness in the throat, and a feeling as though the whole trachea were covered with a glutinous dry substance; better while riding in a carriage; in the afternoon (tenth day),

Cough and Expectoration.

Dry cough (thirty-fourth day),

Dry cough, in the morning, with tickling in the throat, especially when talking (ninth day),

Dry fatiguing cough, with dryness of the throat (after twenty-one days),

Dry tickling cough in the larynx, lasting until he raises some mucus (after inhalation of the gases), (ninth day),

Cough with offensive expectoration,

Violent catarrhal cough with easy expectoration of enormous quantity of watery, glassy, tenacious mucus,

Coughed out a small piece of mucus, after the first stool in the morning, followed by retching, and at last actual vomiting of tasteless mucus drawn out in strings (fifteenth day),

Haemoptysis; blood thin, bright red, occurring nearly every morning after rising; after drinking the water and inhaling the gases the previous evening,

Heart and pulse

Violent palpitation every evening (in a healthy woman), becoming so violent that she was obliged to stop drinking the water; she had never suffered from it before,

Pulse increased from 88 to 94 (in six minutes while in the bath); pulse 74 (twenty-eight minutes after the bath),

Increased rapidity of the pulse while in the bath, once increased from 72 to 78, at another time from 74 to 88, at another from 72 to 86,

Pulse 65 (before the bath); 73 and intermitting three times in 73 beats (after three minutes in the bath), (in a man),

Pulse 94, with palpitation (before the bath); 80, without palpitation (after twenty minutes in the bath), (in a woman),

Pulse 98 (before the bath), 96 (after twenty minutes, in the bath); 84 (half an hour after the bath), (in a boy of seven years),

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