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Lac Caninum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Dog's Milk, Lac Can, Lac. Can, Lac-c.

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HPUS indication of Lac Caninum: Alternating sides

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Lac Caninum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Upper extremities

Painful swelling and hardness, with suppuration of l. axillary gland; menses came on at same time.

Pains down r. arm and in fingers, which feel cramped; does not seem to have the same power in r. hand.

From draught in evening, sudden, violent pains in r. shoulder, so much so that when retiring she could not raise arm to finish toilet, as if disabled by dislocation.

Right wrist lame and painful.

Sharp, shooting pains in ball of r. thumb.

Sharp pain round l. arm, as of a cutting instrument; felt principally at the vaccination-cicatrix; passed from thence to l. elbow and disappeared; (forty-five minutes after first dose.).

Trembling of l. hand, as in paralysis agitans.

Woke at night feeling very chilly, with sharp pain in l. hand, and sensation in l. arm as if asleep; lasting fifteen minutes.

Palms and soles burning hot.

Two warts on little finger noticed to be leaving.

Painful eruption on axillae, like moist herpes, exceedingly painful on washing them. Veins in hands look bluer than usual, they are swollen.

Sensation as if an insect were crawling on shoulders and neck, occasionally on hands.

Perspiration in axillae, stains linen bright orange colour, no smell.

Very fetid perspiration in axillae, staining linen brown.

Wrists very lame, esp. r., which has sharp pains passing from thumb to little finger.

Lower extremities

A few days before menses, inside of both thighs became raw and painful when walking, they then broke out with large, flat, red pimples; the soreness soon left; but the pimples remained.

Varicose veins on outer r. thigh, from hip to knee.

Sensation of numbness in l. leg with great heat as if burning, but cool to touch; brought on by pressure.

Stiffness through thighs, agg. on attempting to move after sitting.

Veins of feet and ankles very much swollen.

Feet swollen and very sore, causing considerable pain while walking.

Cramps in feet.

Numbness and paralytic feeling in inner side of both knees, extending to both big toes.

Pain in r. hip and leg while walking, with a trembling of leg, and slight feeling of uncertainty, esp. on going down stairs (metritis).

Rheumatic pains in l. hip and along sciatic nerve; wandering pains in nape of neck, with stiffness; pains in one or other shoulder; pain above l. eye and heaviness of eyelid; burning in eye, agglutination of eyelids; sensitiveness to light (sciatica and rheumatism).

Intense, unbearable pain across supersacral region, extending to r. natis and down r. sciatic nerve; pain so severe as to prevent sleep or rest (sciatica).

(Partial paralysis of r. leg from miscarriage; leg numb and stiff, but cannot keep it still; feels amel. flexing it on abdomen.).

Numb pains chiefly in ankles, agg. while quiet, with swelling; veins of ankles distended; amel. while extreme heat is applied (rheumatism).

Ecthyma on r. leg.

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