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Kreosotum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Beech Wood Kreosote, Kreosote, Kreos, Kreos.

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HPUS indication of Kreosotum: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kreosotum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Dulness and confusion of the head (after one hour); her thoughts disappear for a moment, so that she knows nothing; this attack is frequently repeated during the day (after one hour),

Confusion in the left side of the head, with throbbing in it, which afterwards involves the upper back teeth, where it causes periodic grumbling,

The whole head is confused; throbbing and beating in the vertex,

Whirling in the head; is she turned herself suddenly she would fall down,

General Head.

Dulness of the head; she looks straight ahead and does not know at what; she hears and sees nothing, and is completely without thought (after six hours),

Heaviness and confusion of the head,

General weariness in head,

Tearing in the head, with drawing in the eyes,

Tearing in the whole head; on the left side it extends through the temple and down into the cheek, while on the right side it extends only to the superior maxillary bone,

Beating in the head,

A constant throbbing and beating in the middle of the forehead, lasting several days,


Emotional disturbances cause headache,

Headache, with sleepiness,

Headache, with a feeling of heat in front of the forehead,

Headache, as if she were intoxicated, the whole day,

Headache, as if she had drunk too much the day previous (a feeling as of a board before the forehead), with weakness of memory,

Tensive headache, aggravated on stooping,

Drawing headache, so that it closes her eyes (after twenty-four hours),

A pain in the middle of the head pressing from within outward,

Very painful pressing in the head,

(Headache, which always used to occur after a bath, disappeared),

A very painful pressing beneath the crown,

Tearing pains in the crown in the afternoon,

Hammering pain in the crown (after a few hours),

Dull pain in the right side of the head,

A pressive pain in the right side of the head, seeming to come from the cervical muscles (after twenty-four hours),

A painful pressing outward beneath the left parietal bone,

Slight pain in the forehead (after five hours),

Great pain at the front of the head (after a few minutes),

Distressing headache deep in the forehead (as if in the anterior lobes of the brain), lasting the whole day,

Drawing headache, extending from the right frontal sinus down to the middle of the right jaw, lasting several hours, beginning in the morning, ceasing at noon, becoming again violent about 2 o'clock, and lasting till towards evening (after three days),

Twitching and jerking pains in the right upper half of the forehead, recurring at intervals,

A painful pressure above the right frontal eminence (after a quarter of an hour),

A pressing-out pain in the middle of the forehead,

Pressive pain in the forehead, as if everything would be forced out at the forehead, in the morning (after twenty-four hours),

Pressive headache, everything forces out at the forehead, with pressure on the eyes, which extends to the vertex (after thirty-six hours),

Throbbing pain in the forehead,

She woke at 5.30 A.M., with throbbing headache in the forehead, heat of the face, weakness of the limbs, with crawling through the legs and feet, bitter taste in the mouth, even food tastes bitter,

An ulcerative pain on the right side of the forehead,

Drawing pains in the left temporal bone, which affect the whole head; the head feels confused,

Pressive pain in one or both temples, often very violent,

A pressing-out pain in the lower portion of the left temporal bone towards evening,

A pressing-out pain in the middle of the lower portion of the left temporal bone,

Sticking pains in the right temporal bone,

Drawing-sticking headache that extends through the temple and into the superior submaxillary bone, with whirling in the head,

Tearing pain in the left temporal region (after half an hour),

Jerking, pulsating pain above the left mastoid process,

Pain as from suppuration, below the left side of the occipital bone,


The hair became very gray during the proving,

Profuse falling of the hair,

The scalp is very painful on combing the hair, especially if she combs it down towards the temples; with falling of the hair (after some days),

The skin of the vertex and forehead is painful when coming the hair and from the touch of the finger, as if suppurating; when the skin is not touched, the pain is a drawing, worse on the vertex, and lasting twenty-four hours (after seven days),

A painful sensation in the forehead, as if several hairs were grasped and slowly pulled out (after three hours, and even felt after several days),


Slight throbbing beneath the crown, extending forward,



A heaviness in the forehead, as if something would burst out there,

Pressure and tension in the forehead, extending towards the vertex,

On stooping, everything shoots forward to the forehead, everything seems to force itself there,

On stooping, everything seems to shoot forward into the forehead, and she is near falling,

Throbbing in the forehead, as with a hammer, and stitches in the temples, which at times omit, but always return; on stooping, it seems as though everything would press out at the forehead (after four hours, but lasting two days),


Tearing-drawing in the left temporal region, as if different parts would be torn out, lasting several hours,

A tearing-sticking in the anterior portion of the right temple, that extends to the upper and lower back teeth (after three hours),

Drawing-tearing in the middle of the sutura squamosa, extending through the temple into the left side of the face and involving the upper and lower teeth of that side, lasting several days (after twelve hours),

A throbbing and bubbling sensation in the left temporal bone (like that in a sore finger), that extends upward to the vertex and downward to the middle of the lower jaw, together with twitching and contraction of the eyelids, and a feeling as if they had become smaller,


The whole occiput seems too full and heavy, and gives rise to a sensation as if he would fall backward,

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