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Kreosotum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Beech Wood Kreosote, Kreosote, Kreos, Kreos.

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HPUS indication of Kreosotum: Hoarseness
Common symptoms: Hoarseness, Itching, Nausea.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kreosotum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Tearing in the head, with great heat of the face and tearing in the left upper teeth.

the tearing in the head begins in the morning as soon as she wakes, and lasts twenty-four hours, while the tearing in the teeth intermits at times, but always returns, and lasts so long that she is unable to sleep the whole night, with heat over the whole body, great weakness, peevish and lachrymose mood, and vexation at every trifle,.

Violent stitches, as with a large awl, on the anterior portion of the right side of the head, so that she knew not what she did, her ideas therewith almost completely disappeared.

she went to bed with this sticking, but soon fell asleep.

dreamed the whole night of indifferent things.

in the morning it had entirely disappeared, commencing in the afternoon (after three days),.

A red, somewhat sensitive spot on the right lower lid, which was swollen the next day, with the formation of a pimple nearly of the size of a hempseed towards the inner margin of the lid, on a whitish surface.

therewith the surrounding conjunctiva of the lid was very red, the lid externally bluish-red, somewhat congested.

in the evening the swelling was affected with sticking pain.

this pimple remained unchanged for a week, when the proving was interrupted by catarrh for eight days, during which it disappeared,.

A pimple in the left upper concha, on account of which the whole external ear becomes inflamed swollen, hot to the touch, with burning pains.

therewith the whole left side of the neck becomes stiff, with tensive pain.

he cannot turn the head well towards the left, towards the right it is free.

the pains extend through the shoulder and down into the middle of the arm, together with internal shivering through all the limbs, without subsequent heat or thirst, with heat in the forehead and pressure above the eyes, as if they would be pressed together,.

When she rises in the morning and immediately sits down, she is attacked by a pressive pain in the region of the spleen, which is associated with other symptoms, and makes her quite weak.

but if she walks around and does not sit down the pain does not occur.

the pain is also caused by even slight external pressure, (Compare 2, 249, 261, 270, 311, 322, 412, 544.).

After the pains in the arms and legs had lasted sixty hours they all at once ceased, but immediately the abdomen became greatly distended, as if menstruation would come on, with weakness, though she was in a lively mood.

in the evening, she went to bed with this distension of the abdomen, slept well, and was quite well in the morning (after three days),.

Painless drawing in upper abdomen, which extends to small of back, and there causes labor-like pains, with pressure downward towards the lumbar vertebrae, as in child-birth.

therewith the face becomes hot (flushes of heat), palpitation, frequent pulse, and frequent ineffectual urging to urinate, which at last takes place after much pressure, is hot and scanty.

after such an attack she becomes chilly, cannot get warm, without thirst.

these attacks occur every quarter of half an hour, and continue twenty-four hours.

they are also associated with eye symptoms 93, 111, in such a way that the eye symptoms cease when the labor-like pains set in.

when the pressure ceases, a milky discharge drops from the vagina without pain,.

Pains in the abdomen. pain like a boil low down in the abdomen, mingled with electric-like stitches in the internal genitals, which cause constrictive spasmodic pains in the pudenda externally, so that she gathers herself together every time when the pains come, with a periodic pressure starting from the small of the back and extending forward, with frequent urging to urinate, with only scanty and clear urine.

ineffectual urging to stool and anxious restlessness through the whole body, so that she broke out into an anxious sweat, with ill-humor, so that she quarrelled with every one and would strike them.

when these attacks occurred while sitting she was obliged to rise and walk about, whereby the pains were relieved.

lasting four days (after twenty-four hours),.