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Kalmia Latifolia - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Mountain Laurel, Kalmia, Kalm.

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HPUS indication of Kalmia Latifolia: Lumbar pain

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kalmia Latifolia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Weariness in the limbs,

Pains in the arms, hands, and legs down to the feet,

Pain in the left arm and in both legs, in the evening,

Pain in the right arm, and tearing in the left leg, while at rest, which disappears on rising; it extends less severe through the whole of the left side and arm,

Pain in the right shoulder and left arm, particularly the elbow, and in both lower extremities, especially the knees,

Frequent pains here and there in the limbs, continually changing from one place to another, for ten days, during the exhibition of a few globules every second day; they lasted three weeks after the discontinuance of the medicine,

Frequent pains in the muscles of the extremities, and also in the head, with dulness, vertigo, and some nausea,

Alternate pains in shoulder, hip, and ankle-joint (fourteenth day),

Brief pains in the left elbow, arm, and knee, in the morning, and in both arms in the afternoon; while lying it is not observed (third day),

Sprain-like pain at times in the feet and hands,

Pressing pain in the left shin, and in the muscles of the left arm, accompanied with the same kind of pain in the right foot,

Pressing in the left shin and shoulder, and also in the left arm, followed by pressing in the right shoulder and arm,

Stitches in both upper and lower extremities rapidly changing their position (after thirty drops, second day),

Tearing in the right shoulder, in the left arm, in the right lower jaw, and in the flesh of the whole ot the left leg downward,

Limbs feel as if they had been beaten (third day),

Upper extremities

A tired sensation in the arms; I do not feel like writing (fifth day),

Pains in the arms,

Pains in the arms and hands,

Pain in the right arm,

Pain in the whole right arm for weeks,

Pains in the left arm,

Drawing pain in the inner side of the left arm of short duration, at night (third day),

A pressure in the right arm,

Pressure in the left arm,

Stitches under the left arm,

Tearing in the left arm,


Tearing from the right shoulder down the arm,

Pain in the shoulders in the morning on waking (third day),

Pain in the right shoulder, ; (first day),

Pain in the left shoulder, ; (ninth day),

Alternate pains in shoulder and elbow-joint of right arm, locating itself in the elbow (second day),

Rheumatism in the shoulder, so that I could not raise my arm (sixth day),

Rheumatic pains in the right shoulder and scapula (first day),

Pressing below the left shoulder, in the evening (second day),

Pain beneath the left shoulder, pressive,

Pain sticking in the shoulder-joint (third day),

Tearing in the shoulder-joint,

Tearing pain in the right shoulder,


Pain in the left arm above the elbow, and soon afterwards between the elbow and hand; frequently alternating between the two places during one hour, and followed by pain in both legs below the knees, which extends to the feet,

Pressure in the upper arm,

Lancinating pain in the middle of the humerus (two hours after first dose, fourth day),


Frequent violent cracking in the elbow-joints, in the afternoon,

Pains in the left elbow,

Neuralgic pain in right elbow, which alternately drew to the shoulder and wrist-joint, but finally located itself in the elbow (first day),

Pain in elbow, which extended to the wrist and produced a sensation in the forearm as if it were in a vice (second day), increased (third day),

Sticking pain in the left elbow-joint (third day),


Cramplike pain from the elbow down to the middle of the forearm,

Sticking pain, which shoots along the ulna (seventh day),

Tearing from the knuckle of the little finger of the right hand, up to the elbow,

Tearing from the left elbow down the arm to the index finger, which is flexed in a jerking manner,


Pain in the left wrist, so that the hand seems palsied (after weeks),

Sticking pain and weakness in the wrist-joint, almost disabling me from writing (tenth day),


A sensation like paralysis in the right hand (after six doses),

Pains in all the joints of the hand (first day),

Pains in the right hand,

Pains in the left hand, particularly in the palm close to the wrist (after sixth dose),

Pain in the hand as from a sprain,

Aching in the left hand and fingers,

Slight aching in the left hand and fingers, and in the posterior part of the left leg, towards the heel, with jerking of the heel,

Repeated stitches in the hands,

Gnawing pain in the palm of the hand, at the metacarpo-phalangeal joint, at 4 P.M. (fifth day),


Pain in all the fingers of the left hand at the same time (third day),

Pain in the left little finger, extending to the wrist, along the ulna to the elbow (first day),

Pain in the left little finger forcibly flexing it (after thirty drops, second day),

Pain in the little finger, extending up the arm along the ulna, of a drawing character (first day),

Sticking pain in the index finger of the left hand (third day),

Sticking pain in the right index finger, in the evening, which is soon followed by a severe pain in the hollow of the right knee and in the calf of the leg, attended by difficulty of breathing (after six doses),

Stitches in the fingers,

Stitches in the right index finger,

Stitches in the left index finger,

Tearing in the index finger extending from the elbow,

Lower extremities

Numbness of the limbs, as if asleep,

A feeling of lassitude in the limbs, as if I had walked a great distance (sixth day),

When going down stairs a sensation as if the tendon of the quadriceps extensor would give way, and I would fall down stairs (second day),

Pain in the lower extremities (second day),

Pain in both limbs.

Pains in the legs down ot the feet,

Pain in the leg,

A peculiar pain along the outside of the left, which is very frequently repeated,

Rheumatic pains in right leg, extending as far as the toes, in the morning, (fifth day),

Rheumatic pains in the leg, from the hip down (after second dose, eighth day),

Rheumatism in right leg (tenth day),

Rheumatism returned in the afternoon (eleventh day),

Aching of the left leg down to the heel,

Tearing in the left limb,

Tearing in the bones of the hips and lower extremities, down to the feet,

Tearing in the flesh, down the whole left leg,


Sticking pain in the hip and sacral region (seven hours after second dose, fourth day),

Stitches shoot from the right side into the hip-bones, in the evening,

Tearing in the hip-bones, extending down to the feet,


Pain in the forepart of the thighs, during menses,

Pain in the right thigh,

Pain in the right nates,

Sticking pain in the thigh, extending to the knee (first day),


Pain in the knees,

Pain in the left knee, ; (third day),

Pains in the left knee and foot, and also in the right foot repeatedly (third day),

Pain in the left kneecap,

Pain in left patella (sixth day),

Pain in knee under right patella, soon (sixth day),

Pain in the bend of the left knee, which is immediately followed by very severe, frequent, but brief pain in the left index finger, and afterwards in the right foot,

Severe pain in the knee, also in left ankle, after retiring (fourth night),

Violent pain in the right kneecap,

Stitches on the lower part of the knee, outside, in the evening,


On standing, a weakness below the knees, with a feeling as though I would fall down (six hours after first dose, fourth day),

Pain in the lower legs,

Pain below the knees, extending to the feet,

Neuralgic pains in the leg, between ankle and knee-joint (first day),

Numbness in the shins, in the afternoon,

Pain in the left tibia,

Neuralgic pains in leg along the tibia (this symptom I have felt during the whole proving); at times very severe pain in the ankle (fourth day),

Pressure in the left tibia,

Pressing in the left shin, at 8 A.M., and in the left shoulder at 10 A.M. (first day),


Aching in the right tarsal bones,


Pain in the feet,

Pain in the right foot,

Pain in the left foot (first day); very violent in the whole foot (tenth day); (after first and again after fifth dose),

Pressure on the left foot,

Pain as from a sprain in the feet,

Stitches in the feet,

Sticking in the soles of the feet,

Stitches in the soles of the feet and toes (after 30 drops, second day),

Jerking in the heels,


Stinging in the toes,

Stinging in the left great toe,

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