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Kali Nitricum - Abdomen symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Potassium - Saltpeter, Kal. Nit, Kalium nitricum, Kali-n.

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HPUS indication of Kali Nitricum: Dry cough

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Stitches beneath the right short ribs, in the side extending to the back, as if behind the liver,

Some stitches in the left side beneath the ribs, from afternoon till evening (first day),

Colic, griping beneath the left short ribs (descending colon), extending into the epigastric region (transverse colon), worse when standing and walking, relieved or removed by crouching together; pressure upon the descending colon increased the pains, and after the crouching they were also again felt (seventh day),

Pain in the left hypochondrium as after a violent blow; with pains in the small of the back, which were frequently so violent that she could not lie, followed by leucorrhoea for eight days; which together with the pains in the back ceased soon after the menses,

Umbilical and Sides.

Griping in the umbilical region after soup (sixth day),

Griping and cutting in the abdomen before a normal stool,

Transient cutting in the umbilical region, with a feeling as though he was frequently obliged to go to stool, remaining unaffected by the usual stool, but with frequent and profuse emission of urine (after 14 grains),

Distension and sticking in the left side of the abdomen, relieved by bending together,

Sudden shocks in the left side of the abdomen as from something alive,

Abdomen swollen, but soft all over, and very tender to the touch (second day),

Distension of the abdomen, even almost to bursting, in the evening,

Abdomen distended (after 7 grains),

Abdomen distended, tense (fifth day),

Rumbling in the abdomen without stool, from morning till evening (twenty-ninth day),

Very loud rumbling in the whole intestinal canal without pain, towards noon (first day),

Violent rumbling in the abdomen without colic or stool (after 13 grains),

There began to be movings about in the abdomen (after twenty-five minutes),

Feeling of emptiness in the region of the transverse colon,

Pain in the abdomen,

Pain in the abdomen and small of the back, during menstruation,

Severe pain in abdomen,

Violent pain in the abdomen, especially in the right side, after eating veal; ending after two hours with pressive pain in the stomach with a feeling of emptiness in it; after some hours again cutting pain in the abdomen, diminishing but continuing all night,

Frightful pains in the abdomen that cannot be relieved,

Excruciating pains in the abdomen,

Burning pain in the abdomen while sitting bent over, extending to the small of the back, disappearing on rising up (twenty-first day),

Feeling of fulness in the abdomen (after 8 grains),

Griping in the region of the transverse colon (first day),

Griping afterwards sticking pains in the abdomen and small of the back, especially in the morning and evening (eighth day),

Griping pain in the whole of the abdomen in the evening, with rumbling; it extends up to beneath the left breast, where it is a sticking,

During menstruation (which was increased) griping in the abdomen,

The usual stool preceded by griping and pains in the abdomen and small of the back,

Griping movements in the abdomen without desire for stool, frequently intermitting (fourth day),

Frequent griping here and there in the abdomen (fifth day),

Griping colic with soft stool (twelfth day),

Slight drawing in the abdomen, after supper (seventh day),

Disagreeable drawing sensation in the small intestines (after 9 grains),

Dull burning pressure here an there in several parts of the abdomen above the umbilicus,

Cutting in the abdomen in the morning and evening, for several days,

Slight cutting in the small intestines (one hour after 7 grains),

Cutting colic in the small intestines, like that frequently felt when the intestines are too full of air (after 5 grains),

Violent cutting colic (after 13 grains),

Sudden violent painful stitches in various parts of the abdomen, in the evening (tenth day),

Constant tearing pains in the intestines (second day),

Most violent tearing pains in the colon, soon extending to the whole intestinal canal and causing cramp in the stomach, immediately,

Colic without evacuations,

Transient colic in the forenoon and afternoon (after 7 grains),

Hypogastrium and Iliac Regions.

Violent tearing-burning, as if deep in the pelvis, in the evening, worse during rest than motion; it also seems to be in the hip-joint, or hip-bone,

The pubic region is painful to touch (third day),

During menstruation, burning in right groin, while sitting bent over,

Violent contractive pain in left groin, when walking; she was frequently obliged to hold it drawn inwards; it almost took away her breath; followed by a semiliquid stool, with mucus, and cessation of the pain; the pain was frequently a sticking in the evening (eleventh day),

Dragging and pressure towards the abdominal rings (fifth day),

Feeling of compression or pressure above the left ilium, while walking (sixth day),

Sticking in middle of both ilia, while sitting,

Painful sticking in left inguinal region, extending outwards through the ilium, while walking,

Violent stitches in right groin, and at the same time, in the ilium (eighth day),

Qualmish nausea, trembling of the whole body, headache pressive and as if beaten, retching in the throat, burning in the eyes, weakness as if sleepy,


Fulness in the abdomen, no desire for food, though it was eaten with relish (first day),

Sticking and burning in lower abdomen, and also in the rectum, after dinner, aggravated by motion (tenth day),

Great fulness after dinner, followed after three hours by pain in the stomach, as though something heavy were lying in it, lasting till evening (sixth day),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach from without inward as from a knob, also with sensitiveness to external pressure, immediately after dinner (twentieth day),

Ravenous hunger, without real desire for food, together with increased thirst (after two hours),


Stitches beneath the short ribs and accumulation of flatulence; the pains cease on the emission of flatulence (sixth day),

Griping in the umbilical region from accumulation of flatulence, disappearing after the emission of flatulence, in the evening (fifth day),

Griping in the umbilical region followed by some flatulence and the evacuation of a thin clear stool, after eating (sixth day),

Griping about the umbilicus with emission of flatulence, followed by relief in the head (eighth day),

Griping about the umbilicus and beneath the short ribs of the left side, followed by frequent emission of flatulence, without entire relief from the pain, in the morning in bed (seventh day),

Distension of the abdomen and emission of flatus (with desire for stool), soon after a new dose,

Great distension of the abdomen and emission of much offensive flatus with the ordinary stool (twentieth and twenty-first days),

Abdomen distended and much rumbling and emission of flatus (fifth day),

Abdomen somewhat distended, in the afternoon, much emission of flatus about 4 o'clock, which was frequently repeated till late in the evening (first day),

Rumbling in the abdomen, followed by desire for stool without result; frequent emission of flatus (third day),

Rumbling in the abdomen, with griping extending up into the stomach, which was sensitive externally, and as far down as the left side of the abdomen, where it was a sticking, with distension, frequent emission of flatus and a feeling as though diarrhoea would occur, for two hours (after thirty-eight days),

Urging of flatulence and a feeling as though diarrhoea must ensue; with the flatulence there is an evacuation, but only of a few drops of a very thin fluid (second day),

Emission of flatus and rumbling in the abdomen (first day),

Emission of much flatus in the evening, with scraping in the rectum,

More profuse and more offensive flatus than usual,

Much offensive flatulence (fourth day),

Violent pain in the abdomen, followed by emission of flatus,

Griping in the abdomen with accumulation of flatulence, noticed during sleep (sixth day),

Long-lasting pain and soreness of the stomach, attended with much flatulence and flux of saliva in the mouth,


Icy coldness in the stomach, with pain when touched; disappearing after lying down in the evening; with qualmish nausea and uprisings of water; also afterwards in the twentieth morning, after milk-broth, though without qualmishness,

Twinging in the stomach, with nausea and accumulation of water in the mouth for several minutes, soon after supper (fifth day),

Eructations and nausea,

Frequent eructations and nausea (soon),


Pain in stomach as if disordered, though without efforts to vomit (after fifty days),

Nausea, retching, and vomiting of mucus and water, then bloody mucus,


Inflammation of the stomach,

Distension of the epigastric region, tasteless eructations, and once accumulation of water in the mouth like waterbrash, with no appetite, thirst, and white-coated tongue (second day),

Faintlike weakness about the pit of the stomach,

An irritable condition of the stomach and intestines and of the urinary organs continued for a long time after the attack,

Heaviness and fulness in the region of the stomach (second day),

Disagreeable feeling in stomach as if something were turning about in it; in morning after rising,

Feeling of coldness in the stomach, ,

Feeling of coldness and pain in the stomach, followed by sharp, sticking pains, not only in the stomach but through the whole body, which became so violent that for fifteen minutes he could not take a deep breath without the most acute pain on every inspiration,

Pain in the stomach,

Pain in left portion of epigastric region, only when walking,

Painful sensation in pit of stomach and epigastric region, on taking a deep breath and on blowing nose,

Violent pains in the epigastric region, immediately,

Violent pain in stomach and whole body, immediately,


Slight sense of heat in the epigastrium,

Sense of burning heat and severe pain at pit of stomach (after a quarter of an hour),

Burning in the stomach followed by pressure in the epigastric region, immediately after a new dose (seventh day),

Frightful burning in the stomach,

Severe burning pain in her stomach, immediately (after second dose),

Extreme burning pain in epigastrium, much increased on pressure (after four hours),

Feeling as of fire in the stomach,

Burning fire in the stomach,

Feeling of fulness in the stomach,

A fulness with loss of appetite disappeared only towards 5 P.M., after a thin scanty stool, after which I had great appetite (tenth day),

Tightness of the pit of the stomach as from painful contraction, while walking and standing in the morning,

Inclined to cramp in stomach,

Griping in the stomach, soon after a dose (third day),

Momentary twinging in the stomach, while drinking cocoa (tenth day),

Pressure in the stomach, ; (first day),

Pressure in cardiac extremity and base of stomach (after forty minutes),

Pressure and burning in stomach increased, with thin stools (second day),

Pressure in the epigastric region (first day),

Feeling of pressure in the pit of the stomach (seventh day),

Pressure in the stomach relieved by eructations, in the morning (fifth day),

Pressure in the pit of the stomach for two hours, in the afternoon (eighteenth day),

Pressure and gnawing in the pit of the stomach, which is also painful to external pressure (twenty-second day),

Pressure in the stomach and chest, so united that it was difficult to distinguish which was really the suffering part (fourth day),

Pressive pain in pit of stomach,

Cutting stitches in pit of stomach and upper abdomen after breakfast,

Sensitiveness of the stomach, with accumulation of water in the mouth, during menstruation,

Epigastric region very painful and sensitive to the slightest touch (second day),

Became almost faint from the gnawing and burning pains at the scrobiculus cordis; not continual, but violently spasmodic,

A sensation of the distant beating of the pulse in the epigastric region, towards the cardiac extremity (after eight minutes),

Burning in the stomach,

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea in the morning in bed (seventh day),

Nausea woke her from sleep at night and only disappeared after much gulping up of mucus,

Nausea and shivering for some time after the dose (third day),

Feeling of nausea in the stomach, with burning and pressure (second day),

Nausea and inclination to vomit, lasting five hours (one hour after 9 grs.),

Nausea, followed by difficult vomiting and diarrhoea,

Nausea and painful vomiting,

Nausea, frightful retching, vomiting and purging,

Qualmish nausea in the stomach, and painful movings about in the abdomen, followed by diarrhoea,

Qualmish nausea in the stomach (soon),

Qualmish nausea with pressure in the stomach and aversion to food, at 5 A.M., in bed,

Qualmish nausea in the afternoon, followed by eructations from the stomach, retching, and then uprisings of bitter water, which afford relief, repeated after half an hour and in the evening (after fifty days),

Qualmish nausea in the stomach with uprisings of water,

Qualmish nausea and retching,

Qualmishness in the stomach, with accumulation of water in the mouth (during menstruation),

Qualmishness and accumulation of water in the mouth, soon after supper, relieved by eating again (sixth day),

Qualmishness and nausea in the pit of the stomach in the evening (seventh day),

Qualmishness in the stomach with nausea and a feeling of heaviness, in the evening after soup (sixth day),

Painful retching about the umbilicus, with nausea, while walking after dinner,

Vomiting, ; (a few minutes after second dose), ; (after a quarter of an hour),

(Vomiting towards evening, after taking a glass of beer), (fifth day),

Vomited immediately, constantly, so that she was unable to take the least thing (second day),

Vomited freely (after ten minutes),

Violent vomiting,

Violent vomiting, but no purging, as far as could be ascertained,

Violent, painful vomiting with diarrhoea,

Vomiting of blood,

Frequent vomiting of bloody mucous fluid (after four hours),

Vomiting, at first of mucus and water, afterwards of bloody mucus,

The ejecta from the stomach were mixed with much dark blood,

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