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Kali Carbonicum - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Potassium, Kali Carb, Kali-Carb, Kali-carb, Kalium Carbonicum, Kali-c.

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HPUS indication of Kali Carbonicum: Wheezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Redness and heat of the eyes,

Blue rings around the eyes,

Redness of the white of the eye, with many vessels in it,

Swelling of the right eye,

Inflammation of the whites of both eyes, with burning pain (fifth day),


Dryness of the eyes (second day),

Feeling of dryness in the eyes as from sand, and of intense sleepiness in the eyes,

The eyes become painful and weak,

The eyes are painful on moving them,

Both eyes seem very hot to the touch,

Eyes hot, with scalding tears, the lachrymation worse on looking at anything,

Pain in the left eye on directing it upward,

Burning in the eyes,

Burning in both eyes,

Burning and biting in the eyes,

Burning and dryness of the eyes, worse in the open air than in the room,

Eyes burn at night, especially left,

Boring pain in the eyes,

Pinching in the eyes,

Pressure in the eyes,

Pressure in the eyes, and dry matter in the lashes,

Pressure upon the eyes and in the orbits, with sleepiness, at noon (thirty-sixth day),

Pain as if the eyes would be pressed inward,

The eyes are painful on reading, as if pressed inward,

Biting and transient sticking pains in the eyes,

Stitches in the middle of the eye,

Stitches in the right eye (twenty-first day),

Tearing in the left eye, in the evening before going to sleep,

A pressive tearing within the right eye (twelfth and twenty-sixth days),

Smarting pain in the eye (fourth day),

Itching in the eyes,

Brow and Orbit.

Swelling of the glabella between the eyebrows (twenty-first day),

Swelling between the eyebrows and lids, like a sac,

Pain as if a boil would form in the left eyebrow, in the evening in bed (eighth and thirteenth days),

Pressure above the eyes, with a violent pain in the whole forehead,

A boring pressure inward above the left eye,

Sharp tearing in the right orbit and in the eye at night (thirtieth and thirty-first days),

A pressive tearing in the region of the right eyebrow (twenty-sixth day),

Jerking and twitching in the right eyebrow,


Swelling of the upper lid toward the nose,

Inflammation of the lids of the right eye, with pain in the eyes and inability to read by the light,

Agglutination of the eyes, in the morning (after sixteen hours),

The eyes are agglutinated by mucus in the morning,

The eyes maturate in the canthi,

Eyes gum in outer canthi, especially the left,

The eyelids are difficult to open on waking in the morning,

The eyelids close forcibly,

Burning in the eyelids,

The child complains of coldness in the lids,

A pulling or tearing in the right lid and above the right eye,

Pressure upon the lids,

Stitches in the right external canthus,

A feeling of soreness in the lids, on waking soon after midnight (twenty-fifth day),

Soreness of the external canthus, with burning pain,

Frequent soreness of the left external canthus,

Itching of the margins of the lids of the right eye,

Lachrymal Apparatus.

Lachrymation (second day),

Lachrymation, especially of the right eye, with biting in one canthus (twenty-seventh day),

Frequent lachrymation and rays around the candlelight, in the evening,

Scalding lachrymation, especially at night,

Watering of the eyes,


Stitches in the eyeball,


Photophobia; painful sensitiveness of the eyes to daylight; the room must be darkened,

Staring; it is with difficulty that she can remove the eyes from an object, and she is obliged to fix them upon it almost against her will,

Weakness of vision,

Diminished vision after working in the water (washing); she can see only a small portion of objects, followed by stitches in the head above the eyes, with nausea,

Vision vanishes when writing; white stars appear; therewith the lower lines seem to the above the upper so that he constantly re-writes on the upper line,

Obscuration of the right eye, in the morning, lasting a few minutes,

Objects seem confused when looking steadfastly at them, or when reading,

White drops seem to fall down before the vision, on looking at snow,

Spots, threads, and points before the eyes, when reading or looking into the clear air (after twenty-four hours),

Sparks of light before the eyes,

During the cough sparks seem to shoot from the eyes,

Brilliant colors before the eyes,

A yellow, glistening, tremulous cloud before the eyes,

Yellow and white radiant wheels before the eyes are seen upon the paper when writing or in the open air; they turn in a circle and constantly become larger,

Blue and green spots before the eyes,

Black points and rings before the eyes, when reading,

A small black ball floats before the vision,

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