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Kali Bromatum - Mental (inc. personality) symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bromide Of Potash, Kali Brom, Kali-brom, Kalium Bromatum, Kalium Bromicum, Kali-br.

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HPUS indication of Kali Bromatum: Thirst

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Bromatum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





General delirium, with hallucinations; delusions about persecution and violence,

The mind was more composed, and much less excitable than usual (while taking the drug),

When the drug acts favorably, a sense of buoyancy, comfort, and relief, rather than depression, accompanies its exhibition,

Frequently she would burst into tears for no cause whatever (after three days),

Depression of spirits for two months, then gradually disappearing,

Mental depression,

Marked mental depression (after a month),

Great mental depression, a feeling of approaching death,

Fearfully depressed, and frequently shed tears,

A consciousness that the currents or sources of psychical force are hampered sometimes makes an intellectual patient, who is moderately bromized, reason himself into depression, but spontaneous depression is rare,

Very absent-minded, low-spirited, and childish, giving way to her feelings,

No inclination to mental excitement or amusement; rather sad and indifferent to things, lasting for five days (sixth day),

Painful sadness, profound indifference, and almost disgust for life (after one to two hours),

Profound melancholy, with delusions,

Such intense melancholy and weakness that I was obliged to reduce the quantity to 20 grains,

The immediate effect was the production of the most intense melancholy, attended with fits of uncontrollable weeping; these symptoms lasted three or four days, and were then accompanied with periods of positive delusion; gradually they disappeared, although the doses of medicine were not reduced,

Feeling of anxiety, depression, etc.,

The patient, who has been violently excited, glorying in his imaginary power of body and mind, becomes desponding, sudden, melancholic, and frequently lachrymose, often even despairing,

At times he cried most bitterly, yet twelve hours previously he was singing and dancing, saying he was "the happiest man alive,"

Listless, apathetic,


Intellect and will unimpaired and active,

Intellect and emotion may seem sluggish, but when roused they act normally,

Mind calm, not worried and fretful as usual; have been rather disinclined to use the mind at all (fifth day),

The patient was torpid mentally,

Intellect clouded; mind confused; unable to concentrate the thoughts; slowness of perception; questions have to be asked several times before their meaning is understood and an answer can be obtained,

Dulness, stupefaction,

Dull, depressed, irregular in his gait, in the morning; in the afternoon completely helpless,

After awaking, the will power seems lost, and thought and self-consciousness cannot be regained; one feels plunged in dulness and torpor (after one to two hours),

Mental hebetude (after large and continued doses),

Slowness of comprehension,

Decided weakness of intellect,

Difficulty of collecting ideas,

Inability to express oneself,

Remarkable slowness of speech, and difficulty of collecting the ideas and expressing them,

In such a confused state that I could not get on with my work (second morning),

Incoherent, full of delusions of no fixed character, and remarkably depressed in spirits (seventh day),

Feel as if everything that I feel, see, or think, had been experienced before, as in a dream; this delusion is so strong that I could swear I dreamt it all (six hours and a half after second dose),

The effect upon the mind was quite marked and decidedly curative, for it improved the memory, and dispelled a distracted, uncontrollable state of mind,

The mental and bodily impressions received during the different stages of the medicinal action are very clearly retained in memory,

Memory impaired,

The memory and thinking faculty were impaired,

Sometimes temporary impairment of the memory (after continued doses),

Failure of memory,

Loss of memory for two months, then gradually reappearing,

Memory was absolutely destroyed; she could not recollect the simplest things, and even forgot her own name and that of her husband, though reminded of both an instant before (after three days),

On waking in the morning I could not remember anything which had happened to me the night before, and asked my brother what day it was, the month of the year, etc.,

What he writes is almost unintelligible, from the omission of words, or parts of words; words are often repeated or misplaced,

A hospital patient, who, while subjected to the continued influence of Bromide of potassium, forgot certain syllables or parts of certain words, and when writing or speaking did not write or utter these; thus he called quelques, q'ques, and sometimes he duplicated one or two syllables of a word,

Weakness of mind, a kind of stupor, especially in well-educated and actively engaged persons (after long use),

Hebetude, with inability to think; a kind of stupor, resembling that of the first stage of typhoid fever,


Moderately deep coma,

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