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Kali Arsenicosum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Fowler's Solution, Kalium Arsenicosum, Kali Arsenicum, Kali Ars, Kali-ar.

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HPUS indication of Kali Arsenicosum: Dry skin

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Kali Arsenicosum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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1, Berndt, from Wibmer, a man took a few drops; 2, Prov. Med. and Surg. J., 1848, p. 459, a boy, aged 16, took three drops three times a day for scaly eruption on arms and legs; 3, Cattell, additional effects from Med. Times, old series, 12, p. 390, etc.

(Berridge's Collection in Appendix to Brit. Journ. of Hom.); 4, Mr. R. Jones, Prov. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. vii, 1844, p. 127, Miss B. took it for chronic psoriasis, which was relieved for a time, but returned in an aggravated form; she then took it three times a day for a month, beginning with doses of 5 drops, and gradually increasing to 15; 5, Dr. James Begbie, Edinb. Med. Journ., vol. iii, 1858, p. 961, effects in eight or ten days of moderate doses, say 5 drops, largely diluted, two or three times daily; 6, Dr. John Elliotson, Med. Times and Gaz., 1858, New Ser., 16, p. 524, a lady took 2 minims three times a day for rheumatism; 7, Dr. Thomas Skinner, Brit. Med. Journ., 1858, p. 778, a woman nursing her first child, took two doses of 30 drops for eczema of scalp and face; 8, Dr. Arthur Leared, Med. Times and Gaz., 1863 (1), 63, effects in two cases of phthisis; 9, Dr. Robert McNab, ibid., p. 297, a woman, aet. twenty-eight years, took 3 minims three times a day for lupus of face; 10, Dr. Duffin, Lancet, 1869 (2), p. 508, a woman, with chronic psoriasis, took 3 minims three times a day from September 3d to 19th.


Potassium arsenite, As2O3K2O.

Preparation, Solution in water.



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