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Juglans Regia - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Walnut, Jug-r.

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HPUS indication of Juglans Regia: Skin eruptions

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Juglans Regia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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1, Clotar Muller, proving with tincture of rind of fruit, repeated doses of 10 to 100 drops, Hygea, vol. 22; 1a, same, proving with tincture of leaves, doses of 20 to 80 drops; 1b, same, repeated doses of 1st dilution; 2, Fritz, took tincture of rind, doses 10 to 70 drops, from C. Muller's provings; 2a, same, took tincture of leaves, 80 drops; 2b, same, proving repeated; 3, Dr. M. Muller, took tincture of rind, 10-drop doses, from ibid.; 4, Edward Begand, took tincture of rind, 20 to 40-drop doses, ibid.; 4a, same, took tincture of leaves, 20 to 80 drops; 5, Otto Kessler, took tincture of rind, 10 to 50-drop doses, ibid.; 6, Kuchenmeister, took tincture of rind, doses of 20 to 50 drops, ibid.; 7, Paul Radelli, took tincture of rind, to 10 to 70 drops, ibid.; 8, Aug. Kurtzel, took tincture of rind, 10 to 60 drops, ibid.; 9, Carl Teuzler, took tincture of rind, 10 to 40 drops, ibid.; 10, T. H. S., a servant girl, took tincture of leaves, 10 to 80 drops, repeated subsequently; 11, Dr. H. L. Sook Ohio Med. and Surg. Rep., 1870, p. 216, proving with tincture of nut with shell, doses of 5 to 100 drops; 11a, proving repeated three months later, doses 10 to 100 drops; 12, cases of poisoning by Dr. Sook, ibid.


Juglans regia, Linn.

Natural order, Juglandaceae.

Common name, Walnut (European).

Preparation, Tincture from leaves and from the rind of the green fruit (Clottar Muller).

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