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Juglans Regia - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Walnut, Jug-r.

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HPUS indication of Juglans Regia: Skin eruptions

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Juglans Regia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Rumbling; with griping; with pressive pain in epigastric region.

Wandering pains.

Pressive and drawing pain, agg. motion, amel. appearance of menses (fifteen days too soon), then for eight days (instead of three as usual), copious discharge of blackish blood, often in large clots, with exhaustion and loss of appetite.

Drawing, with pressure in region of spleen.

Sticking beneath l. lowest ribs.

Pain beneath the l. false ribs, agg. deep breathing, laughing or stooping.

Pain in l. side on rapid walking.

Pain over l. side with wandering gripings in intestines.

Pain above umbilicus.

Sticking in hypogastrium on moving or stooping.

Cutting in r. hypogastric region.


Appetite increased.

Unusually great appetite without increase of thirst.

Appetite lost.

Thirstlessness while eating, and aversion to wine.

Aversion to tobacco-smoking in evening.

Thirst increased.


Distension after eating; after dinner, with emission of flatus; with sudden desire for stool; so that he must loosen his clothes, with pressure in stomach; so that he could eat but little in spite of good appetite; tympanitic hardness of the abdomen.

Vomiting; woke suddenly, vomited food eaten four hours before, then slept without further trouble.


Pain in abdomen amel. eructations.

Pressure in region of spleen, with eructations.


Fulness, bloatedness, tension, and heaviness in the abdomen, with frequent desire to go to stool, amel. by eructations and discharge of flatulence.

Emission of flatus; especially when lying down.


Pain in hypogastrium, with nausea.

Nausea at 6 a.m.; and after supper.


Eructations violent; frequent; loud; tasting as after eating fat.

Fulness and bloatedness of the stomach, which prevent one from eating while one has a good appetite, amel. from eructations.

Hiccough more violent after eating.

Burning in stomach.

Pain in epigastric region, with distension of abdomen.

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