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Ipecacuanha - Generalities symptoms - Hering

Ipecac-root, Ipecac, Ipec, Ipeca, Ip.

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HPUS indication of Ipecacuanha: Nausea

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ipecacuanha in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Yawning and stretching.

On falling off to sleep, shocks in the limbs.

Sleep, with half-open eyes; moaning, groaning.


When deprived of sleep; nausea, languor.


Convulsions in whooping-cough; from suppressed exanthema; from indigestible food, etc.

Nausea and vomiting

Empty belching; copious saliva.

Hiccough with nausea.

Nausea, constant, with almost all complaints; nausea, as if from the stomach.

Nausea and retching from smoking; primary effects of tobacco.

Vomiting of ingesta; bile; copiously of jelly-like mucus; of blood or of a pitch like substance; of a dark-colored liquid, with or without blood; of sour fluid; always with nausea.

Vomiting with thirst, sweat, bad breath; with diarrhoea, colic, distended abdomen; after vomit, sleepy.

Vomiting worse from stooping.

Eating and drinking

Aggravation from indigestible substances, lemon peel, raisins, cake, etc., even spasms therefrom; from fruit, salads, pastry, pork, fats, etc.

After any cold drink (also from ice-cream) colic, nausea, vomiting.

Drinking 40.


Hemorrhages, bright red.

Plethora, fat children.

Pains as if all the bones were being torn to pieces; with vomiting and pains in the bowels.

Dropsy in internal parts.

Skin and muscles lax.

Chlorosis menses scanty; skin and mucous surfaces pale, anaemic.


Body rigid, stretched out, followed by spasmodic jerking of the arms.

Tetanic spasms from swallowing tobacco.

Awkward, stumbles against everything.

Epileptiform spasms, with shrieks; opisthotonos; face pale, puffed; gastric derangements.

Very weak, averse to all food; nausea; sudden prostration.

Temperature and weather

Oversensitive to heat and cold.

Worse in winter and in dry weather.

Worse in warm moist wind, south winds catarrhs; asthma.

Out of doors 3, 40. Air at open window 26. Warmth 40. Open air 40. Room 40.

Chill, Fever and Sweat.

Chill every other day at 11 A.M.

Coldness of upper part of body.

Chill worse in a warm room or from external heat; lessened by drinking, and in the open air. Vomiting during.

Internal chill, external heat.

Backache, short chill, long fever; heat usually with thirst; headache, nausea and cough; sweat last.

Heat all over, with alternate coldness and paleness of face; cold sweat on the forehead.

Sweat hot, sudden attacks in the room; partial, cold; on upper part of body; worse by motion; smells sour; stains yellow; increased out of doors; cold, clammy; profuse after quinine.

Intermittent fevers after abuse of quinine; also in beginning of irregular cases, especially if there is much nausea; also like Nat Mur Natr. mur. chill, fever and sweat with frontal headache.

Worse during heat sweat; better after it.


Attacks of illness, with loathing of food.

Every day or every other day at same hour 17, 40. Autumn 20.


Right 21, 31. Left 18. Left to right 19, 24. Above downward 31.

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